Hoop Nose Piercing: Top Jewelry Choices for 2024

Hoop Nose Piercing


For a modern and trendy look, hoop nose piercing is regarded as a favorable option. The hoop nose piercing stands out as one of the piercings widely embraced, even in professional environments. Whether one prefers a subtle hoop or other classy options such as a diamond nose hoop, the hoop nose piercing offers versatility for various occasions.

Despite its widespread popularity, it’s important to recognize that the nose piercing, like any other piercing, presents unique considerations that should be acknowledged and understood before undergoing the procedure

Also, for a regular nose piercing, if you want a nice change, you can shift from the stud to the nose hoop. There are a plethora of nose hoop options available in the market to offer you the best way to style yourself.

Nose Hoops: How to find the perfect style for yourself?

As choosing your ideal nose hoop style is a personal journey of self-expression. Here we provide a spectrum of sizes, colors, and designs to find the perfect fit for your unique vibe for hoop nose piercing. From classic to bold choices, we will delve into the details of all sorts of nose hoops.

Regular Nose Hoops

Regular Nose Piercing

Nose hoops also known by various names depending on the region or jewelry type, come in diverse sizes and colors. They are typically made from surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium. Once a popular choice in the nineties, the hoop nose piercing has recently made a comeback in trend.

A simple nose hoop has an open end with a small flat disc resting inside the piercing. Nose hoops specifically designed for hoop, nose piercing are commonly known as nose rings or nose circulars.


Wide array of sizes and colors.

Minimal pressure (suitable for healing).

Timeless style that goes with a range of outfits.


More noticeable.

Fewer decorative and gem options.

Latched Nose Hoop

Latched Nose Hoop

The latched nose hoop is available in various colors but looks super elegant in the following color options that include sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold variations. These hoops feature a convenient clasp-type latch for a secure fit. While they may require a bit of skill to insert, once secured they provide reliable stability.


Available in multiple metal options.

Features a clasp-type latch for tightening.

Versatile and suitable for different types of piercings, especially hoop nose piercing.


It can be tricky to fasten initially.

May require some practice to master the latching technique.

Hinged Rings

Hinged Nose Ring

If you enjoy changing your jewelry frequently to complement your outfit, then a hinged ring is an ideal choice. These rings, are designed for easy insertion and feature a hinged segment that opens and closes easily. This way you eliminate the struggle you do with captive bead rings.

Available in sizes from 20 gauge to 14 gauges, hinged rings and septum piercings, including stretched septum’s. They come in diverse materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, and 14 KT gold, for wearers to choose as per their preference.


Easy insertion and removal due to the hinged segment.

Suitable for various piercings types.

Offers various designs and colors for versatile styling options.


More expensive than traditional captive bead rings.

Hinged mechanism requires careful handling to avoid damage during insertion and removal.

Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells

Circular barbells are a suitable option for nose piercings and most importantly for septum piercings. In nostril piercings, they create the illusion of stacked studs, as the circular barbell is concealed within the nostril with the screw-on ends. Their versatility shines in the extensive array of colors that allows you to customize them accordingly. However, it’s crucial to consider the proportion of your nose to ensure the ends are appropriately sized.


Suitable jewelry piece for both septum and hoop nose piercing.

Creates a stacked nostril piercing effect in the case of hoop piercing.

Wide range of colors and customizable ends for a unique style.


Requires careful consideration of end size about nostril proportions.

A less discreet option for all those seeking subtle jewelry options.

Captive Bead Ring

Captive Bead  Ring

If you have experience in inserting and removing jewelry often, then a captive bead ring is a viable choice. With a bead that comes in the front of your nose, this is a super classy piece of jewelry everyone with a hoop nose piercing must have. True to its name, a captive bead ring consists of two components: the ring and the captive bead. The captive bead remains secured by the inherent tension created when it is squeezed between both sides of the ring.

To match your nose ring with your makeup or skin tone, choose from options like gold, rose gold, or even rainbow PVD for hoop nose piercing. Alternatively, go for a simple stainless-steel captive bead ring, or make a bolder statement with a shimmery stoned captive bead ring for septum piercing.


  • Captive Bead rings are bold and trendy.
  • CBRs are less likely to caught by clothes to cause discomfort.
  • These rings usually remain secure in the place.


  • Hard to insert and remove.
  • If you want subtle piercing, you may not enjoy these rings.

Top Picks For Hoop Nose Piercing

Incaton 33PC 20G Stainless Steel Nose Ring

Are you looking for nose hoops that are easy on your pocket? If yes, then these 33 pieces nose rings are a good choice. No matter if you want a heart-shaped ring or a circular gem ring, this pack has all to match your outfit. These rings are made from 316L stainless steel and offer exceptional rust resistance with a smooth and durable surface to comfort your hoop nose piercing. It is safe for sensitive skin, being both nickel and lead-free, and is adorned with sparkling AAA+ CZ for a shiny and eye-catching appearance.

BLESSMYLOVE Clear CZ Nose Rings Hoop

If you are looking for a classy and timeless nose hoop for festive occasions, the Clear CZ hoop is a great choice. The exquisite pearled nose ring is a stunning accessory designed to elevate your style. This nose ring features a captivating arrangement of 7-8 beautiful zirconia gems at the top to add a touch of elegance. Moreover, the easy and open lock hinge of this nose ring makes it suitable for insertion and removal.

BodyBonita 3pcs Nose Rings Hoops

The seamless gold-plated nose hoop has a gauge of 18 mm so that it can fit perfectly in your hoop nose piercing. The hinged segment ring comes in various styles and the size comparison chart is available for your reference to select the appropriate jewelry piece. From simple to classy beads, this pack has premium quality rings that never fall off. These rings are manufactured with precision and care to guarantee ease when opening and closing the click closure.

Ways to Insert Nose Hoop for Hoop Nose Piercing

Use pliers to gently open the ring

While thin rings might be manageable by hand, for those with a gauge of 14 or thicker using captive ring pliers is recommended. Secure one side of the ring with the pliers and grip the other side with your hands, then cautiously bend and twist.

Take off the bead

The bead or ball in a captive ring is secured solely by pressure. Once you alleviate the pressure on both sides of the bead, it will easily come off. Hold the ring on each side of the bead using either your hands or pliers. Gently pull both sides of the ring in opposite directions to separate them.

Rotate the Ring

Once the bead is removed, twist the ring into a semi-spiral shape. For convenient insertion into your piercing, turn one end clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Excessive twisting may pose challenges when you bring the ring ends back together.

Position the ring inside the piercing

Insert the end of the ring into the piercing hole. For nose piercing, wind the ring further in the hole for accurate fitting.

Reattach the bead to the ring

Align one side of the bead with one end of the ring to ensure the ends fit into these dimples. Gently twist the two ends towards each other until they are evenly aligned. Then slide the second end onto the other side of the bead. Once the bead is firmly in place, your nose ring is securely set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can nose be pierced with a hoop?

Yes, the nose can be pierced with a hoop as well. But generally many of the piercers recommend to first go with a stud until your nostril heal. After some duration, you can easily swap to a hoop. But in septum piercing, hoops are used fist-handed.

Why hoop nose piercing is a great choice?

The hoop nose piercing looks great as they are more noticeable than the studs. For starters, it is important to use a simple nose ring to add extra flair to your facial jewelry.