Expert Tips for 2B Hair – A Guide to Effortless Styling and Care

2b Hair

An outstanding feature of your 2b hair is its wavy texture, it’s not relatively straight but doesn’t have a curl pattern. 

If your hair is naturally straight, the only way to get waves is to curl it tightly and use mousse to crease it up hard. Three distinct types of waves, signified as type 2b on the curl chart, are formed by type 2B hair, type 2A hair, and type 2C hair. The tightness of your wave pattern will determine which category you belong to. This article delves into a complete guide of 2B hair, including recognizing this curl pattern and which products will bring out your hair’s most outstanding features. Here, you will find information on identifying hair, maintaining it, and some styling tricks to bring out your curls.

What Is 2b Hair? 

2b hair Styling

Type 2b hair is on the range between naturally straight and somewhat wavy. If the middle section were curlier, the roots would be more attractive. The lack of definition in 2b hair’s curls makes it frizzier. Regarding wavy or curly, 2b is the intermediate form. The characteristic waves of this style are S-shaped and start at the hair’s mid-length and work their way down. This s-shaped curl is more common at the hair’s ends than its roots, which are often more straight.  

Wavy hair is a characteristic of people with 2b hair. Usually, it’s initially straight but becomes loosely wavy in the middle to the ends. You won’t find twisting or spiral textures in 2b hair because it’s wavy. The result will be a less defined texture at the ends and a loser, longer S-shaped wave along the length of your hair.

The frizzy nature of type 2b hair is characteristic of all wavy and curly hair types. Frizz is most likely to occur near the hair’s crown for this particular hair type. This holds truer still in the presence of humidity. Humidity can make type hair look unmanageable, or even frizzy.

What is Type 2B Hair?

2b Hair Look

Regarding wavy or type 2 hair, 2B is the middle form of curly wavy hair. The characteristic waves of this style are S-shaped and start at the hair’s mid-length. This s-shaped curl is more common at the hair’s ends than its roots, which are often more straight.  

Although there are subtle differences among the three varieties of type 2b hair. Of course, your hair’s density, sponginess, and texture will also impact the distinctive appearance of your wavy hair. Still, it’s not rare for a single individual to have a combination of hair types. You should note that knowing your curl pattern will assist you in selecting hair products according to your pattern.

It could be challenging to differentiate between kinds 2A, 2C, and type 2B hair. Type 2A hair is typically finer and has a loose, gentle wave that is more trailed than wavy. The diameter of type 2C hair tends to be thicker. Although it’s easier to straighten type 2C hair than type 2B, the latter is more challenging to manage. However, 2B hair, like all hair types, can experience issues such as dryness and frizz. Remember that having a variety of hair textures is very possible. 

The Best Hairstyles for 2B Hair

The key is to know the top hairstyles that work with your 2B hair type. Here are five of our favorite cuts and styles for your hair type.

Messy Beach Waves

Messy Beach Waves Hairstyle for Galm Look

Messy beach waves are always the best. Get some sea salt spray to make those waves stand out even more. Your hair already wants to be this way, and you can use this hairdo as a guide, even though the waves look a bit more glam.


Medium Length Cuts

Medium Length Cut Hairstyle for Galm Look

Your hairstyle should be somewhere in the middle, similar to how your hair type might be straight or wavy. Frizz is more likely to occur with shorter hairstyles. They can look healthy and bulky with extra weight if they’re longer. A medium-length cut is the way to bring out your waves. Lily James looks stunning with her 2b medium angled cut.

Half Down Styles

Half Down Hairstyle Hairstyle for Galm Look

For some of you, the sheer volume of hair can be awesome regarding style. A half-up, half-down hairdo is perfect for the situation. While drawing attention to your stunning face, they will also help reduce some excess volume.

Brushed Out Ringlets

Brushed Out Ringlets Hairstyle for Galm Look

It’s not difficult to curl your hair, but straightening it is. You can create stunning ringlets with your wavy hair. Try a brushed-out style, like singer Joss Stone has here; it’s great.

Multiple layers

Multiple Layers Hairstyle for Galm Look

Layering your strands can make it easier to work with and add dimension. For the finest results with layers, seeing a curl specialist is recommended when getting your hair trimmed. Sienna Miller multiple layers 2b hairstyle look just stunning.

The Best 2b Hair Products 

2B hair care products, locating hydrating items that will hold your wavy hair in place without weighing it down. Understanding the sponginess and density of your hair is crucial because they dictate how certain products you can use for them.

Try one of our suggested alternatives if you want to bring out your hair’s natural curl pattern but hate using heat styling tools or sulfates. Co-washing, wet styling, and air drying will be your curly hair care routine instead.  We felt obligated to tell you which hair care products work best with your 2B hair type before we left you hanging. This completes your haircare set, which includes shampoos and styling products.

Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo

For healthy hair, choose a shampoo that doesn’t include sulfates. This one from Redken is our favorite because it tames frizzes without harsh chemicals like sulfates or sodium chloride. The result of just one wash will be silkier, glossier hair.

Care for your 2B hair properly using our recommended products. The use of protein-based products will amplify waves.


After you wash your hair, use a gentle conditioner. To give it that extra something, it may also include protein. Use our recommended fantastic products, such as their Multi-Tasking Conditioner and Post-Wash Calming Conditioner.

Select a lightweight moisturizing product, such as a deep conditioner, if you require further conditioning. 

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel

Using a microfiber towel to dry your hair is another fantastic method for controlling frizz. Turbie Twist has one that dries hair quickly without harming it.

Beauty Custom Leave-In Treatment

Regarding your waves, the correct leave-in treatment might be a game-changer. A personalized leave-in treatment will allow you to choose the ideal one for your hair type and texture. They will make a unique leave-in treatment for your hair based on all the information you provide, resulting in the healthiest locks ever.

Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Use a sea salt spray to bring out your natural waves. We usually suggest the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, but feel free to use anything you choose. Even though we’ve tried other sat sprays, this one keeps returning to us. It provides the ideal beachy texture without making our hair feel dry, coarse, or fragile.

Conair Curl Collective Wavy Hair Comb

To avoid damaging your wavy hair, use a wide-tooth comb to brush through it gently. The curved teeth of this Conair comb are tailor-made for wavy hair, drawing out and defining your inherent waves.

2B hair are usually S shaped hair closer to the roots and full, loose waves that begin halfway down the hair slide. The main issues with these hair types include frizz and loose waves. Achieving well-defined, gentle, healthy waves requires a style that promotes lifting volume of hair. 2B hair is easy to style with its beachy waves. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Just try these stunning 2b hairstyles for a glam look in 2024.