7 Best Forward Helix Piercings Ideas for 2024

Best Forward Helix Piercing


The best forward helix piercing, located on the upper rim of the ear cartilage, holds a special place in the entire piercing’s look book. This forward helix piercing offers a unique aesthetic appeal, helping fashion lovers look astonishing and beautiful.

You can go for different shapes of studs and hoops for forward helix ear piercing. From the intricate fancy studs to the embellished gold rings, it can literally support lots of jewelry types.

To help you find the right fit for your delicate ear, we’ve compiled a list of visually stunning ideas in this blog. Along with that, you’ll also discover the related products that can help you achieve your dream look!

Sounds interesting? So, let’s head straight into this.

Best Forward Helix Piercing Ideas for This Year!

Forward helix piercing ideas are limitless! You can try double studs with shimmering jewel stones, and even you can combine it with conch piercing for a more rebellious look. The choice is all yours!

As it is located right at the top of your ear, you must choose the piercing jewelry carefully. Here is the list of ideas to stir your inspiration:

Barbell Forward Helix Piercing

Barbell Forward Helix Piercing for Chic Look

How about elevating the allure of single forward helix piercing to a whole new level? Use a classy barbell earring to enhance the visual appeal of your ear. This unique choice breaks the traditional piercing boundaries, adding a touch of modern flair to your ear’s style.

The barbell’s wonderful and sleek design excels in enhancing the curvature of the forward helix. Thus, creating a mesmerizing look. You can use a minimalist plain barbell or the one embellished with tiny gems. This is a wonderful choice for fashionistas who believe in wearing bold styles that transcend the typical fashion trends.


Hoop Forward Helix Piercing

Hoop Forward Helix Piercing for Chic Look

This a beautiful and stylish piercing option for the fashion-forward souls who are looking forward to an attention-grabbing adornment to their ears. The tiny hoop is elegantly moving out of the forward helix piercing, making its way to the inner side to connect with its clipper. This forms a visually striking look.

Notice that this hoop is slightly smaller than the hoops used for the earlobe. You can adorn your ear with a daith piercing ring and even moon-like studs. To create perfect harmony, you can choose the same materials for all the earrings, like gold.


Stylish Double Forward Helix Piercing

Arrow Forward Helix Piercing for Chic Look

Best Forward helix piercing offers you a sleek canvas where you can try out fully embellished tiny earrings, just like these double arrow-shaped ear-studs. Elegantly placed on the outer side of the forward helix, this beautiful pair of jewelry seems to point to the beautiful target of your delicate ear.

The shimmering jewels on top of the earrings offer a wonderful appeal that can grab the onlookers’ attention. You can choose to change the direction of the arrows and point them towards the part of your body where you’d like to receive more attention. This wonderful technique brings attention to wear’s creative mind and aesthetic sense.


Industrial Forward Helix Piercing

Helix and Forward Helix Piercing for Chic Look

Have you ever tried combining two piercings with one piece of jewelry? If not, then this is your time to try something extraordinary. Joining the helix hole with the forward helix piercing is an amazing way to embrace modern trends.

With this sassy jewelry, connect the two holes to create a seamlessly awe-striking and innovative look. This daring trend will not only reflect your bold fashion taste but also enhance the entire visual appeal of the ear. When wearing other earrings with this giant accessory, go for subtle and minimalist adornments. Since, this piece of jewelry dominates the entire ear, choosing minimalist jewels will allow a chic balance for the overall look.


Open Hoop Forward Helix Piercing

open Loop Forward Helix Piercing for Chic Look

This chic hoop is open front with two sassy balls placed elegantly on its tips. The result is a stylish look that efficiently combines elegance and simplicity.

The black color radiates bold and strong vibes, filling your personality with a unique allure. Perfect for piercing enthusiasts who want to wear bold styles and show off their rebellious, strong personalities.

You can wear matching black accessories with this chic style. The best part of this open hoop piercing for the forward helix is that it can complement both formal and informal looks.


Star Forward Helix Piercing

Star Forward Helix Piercing for Chic Look

Give an astronomical touch to your ear game with this captivating forward helix piercing idea. This unique design features a shimmering star placed in between the two tiny round-shaped studs. The perfect placement of these triple piercings create a next-level harmony and adds a whimsical touch to the entire look.

The star’s intricate pattern boosts the overall aesthetic appeal of the design, making it a fascinating canvas that can drop your fellows’ jaws. It’s a wonderful option for the ones who love simplicity. With this minimalist design, you elevate the aesthetic appeal without overdoing the design.


Wavy Piercing

Wavy Forward Helix Piercing for Chic Look

Featuring a question-mark-like shape, this best forward helix piercing has the potential to enhance your look. This unique and wonderful design brings a classic and intriguing flair to the helix, making it the attention-worthy focal point of the ear. The wavy pattern adds a motion and artistic touch, allowing you to express your unique personality with style.

It’s a wonderful minimalist jewelry that can make you look beautiful. With this design’s chic vibes, you can experience the aura of modern piercings.


Final Words!

Keeping track of best forward helix piercing ideas is important to come up with a unique and modern inspiration for your beautiful ears. It’s one of the sexiest types of piercing that can potentially elevate your looks.

However, bear in mind, that these piercings take a few months to heal, until then, you aren’t advised to change the first piercing. For a smooth healing experience, we recommend cleaning the targeted area with saline solution (twice a day). Once, it’s fully healed, you’re free to replace the earring with the above-discussed jewel ideas.