Move Over Diamonds, Embrace Boldness, Bull Nose Piercings for the Rule Breakers

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If you have not heard the term bull nose piercing fret not, as this piercing is the other name of the septum piercing. Septum piercing, also referred as bull nose piercing and nasal septum piercing is the process of piercing the thin wall of skin between your nostrils. While it can serve as a bold and distinctive means of expressing your individual style and personality, it does come with certain considerations and challenges. Let’s explore all the details that include the history, challenges and the top picks for bull nose rings in this blog.

Bull nose piercing – Key Points

Bull nose piercing has roots in ancient civilizations, dating back approximately 4,000 years.

Among animals, this practice served to regulate behavior and enhance safety, especially when handling large and potentially dangerous animals like bulls.

In human cultures, nose rings have functioned as status symbols with varied symbolic meanings.

The bull nose rings have been associated with factors such as marital status, wealth, or leadership roles in traditional societies.

In Western culture it is symbolized as a way to rebel against the society or some declared it as a fashion choice.

Tracing the origin of Bull nose piercing

As nose piercing dates bac from centuries so does bull nose piercing style. This form of body modification also called septum piercing, has been practiced for both cultural and aesthetic reasons.

In some ancient cultures various indigenous communities consider bull nose piercing as symbols of status, bravery, or coming-of-age rituals. The significance attached to the piercing often varied, with some considering it a rite of passage into adulthood or a mark of societal roles.

Symbolism of Bull nose piercing in South Asian Culture

In South Asian cultures bull nose piercing is common in countries like India and Nepal. In more recent times bull nose piercing gained popularity among subcultures and alternative communities as a form of self-expression. The association with rebellion and non-conformity is one of the reasons of its preference across different societies and cultures.

From Tradition to Trend – The journey of Bull nose piercing

The image of a bull adorned with a nose ring is a familiar sight, whether encountered in art or mythology. Yet, delving into the meaning behind this peculiar jewelry piece in relation to sexual symbolism is a shared curiosity. Many individuals, throughout history have pondered the significance of this unusual accessory and its potential ties to power dynamics.

The bull nose piercings, are often influenced by celebrities, fashion icons and influencers to establish their distinctive style. As these figures embrace such piercings they contribute to their growing popularity by their unique fashion choices. Regardless of the motivation behind wearing bull nose ring it is crucial to acknowledge that individual desires vary and they should be respected without passing judgment.

Why do women wear bull rings in their nose?

Bull Nose Piercing Trend

Wearing a bull nose ring for women serve as a purpose to break free from traditional gender roles and expectations, embracing a more empowered and self-determined identity. The bull nose ring is also associated with certain subcultures, like the punk or goth communities where it symbolizes rebellion. In these contexts, bull nose piercing signifies a rejection of mainstream cultural norms and a desire to express oneself in an unconventional way.

Although there is cultural significance and fashion appeal associated with bull rings but still there are various controversies on it. Animal rights activists argue that piercing a bull’s nose is inhumane and further stating that the act of wearing a bull nose ring unethical. On the other hand, some view it as a harmless and culturally significant tradition that deserves respect and preservation.

Bull nose piercing – A way to enhance woman look

Bull nose rings can be seen as beautiful piece of accessory which adds to a woman’s overall look. The facial jewelry pieces are delicate and enhance the features of women. This is especially true in cultures with a rich tradition of jewelry making and body decoration.

Top Product Picks for Bull Nose Piercing

TOKRING Septum Nose Rings

TOKRING Septum Nose Rings
TOKRING Septum Nose Rings


A 16 pieces jewelry set give you a range of options to style your facial jewelry to match your style and daily preferences. The jewelry is carefully crafted from stainless steel with a highly polished surface to provide comfort while wearing the pieces on daily basis. The gauge size is 16 mmm with inner diameter of 8mm making it a perfect piece to style for bull nose piercing or ear piercing.

NZDLM Horseshoe Hoop Nose Ring

NZDLM Horseshoe Hoop Nose Ring

NZDLM Horseshoe Hoop Nose Ring

The NZDLM Horseshoe Hoop Nose Ring stands out as an ideal choice for bull nose piercing due to its specific features that cater to the needs of all the fashion enthusiast. Crafted from durable and high-quality material this nose ring ensures longevity and resilience. The unique horseshoe hoop design minimizes the risk of the ring getting dislodged while rubbing against the clothes.

EasySygnal Magnetic Septum Nose Ring

EasySygnal Magnetic Septum Nose Ring

EasySygnal Magnetic Septum Nose Ring

Are you looking for a unique designed ring to lift your look? Then this magnetic ring is a perfect fit for bull nose piercing. The unique aspect is that the magnetic force makes it comfortable to wear it all day long. This magnetic septum nose ring is manufactured from premium quality hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead-free stainless steel material. Moreover the rings are highly polished and are smooth for easy insertion and take off.

What is the purpose of bull nose piercing in animals?

Piercing the septum and inserting a ring in bulls and other animals primarily serves the purpose of behaviour control. Given the sensitivity of the nose, the discomfort caused by pulling or rubbing the ring influences the animal’s conduct. This practice is particularly effective in managing behaviours in livestock and creating a means of control that ensures safer interactions with these animals. For instance, in calves bull nose rings prevents from suckling and as a preventive measure against rooting behaviours.

In essence, utilizing bull nose rings acts as a form of behavioural management to ensure a safer environment when dealing with large and potentially unpredictable animal.

Erotic Expression of Piercing in Humans

Body modifications particularly in this case bull nose rings have piqued the interest of fetish communities as an element of eroticism and fascination. For certain individuals embracing body art serves as a means to assert their sexual identity and delve into distinctive nature to go against the mainstream norms. This way people can customize their bodies in a manner that mirrors their aspirations and fantasies.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people get the bull nose piercing?

The practice of doing bull nose piercing has different meanings in different cultures. In some cultures it is associated as a symbol of beauty and tradition. While in other cases it is regarded as a simple form of self-expression and way to go against the societal norms

What is the psychology behind the bull nose piercing?

The psychology behind the bull nose piercing is simple and varies from individual to individual. Some may seem it a way to adorn their body or symbol of the cultural identity.

What is the other name of bull nose piercing ?

 The bull nose piercing is also known as septum piercing.

Does bull nose piercing hurt?

As in bull piercing you feel a weird sensation when the piercer hits the sweet spot. This pain will ease with proper aftercare in a duration of 3-6 months.


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