Classy Small Septum Piercing – Comprehensive Guide

Classy Small Septum Piercing


Are you ready to give your look an edgy vibe with the classic septum piercing? You can easily rock it with a versatile range of designs that include the classic ring, horseshoe or fancy design. Explore our comprehensive guide covering everything from selection of jewelry to aftercare options. This way after knowing thoroughly about the classy septum small piercing you can make an informed piercing decision.

Selecting the right jewelry for classy small septum piercing

Selecting the intricate jewelry pieces is not a one-step thing as it involves multiple steps which include the following options:

Step 1- Ensure accurate sizing

For classy small septum piercing it is recommended to start with a minimum of 16g. Although some piercers use a minimum of 14g with greater emphasis on the importance of knowing your initial piercing size. Moreover, it’s essential to recognize that you have the flexibility to adjust sizes according to your preference.

Step 2- Consider the diameter

By selecting the appropriate diameter, you can choose the classy small septum piercing ring of your preference. Whether you prefer a delicate, small or medium fit, the diameter plays a key role. Usually for the range of nose rings starts from 16mm to as compact as 6mm, ensuring a large selection to suit individual preferences.

Step 3- What Style do you like to wear?

There are extensive array of jewelry styles that can perfectly fit to match individual preferences.

Captive Bead Ring

Captive Bead Ring

One traditional yet charming choice is the Captive Bead Ring. This style is known for its cute and dainty appearance that captivates the attention of the wearers. The versatility of this style is evident in the ability to customize the ring’s color, material, and bead type. These range from simple metal beads to cubic zirconia gems providing numerous options for personalization.

Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells represent another traditional style with a unique twist. Unlike the complete circle of a captive bead ring, a circular barbell takes on a horseshoe shape with two beads on each end. This style offers a wide variety of customization, allowing the selection of the ring’s material, color, and the type of beads displayed.

Clickers and Segment Rings

Clickers and Segment Rings

Clickers and Segment Rings are flashy and blinged-out designs that are preferred by most of individuals. A septum clicker features a ring with a hinged bar for easy insertion and removal of the jewelry. Meanwhile, a segment ring operates similarly but has a hinged segment that opens and closes. For those who want a touch of glamour, the 14KT gold cubic zirconia rim septum clicker is recommended. Also, quirky options like the mustache septum clicker and non-traditional shapes like the 16g gold PVD veer hinged clicker offer unique alternatives.

Chic & Classy Small Septum Piercing Rings

Ruifan Surgical Steel Nose Septum horseshoe hoop

Ruifan Surgical Steel Nose Septum horseshoe hoop
Ruifan Surgical Steel Nose Septum horseshoe hoop

Material : Stainless steel

The Ruifan Septum Horseshoe Hoop is an ideal choice for classy small septum piercings due to its unique design and versatile sizing. Its small size and horseshoe shape make it a perfect fit for those seeking a minimalist and understated aesthetic. The ease of insertion and removal, combined with the high-quality material, makes this hoop a practical and aesthetically pleasing option. All those who are looking for a nose ring that is minimal and goes with a range of outfits can choose this hoop.

ALACLO Stainless Steel Septum Rings Hoop

ALACLO Stainless Steel Septum Rings Hoop
ALACLO Stainless Steel Septum Rings Hoop

Material : Stainless steel

Designed by a team of professionals, this is a masterpiece in a diverse range of  classy small septum piercing. You can choose this hoop in a wide variety of colors including silver, golden, and rose pink as well. This ring is easy to clean and is polished well so that it does not cause any kind of irritation on the skin. Moreover, these rings are safety-certified to offer the utmost protection to the wearers.

What gauge is used for the Classy Small Septum Piercing?

Determining the gauge for a septum nose piercing does not have one appropriate answer. As there is no universal size for these piercings so you can choose from the range of 14-18 gauge. The septum’s bone and cartilage along with the individual anatomical differences are the key parameters to assess the size of the gauge. The ideal case for classy small septum piercing is 16 gauge.

Your piercing’s hole size plays a crucial role so what might be a suitable standard septum ring size for you may differ for your sibling or friend. Understanding septum ring diameters is essential in choosing the right facial jewelry.

What jewelry material is suitable for the classy small septum piercing?

 Following jewelry materials are suitable for classy small septum piercing

Titanium – This one is a good pick for nose rings especially for septum piercing. This material wont cause a reaction and is suitable for a range of skin types. Titanium is a little than range of other materials used in jewelry.

Stainless steel – This jewelry is of premium quality and wont rust until there is a chromium layer on it. Because of its hypoallergenic nature, it does not have adverse effects on skin types.

Niobium – The niobium septum selection is unique  and be a great fit for individuals who are ultra-sensitive to the metals. As the reaction chances are on the lower side so the price range also falls in the middle range.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest septum piercing?

 The smallest size for classy small septum piercing is 18 gauge . The inner diameter is approximately 1 millimetre thick, equivalent to a fine-tipped marker’s size.

Which kind of septum piercing jewelry should I choose for myself?

The choice of the septum piercing jewelry is entirely on the wearer. On Amazon you can shop a wide variety of sterling jewelry pieces in silver, gold, rose pink, and various other colors.

Can septum piercing be too small ?

Septum is usually pierced with either 14G or 16G needles. Anything that sis smaller than 16G is way to smaller. Moreover you can easily stretch the septum to a large gauge once its fully healed. This wont be the way for permanent modification and may be eventually shrink to the original size after some duration.

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