Classic Eyelash Extension- Detailed Guide

Classic Eyelash Extension for long lashes


As the art of the art lash extension needs precision and is a delicate one. So if you are going for any type of eyelash extension including the classic eyelash extension then go to professionals. If not then takes a lot of patience and skill to apply the lash extension. But once you practice it well and get a hang on it you can easily use various eyelash extensions techniques on different eyelash styles.

Classic Eyelash Extension- A way to Glamourize your Eyes

 Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic eyelash extensions embody simplicity, offering a stunning and effortlessly natural lash style. Applied following a meticulous 1:1 ratio, where one lash extension delicately bonds to one natural lash. This technique results in a seamlessly natural appearance. Imagine tiny feathery strokes of ultra-fine lashes delicately placed one by one to each lash to add a striking effect to your beauty.

The versatility of classic eyelash extensions extends to various materials, thicknesses, and styles. This allows you to tailor the look according to your preferences. The process requires a duration of 1.5 to 2 hours for application. After this duration the result is a soft, understated elegance that emphasizes length rather than volume. The classic style is a timeless choice that adds grace and subtlety to your eyes.

Marie’s Classic Eyelash Journey

Marie is mesmerized by the classic lashes and steps into the studio where dreams of fluttering lashes come true. Seated in the plush chair she felt the gentle touch of the lash artist. As each stroke is like a brush painting a masterpiece she is all agog to get the classic eyelash extension.

As the lashes were delicately applied Marie closed her eyes to get this extension treatment done. The room hummed with soft music to create a tranquil ambiance. With every lash, Marie could sense the transformation that is enhancing her natural beauty.

When the last lash is applied Marie opens her eyes to a new version of herself in the mirror. The simplicity of the process had yielded a remarkable result with a confident Marie ready to conquer the world with her newfound look.

Tips about Classic Eyelash Extension

ClassIc Eyelash Tips

Classic eyelash extensions involve attaching a single extension fiber to each natural eyelash. This creates a more natural and subtle look compared to volume or hybrid lash extensions. Here are detailed tips for applying classic eyelash extensions and taking care of them afterward.

Training and Certification

Before attempting classic eyelash extensions, ensure you have received proper training and certification from a reputable lash extension training program. Choose a credible expert so that you feel ease during the lash extension process. It is better to practice on mannequin heads or with experienced lash artists to refine your technique before working on clients.

Sanitization and Hygiene

Always maintain a clean and sanitized workspace. Disinfect your tools, hands, and surfaces between clients to prevent infections and ensure a safe environment. Hygiene during the process of eyelash extension is crucial as it prevents bacteria from entering the eyes.

Client Consultation

Go for the classic lash extension experts who offer client consultation in depth. When the experts conduct a thorough consultation with clients to understand their expectations, allergies, and preferences. Discuss the desired lash style, length, and curl so the expected outcomes will be up to the mark.

Eye and Lash Assessment

After that the renowned expert follow the clinical process of assessment. They assess the client’s natural lashes to determine their health, length, and strength. It is suggested to avoid applying extensions to weak or damaged lashes as this can cause further harm.

Choose Appropriate Lash Extensions

The selection of lashes of appropriate thickness is important. For this step, select extensions that match the client’s natural lashes in terms of length, thickness, and curl. This will help achieve a seamless, natural look. If you want voluminous lashes try the volume lashes.

Isolation and Separation

Use tweezers to isolate individual natural lashes to ensure they are separated and easily accessible for extension application. The isolation of the lashes is necessary at this point to give a perfect look.

Proper Bonding Technique

It is important that you apply lash extensions using a high-quality adhesive. The quality of adhesive is important to stick the individual lashes. Ensure that the extensions are bonded correctly close to the base of the natural lash.

Eyelash Extension Placement

The placement of lashes in the classic eyelash technique is another point to ponder. Try to place longer extensions on the outer corners of the eyes to create a natural and lifted effect. Afterward, gradually decrease the length towards the inner corners for a tapered look.

Avoid Clumping

Prevent the extension from clumping together by using the appropriate amount of adhesive. Separating lashes during application procedure so be cautious during this step.

Adhesive Drying Time

Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly before clients open their eyes. This helps prevent irritation and ensures a secure bond with the natural lash.

Classic eyelash Diameter and Thickness

Classic Eyelash Extension Diameter

The lashes usually are in thickness between the ranges of 0.12 mm – 0.20 mm. the thickness matters a lot and is dependent on the strength of your present lashes.

0.12mm Lashes- Perfect for achieving a soft look

Ideal for application on thinner natural lashes especially in classic eyelash extensions. These lashes are chosen to achieve a softer, wispier look and feel. The thin diameter ensures a fine appearance and make them suitable for clients desiring a subtler touch on the lashes.

0.15mm Lashes- Modern Classic eyelash extension

This lash thickness is the popular choice that is used in classic eyelash extensions. This is in the moderate range and results in a naturally fuller look. It’s versatile and suits a wide range of clients who desire a classic lash style with more definition.

0.18mm Lashes- Create a bolder look

Choosing this thickness which is 0.18m provides you a bolder look compared to the 0.15mm lash. This thickness is selected when clients seek a classic extension with more emphasis on volume. It strikes a balance between subtlety and enhanced thickness for the perfect volume.

0.20mm Lashes – Perfect for mascara-like finish

With a diameter of 0.20mm, these lashes are the second most popular choice for classic extensions. They are good to get natural mascara-like appearance, giving clients a defined lash line. It is recommended to use these lashes on clients with naturally thick and healthy lashes to ensure the best results.

What is the difference between classic eyelash extension and hybrid extensions?

Classic lash extensions are cost-effective choice for clients who prioritize budget considerations as they require minimal preparation. On the other hand, hybrid lashes strike an ideal balance and cater to the needs of clients who want a dramatic look. The hybrid lashes are a beautiful blend of classic and volume extensions for a versatile appearance.

Ultimately the choice between classic, volume, or hybrid lashes depends on various factors that include the client’s preferred look, budget constraints and the skillset of the technician. Classic lashes offer simplicity and affordability whereas hybrid lashes provide a middle ground for those seeking aesthetics.

What are the differences between classic eyelashes and 2D lash extensions?

Classic eyelashes and 2D lash extensions are both an impressive way to get dolled up in a perfect way. The lashes are applied in ratio 1:1 and in classic lashes one single extension is applied to one natural lash. They are the very common style of lash extension that is readily available in the market. But since voluminous lashes are more in trend so people started to divert their attention to this eyelash extension.

The lash style 2D lash extension is set up from classic lashes. With the ratio 1:1 in class eyelashes, the two fine lash extensions are applied to each natural lash. This is still natural-looking and looks the best even with subtle makeup.

What are the aftercare tips for classic eyelash extensions?

The steps to care for natural lash are similar to the class eyelash extension. Follow these simple steps to retain the lashes for a little longer duration.

Gently cleanse the eye area with the help of makeup remover or cleanser either using cotton or cotton pads

Don not use oil-based products and waterproof mascaras and liners as they weaken the bond of the lashes

Place special emphasis on the night care cleansing routine with the help of spoolie to prevent the dirt from entering the eyelashes and eyelids.

Don’t pull the eyelash extensions as they can both the extensions and natural lashes

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a classic lash extension stay?

Classic eyelash extensions usually stay for 4-6 weeks. As they will fall out after this duration so it is important to take care of the eyelashes in a proper way. To maintain a perfect look, you will need to consult the experts for advice and tips.

Do classic eyelash extensions damage the natural lashes?

With all the lash extension options available in the market you get what you pay for. The products if not adhered properly result in lash damage.

Do classic lashes look natural?

Classic lashes are usually preferred as they give you a natural look with moderate volume. The fine extensions when applied to each lash separately gives a magical look.

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