The Ultimate Guide to Septum Piercing: 5 Stunning Styles You NEED to Know

Septum Piercing

Fashion trends usually come and go but some trends never get older. Septum Piercing is one of those trends who always stay in the spotlight and people of all ages are fascinated with this trend. Piercing trends have different meanings and importance for everyone. Some people take it as fashion, some get it as a form of religion and some get it as a form of status. Although piercing is not as permanent as tattoos are, it’s the most commonly used trend which is adopted by men, women and even kids too. 

All of us want to look cool and for that we all try to follow new trends and make some body modification. In the dynamic world of body modification, piercing is one of the most commonly used art. Now, people like to work in those environments where styles and trends are more encouraged. 

Today, the adaptivity of piercing has proved that it’s not just a Western trend. Nowadays, piercing has endless options, and you can select any style for yourself. Piercing is one of the most emerging piercing trends, which gained popularity in a few years. You can wear different stylish ornaments, stones and jewelry to make it more elegant. This trend is for both men and women, and both are truly indulging in it. 

So, let’s explore the latest trends in piercing that will truly elevate your personality and confidence. 

Septum Piercing

Guys, if you’re dreaming about Piercing, then this is the best time. As the new year is around the corner, welcome 2024 with the new stylish, jazzy look. Septum piercing will add a dose of creative look to your appearance no matter what you are wearing. You can use different ornaments for your septum piercing, like a septum clickerseptum barbellNose spikes, etc.

Septum Piercing Pain Scale 1-10

The pain level is usually scaled 1-10, and in septum piercing, the pain scale usually lies in 3-7. It may vary person to person according to their tolerance level. 

The amount of discomfort highly depends on where you want to get a piercing. Instead of piercing through the cartilage, most people find that piercing through the thin, fleshy portion at the bottom of the septum is less uncomfortable. Additionally, the needle size utilized for the piercing might affect how painful it is. As a rule, a smaller gauge needle will be more comfortable to use.

Septum Piercing Styles

There are many styles and designs of septum piercing that will overwhelm your mood and personalities.

Circular Barbell

This is one of the most commonly used jewelry for septum piercing. This is like a horseshoe that comes in different colours. 

Hollywood Diaries

In Hollywood there are many celebrities who have done septum piercing. Like Bella Throne is a famous American actress she did circular barbell septum piercing.

For septum piercing, the most suitable material will be silver septum piercing. You can buy silver septum piercings in different colours. 

Circular Barbell Ring

Captive Bead Ring

This is also a very popular piercing style. It also has a round shape but with a captive bead on the opening of the ring. This bead ring comes in multiple colours and sizes.

Captive Bead

Septum Clicker

If you are in a hurry and you need help picking the beads or end of the septum jewelry, then this septum clicker is for you. It doesn’t have any beads or ends. You can get different colours, shapes and sizes. This looks very elegant and creates a chic look that will truly match everyone’s mood. 

Septum Clicker Piercing

Fake Septum Piercing

If you get scared from needles and pain, then these fake septum piercing is for you. Just, indulge in this trend and enjoy your new look. The fake septum piercing looks the same as the original one. But in this piercing, the ornament is used with glue or tiny clips. So, you don’t need to use a needle to wear ornaments.

In fake septum piercing, you can follow the latest trends in piercing without any commitment. Some workplaces don’t allow us to do piercings, but these fake piercings allow us to fulfill our inner desires. There are no extra protections for fake septum piercing. You can remove these fake septum piercings after using them.

Septum Piercing Men

Have you ever seen a man with septum piercing?

If not then trust me it looks coooool!

A man with a piercing is a perfect blend of confidence and a chic look. Septum piercing is a very old trend, and it gives a unique look. But from the last few years this trend has become the hot cup of coffee, which everyone wants to get. Men, especially, are totally indulged in this glam trend. Some want to adopt the trend for spiritual reasons, and some want to adopt this trend to bring an exclusive change in their looks and personalities. 

Piercing for Men

Men usually want to adopt this trend to some difference in the crowd. But, in some countries this trend represents the sign of bravery and muscularity. This trend is all about your preference and need. There are different kinds of piercings for men but septum piercing is most commonly used piercing for men. 

Septum Piercing Aftercare

After getting a septum piercing all you need to do is to take precautions to avoid infection. The healing process may exceed 3-4 weeks. Here we are sharing some aftercare points that will help you in the healing process.

  • Always clean, wash and sanitize your hands properly before touching your piercing area.
  • Don’t flip and touch your piercing ornaments or jewelry, and if you want to move it then you can use Lukewarm water to loosen if the ornament is stuck or has any crust around it.
  • Avoid using soap, alcohol and other iodine on septum piercing.
  • Clean your piercing area 2-3 times in a day.
  • This aftercare precaution will help you a lot to heal soon.

How Bad Does A Septum Piercing Hurt

Piercing pain varies person to person and if we say that it depends on your patient level then this statement will not be wrong. When a needle passes through your skin it may create a sudden sharp pain or uncomfortable sensation. This pain may bring tears in your eyes but waterproof mascara will not let your tears ruin your makeup. This pain is too difficult to bear and after a few days you will be completely healed after proper care.

Black Septum Piercing

One of the best things about septum piercing is its endless styling possibilities. It comes in different shapes, sizes, colours and with stone and without stones. Its most commonly used shape is ring shape. Septum piercing is available in different materials such as gold, platinum, silver, steel etc. Most commonly used shape is black septum piercing in a ring shape that looks so elegant. Black septum piercing looks very mesmerizing with any outfit.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing

After getting pierced, some people get bored and want to change their style or adopt a new style of piercing. If you’re completely healed and still feel redness around your piercing area, then you should change your piercing. If you feel any fluid, swelling or discharge around the piercing area, then it’s the right time to change your piercing ornament. If you don’t feel any signs, then you can change your piercing ornament after complete healing.

What Gauge Is A Septum Piercing

If you are going to buy a septum piercing, then you should know which size will fit better. There are numerous sizes in the market, but you should select that which will suit you and fit you properly. The gauge refers to how thick the jewelry is, its edges, its clips, etc. In simple words, it shows the width of the jewelry.

Before buying your piercing jewelry, it’s very important to measure your size because if you buy the wrong gauge piercing ornaments, it will increase infections and wounds. That may increase the pain to an extreme level.

For measuring gauges, you can use a ruler or any other scaling tape. All you need to have is a gauge card to compare it with your jewelry. But remember that it will only be accurate if the size and dimensions on the card are accurate and exact. The most commonly used gauge of septum piercing is 16 gauge, which means 1.2 mm. Some people choose 18 gauge, which means they should wear ornaments with a thickness of 1.0mm.

Septum Piercing Healing Time

A septum piercing may complete its healing process in 2-3 months. Sometimes this time period may exceed 6-7 months but it’s very rare. In the first stage of the healing process you will feel pain in the first month. Especially as you will try to touch that pierced area, you will feel sudden sharp pain. In that stage, you would need to use anti-inflammatory medicines after your doctor’s consultation.

After getting pierced, you should take care that you do not have any infection in your pierced area. If you feel any swelling or fluid around that area try to gently clean it and if due to pain you cannot do it then consult with your doctor. 

If you feel no crust and pain or swelling in that specific area and you can easily touch and flick your piercing without experiencing any pain, then it means you have completely healed. But even after complete healing, you should clean your piercing area twice a week with Luke’s warm water and the doctor-recommended cream, gel, or any anti-bacterial liquid.


Septum piercing is a form of body modification; all you need to do is maintain your hygiene to avoid infections. To get any piercing, you should do proper research about it and always use proper sterilized equipment to avoid the risk of infection. However, septum piercing is all about fun and innovation. It increases confidence and creates a chic look. In this article, we have discussed all the factors that will make your septum piercing experience pain-free. Indulge in this chic trend and bring a new look and will truly ravish your personality.