Forward Helix Piercing: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Forward Helix Piercing


Forward helix piercing shines on the upper rim of the cartilage, right a few millimeters before it meets the cheeks. Like, conch piercing, daith, and other types of piercings, this one also offers a unique visual appeal and adds a modern touch to the wearer’s looks. It’s a wonderful helix piercing option if you’re looking forward to upscaling your style.

But before scheduling an appointment with a piercer, you’ve got to do a bit of research in order to ensure everything goes smoothly. In this ultimate guide, we’ll delve into the procedure, piercing types, and aftercare of forward helix piercing. From the styling tips to the average cost, we’ve you covered!

Whether you’re a piercing lover looking forward to adding a new collection to your ear piercings or a curious newbie, this blog has information for everyone!

Let’s dive in to explore everything about this captivating piercing type.

Key Points

  • Placement: Upper outer cartilage
  • Cost: $30 to $70 (excluding jewelry)
  • Pain Level: 4 out of 10
  • Types: Forward, hidden, double, triple
  • Aftercare: Clean with Saline solution twice a day

What is Forward Helix Piercing?

Forward helix ear piercing is a classy and trendy ear piercing type that is punched on the upper outer cartilage, just a few millimeters above the tragus. Elegantly placed along the outer rim, this piercing tends to stand out on top of your ear and adds a unique modern flair to your ear piercing game. Forward helix piercing is loved for its versatility and customization options. Allowing you to experiment with single studs, double hoops, and multiple jewelry types.

Best part? It supports various every day and party styles. Whether you’re heading to catch up with your friends or getting ready for the next gala, forward helix piercing can work wonders for every event!

The process requires next-level precision in order to avoid the fragile nerves flowing underneath your helix. Additionally, healing type depends on various factors, but proper aftercare is necessary.

The Average Cost

Depending on the reputation of the piercing and your location, the cost of this piercing can fall anywhere between $30 to $70, with the chances of jewelry costing an extra bush. The renowned or internationally recognized studios in urban areas might charge higher than this.

It’s important to consider the skills and experience of your chosen piercer, as he may charge more for his services. Moreover, the type and material of jewelry, whether it’s a plain tiny hoop or an intricate stud, can potentially influence the overall budget.

Remember, investing in a reliable and reputable piercer or studio is always better than handing over your skin to freshers. This will ensure a safe and comfortable piercing experience.

What Types of Jewelry Can Be Used for Forward Helix Piercing?

You can either use a tiny stud or hoop for embellishing Forward Helix Piercing. Studs are small pieces of jewelry that pass through the upper rim of the forward helix to its back to meet its hold.

The hoops, on the other hand, are circular-shaped rings that can be worn once the piercing area is fully healed. Instead of directly passing through the forward helix, it gracefully wraps around the rim, helping it stand out.

Both of these jewelry types work great for a forward helix piercing. You can choose any that perfectly befits your creative personality and aura. No matter which type of jewelry for piercing you choose, both of them will slay!

What’s even more amazing is that you can style these two jewelry types in multiple ways. This is what we’re going to explore in the next section.

Types of Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing is loved by piercing enthusiasts for a reason. It supports multiple styles to help you express your unique personality in the way you want. You can go for multiple options when styling forward helix piercing for an event or casual meeting. Here are a few types of forward helix piercing that have received immense popularity in the fashion world:

Simple Forward

Forward Helix Piercing for Stunning Look

This type of piercing involves puncturing a hole on top and placing the jewelry elegantly on top. It’s gracefully positioned on the upper rim with a prime motive to showcase the jewelry to enhance your overall look. The process of simple forward helix piercing demands precision to ensure a perfect fit for the jewelry.

This type offers a sophisticated and glamorous vibe, making it a perfect choice for the ones looking forward to embracing a timeliness and subtle look. It’s a great piercing option if you’re required to wear sophisticated outfits for your professional work.

Hidden forward helix piercing

Hidden Forward Helix Piercing for Stunning Look

A hidden forward helix piercing is positioned underneath the rim, adding a unique and mysterious element to your ear game. This glamorous placement offers a mesmerizing twist to the typical helix piercing. The jewelry in this case is kept a bit hidden under the ear rims. That’s why piercing enthusiasts often go for tiny studs embellished with shimmering chains for hidden forward helix piercing.

This type allows you to depict your unique aesthetic taste along with helping present a cool secret that only those in the loop with discover. It’s a perfect piercing choice for fashion lovers who like to keep jewelry a bit hidden and want to enjoy the allure of sophisticated fashion.

Double forward helix piercing

Double Forward Helix Piercing for Stunning Look

Double forward helix piercing involves two holes punctured symmetrically on one line, with the jewelry moving out of the rim. This one comes with its unique bold aura, allowing the fashionistas to express their confident and stylish personality. It’s an amazing option for the stylish fashionistas dreaming of elevating their ear embellishments with sassy jewelry.

Double helix piercing isn’t just a style to wear, it’s more of a bold fashion statement! That can help depict a lot of your personality.

Triple Helix Forward Piercing

Tripple Forward Helix Piercing for Stunning Look

It’s like the double helix piercing with just an extra hole located in the same symmetrical lines. With the classy three sets of jewelry shimmering on top of the cartilage’s rim, you’re sure to drop a few jaws! Triple helix forward piercing is for bold souls who don’t shy away from wearing layers of jewelry on their ears.

It’s a perfect option for a fancy dress show, dance party, and other such gatherings. It will also work fine for the profession-meeting look, but with very tiny studs that won’t look over. Another, way to style triple forward helix piercing for sophisticated meetups is to wear the jewelry inside-down to give it a hidden forward helix shape.

Forward Helix Conch Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing  for Women

This one is the combination of two different types of piercings, i.e., forward helix and conch piercings. The conch piercing is located in the middle of the upper cartilage of the ear. This type targets both areas, allowing one piece of jewelry (typically a ring) to pass through the two sassy holes. Forming a strong bond between forward and conch piercing. This type is for bold piercing enthusiasts who dare to try unique looks.

Does A Forward Helix Piercing Hurt? Pain Level

As forward helix piercing is done through the cartilage, you can expect a painful sensation and mild discomfort because of the sharp sting.

The pain of this type of piercing is subjective. It varies depending on the person’s tolerance level, the skills of the piercer, the chosen jewelry, and the teachings implied for piercing. However, it typically falls on the 4th level of the pain scale. (Here we’ve covered the nose piercing pain scale.)

That said, before getting the piercing, it’s important to discuss your concerns with the piercer. He’ll guide you through the entire process, helping you understand the entire princess of forward helix piercing.

How Long Does A Forward Helix Piercing to Heal?

Forward helix piercing can take around 3 to 6 months to heal. Well, this time can change from person to person. Additionally, if you thoroughly take care of the targeted area after piercing, the healing time may be reduced to just a few weeks.


Brian Keith Thompson, a reputable celebrity piercer, recommends cleaning the pierced area with saline solution. You can dip the cotton balls in saline solution until they’re fully soaked. Then, clean the area gently with them.

Plus, avoid swimming and taking a bath in the hot tub. Along with all this, you also have to be careful when changing your clothes. Avoid direct contact with the jewelry to prevent the jewelry from twisting unnecessarily.

For a few days, try to resist the temptation of sleeping on the side pierced side. Just to avoid putting pressure on the target area.

Wrapping up!

Forward helix piercing is amazing! But it requires a bit of courage and patience to achieve that perfect diva-like look. Once the piercing hole’s sting is out and the healing time is over, you can start embellishing it with awe-striking studs and hoops.

Whether you’ve decided to get double or conch forward helix piercing, make sure to take good care of the targeted area during the healing time. This will ensure a smooth and pain-free piercing experience.