Chain Nose Piercing to Elevate your Look


It all starts with nose piercing. Once it is done you never leave this unadorned. For all those who are looking for great facial jewelry chain nose piercing is a great way to add a little something to your style. The style preference is all yours. Whether you prefer to wear long chains or small chains, there are multiple ways to style them. Let’s explore all the ways to enhance your facial jewelry through chain nose piercing.

Chain Nose Piercing – A Way to Enhance your Facial Jewelry

Chain nose piercings can be a captivating addition to an individual’s aesthetic and add a touch of edgy elegance. The subtle glint of a delicate chain connects the nostril piercing to the earlobe creates a seamless flow. Also, chains grab the attention and become the central piece of your jewelry.

All those who go for unconventional piercing not only add a unique element but also complement various styles to go for both casual and formal attire. The chain nose piercing exudes a sense of confidence and self-expression. If you are ready to make a bold statement without overpowering the natural beauty then go for chain nose piercing.

Chain Nose Piercing Styles

Chain Nose piercing Styles

Chain nose piercings come in various styles and types, each offering a distinctive flair to suit individual preferences. The popular chain nose piercing style includes the following options:

Single nose piercing chain – A delicate chain connects the nostril piercing to the earlobe to create a subtle yet eye-catching look.

Double nose piercing chain – This look involves two chains extending from either nostril, adding a symmetrical and striking dimension for a bold look.

Dainty drop nose piercing chain – It features a single chain that gracefully drapes down from the nostril, to create an elegant and sober look.

All these styles add movement to the jewelry, catching the light and drawing attention to the wearer’s face. For a more intricate and elaborate option, some individuals opt for a multiple nose piercing, where several chains are connected to different points on the nose.

Beyond these styles, variations in chain lengths, materials, and designs offer endless possibilities for personalization. Whether it’s a minimalist approach or a more elaborate design, nose piercings are a great way to represent the individual style.

Best-seller Nose chains on Amazon

PunkTracker Nose Rings


Material : Silver and L-shaped

Made from hypoallergenic material the nose chains are nickel and lead-free. For double, multiple and chain nose piercing these nose rings with connected chains are a great fit. The chains can for a great connection between the nose studs, nose hoops, lip rings or anywhere you want to connect to. The minimal design with small peals in between provides a minimal and modern look. To create a modern daily wear or party look you can style these chains accordingly.

Honbay Indian Nose Rings with Chain


Material : Metal

The simple and modern nose chain design provides an appealing look for Halloween party and the wedding festivities. The nose chains are made up of alloy and is comfortable to wear in a range of events. With availability in two colors, golden and silver you can easily pair them with formal clothes.

Pros and Cons of Chain Nose Piercing

Nose chains are considered as eye-catching embellishment to lift up your whole look. Often people prefer a chain that forms a connection of nose with the ears. While others like to connect each end of the Nasallang across the bridge of the nose. No matter what sort of chain nose piercing you have opted to elevate your look it offers the following set of advantages and disadvantages.


  •  Nose chain piercing creates a distinctive look and you can easily stand out from the rest by wearing unique facial jewelry pieces
  •  Nose chains are a great way to highlight the piercing you already have
  •  With the chain style you can easily alternate chains to create different look each day


  •  Nose chains can easily snag clothes & hair. Particularly the long nose chains are difficult to handle.
  •  Heavier nose chains can cause excessive irritation and can pull on piercing and cause discomfort for the individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chain nose piercing?

Nose chains are generally used to establish either a link between the two nostrils or nose-piercing and ear piercing. The chain links are made of the premium grade metals that are good for majority of the skin types.

Why do people go for chain nose piercing?

Nose jewelry is a way to express the individuality and personal style of an individual. In various cultures, nose jewelry holds significant importance. People go for chain nose piercing to highlight their piercing and create a distinct look that make they stand out from the rest .

Does nose piercing with chain hurt more than a traditional piercing?

The pain scale for piercing varies from person to person. But generally, chains are associated with discomfort and are more painful than the standard piercing options.