9 Instagram-Inspired Tree Tattoo Ideas That Look Almost REAL

Tree Tattoo

When it comes to natural tattoos, imprinting tree tattoos on your delicate skin turns out to be a wonderful option. With its unique elegance and fresh vibes, such tattoos potentially add a next-level flair to your looks, meanwhile letting you showcase your vibrant personality.

But should you just get random boring trees tattoos? 

Obviously not! In this blog, we’ve brought you multiple ideas for tree tatts (from Instagram inspirations) that you can get to enhance your looks. What’s new? These incredibly awesome tattoos aren’t just a mere depiction of nature but hold deep symbolic meaning. In other words, you’ll find heart-wrenching or a cheerful story behind every canvas. 

So, ready to delve into the world of emotions? Let’s start… 

Instagram-Inspired Tree Tattoo Ideas

1. Tiny Green Tree Tattoo 

With the green color overpowering the entire design, this tattoo seems to hold a special position in the entire tree tattoo lookbook. The precision made on the green leaves is just awesome and unbelievable. The leaves gracefully intertwined with each other, giving off a wonderful motion effect to this chic tattoo. Even though the artistic masterpiece crafted on the back of the neck isn’t too large, it still succeeds in filling the skin with its fresh and colorful aura. 

Imprinting this beautiful design on your skin can help you reflect your loving and cheering personality. As green is a powerful color that demonstrates power and growth, you can showcase your strong personality with this enthralling tattoo. 

Gree Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: Jingxi Gu

2. The Vintage Tree Tattoo 

Look at this artistic masterpiece of the Tree of life tattoo! I mean, the tattooist must have arrived from a mystical world. 

A visually striking depiction of an ancient tree can be seen dancing with planets revolving on top of it. The baby peacefully sleeping in its roots symbolizes the power of nature. It perfectly showcases that trees are not only protecting the humans of this mother earth but also hold a strong connection with the climate. 

Notice the tiny bird that is fleeing away in search of his friends to come and find peace under this tree. 

The wearer’s names imprinted on the center of the tree tattoo personalize this entire design. It’s a perfect choice for those who love nature and want to give their tribute to the trees. 

Vintage Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: Mafalda Ferreira

3. Green Forest 

One of the amazing tree tattoo designs! The multiple types of green hues majestically standing on the land radiate a natural vibe with an extreme freshness. While the man walking alone in the jungle symbolizes the true struggle of life. 

This lonely man seems to have found his way to peace within this world and the trees tend to help him with their soothing shadows.  It’s a perfect example of nature’s different creatures collaborating and serving their duties in this world.

If you want to showcase your life’s struggle in this grand world, wearing this tattoo on your delicate skin is an awesome idea. To make it your style, you can add flowery trees of your favorite colors to this design. Besides stretching the length of the tress can also take this awe-striking piece of art to the next level.  

Forest Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: pejczi

4. The Rebellious Dry Tree tattoo 

This classy sketch of a barren tree is beyond perfection. The intricate patterns of the tree tattoo are elegantly intertwined with each other, making this art amazing. 

Not a single leaf is shown on the design, which symbolizes the strength of this giant tree. The cruel autumn has taken all of the leaves, but still, this tree is courageously standing with all its strength. 

Leaving no marks of colorful green colors seems like a strategy to keep this art as simple as possible, yet powerful. The main part of the tree holds numerous twigs that are rebelliously standing with all of their arms open to the front. This also symbolizes the tree’s incredible strength to invite new challenges so it could tear all of its power. 

This art is an amazing option for you if you cherish a bold personality with never-ending courage. 

Rebellious Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: swallowtail_tattoo

5. Pine tree tattoo 

This wonderful pine tree tattoo tends to serve as a guardian for the fragile tent located next to it. The height of the tree with these delicate leaves swinging in the fresh air adds a unique vibe to this entire design. Doesn’t this design look like a scene from an 80s black-and-white movie? 

What’s worth noticing is that the bonfire, tent, and tree are crafted on the same balanced plane. Which adds precision and perfection to this incredibly awesome design. 

The guardian tree with its majestic power symbolizes peace with its beautiful aura. However, no sign of human beings could relate to human beings being busy in their daily routine ignoring peace. 

When crafted on your skin, this amazing tree tattoo can invite humanity to celebrate nature’s beauty and have a break from this tedious daily routine. In addition, this tattoo can also serve as a reminder for you to keep a strong connection with nature.

Pine Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: jiji_tattoo

6. Watch Out! It’s A Tornado Tree Tatt!

This wonderful tornado tree is a perfect example of “Nature In Action”.  A classy bonsai tree tattoo design! 

The perfectly crafted tree twigs and the lightish splashes of air created with thin lines, make this art look real. 

You can see a tree swirling with all of its strength and a powerful bird taking taking rest on its twigs. It seems like the entire world is going to shift once this tornado ends. The eagle standing on top symbolizes power. It’s a perfect option for you if you want to reflect your strong personality and creative mind. 

Unlike traditional tattoo art, this one tends to give off a unique allure, inviting the viewers to embark on a thrilling journey. You can imprint this classy tattoo on your skin to radiate rebellious and strong vibes.  Try adding a tiny sunflower tattoo to personalize the design.

Tornado Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: ati.ful

7. Geomtery tree tattoo 

Geometric tattoos for men have been a trend for years. These masterpieces showcase unique ideas in a truly mesmerizing and modern way. 

That being said, the tattoos showcase geometric trees that appeal to their viewers and leave long-lasting impressions on them. When blending a tree with geometric concepts, the design transforms into an unbelievable form of art. This geometric tree tattoo is a real-life example of this statement. 

Perfectly blending a swan and a tree, the tattooist here has made an incredibly awesome statement about embracing change. The stem, also serving as the swan’s leg, combines the power of two creatures. The swan’s head popping up from the top is bent to the leaves of the tree, serving as a tribute to the tree for helping him stand higher. 

The man walking and the tiny tower standing behind adds a touch of nature to this entire design. This awesome tree tattoo is a perfect choice for the ones who want to symbolize togetherness and love with a blend of modern art. 

Geometric Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: _johnmonteiro

8. The End of Space Tree Tatt! 

The planets here are drowning in the giant tree. The birds chirping from behind, the man sitting on the top of the tree, the stairs appearing from behind, and the vintage clock hanging under the tree, all make this wonderful piece of art meaningful.  

The human sitting alone on top of the tree symbolizes the struggle to achieve success, and the clock hanging under the tree reflects the importance of time. This tree tattoo also serves to reflect the end of the universe, warning human beings to nurture their spiritual beliefs before the end comes. 

The symmetry and motion effect is perfectly created with the falling planets and the flying birds. And, did you notice the soft lady drawn on one side of the tree? That was unexpected. 

You can wear this tattoo to proudly showcase your connection with nature and your spiritual beliefs. In an attempt to alert the viewers and invite them to join your spiritual journey. A soft and delicate tree tattoo that will look awesome on your skin! 

Illusion Tree Tattoos

Image Credit: _johnmonteiro

9. Tree tattoo with Autograph  

An awe-striking art with yellowish leaves sprinkled all over the designs, this tattoo can hold the attention of viewers forever! Notice the autograph vertically placed at the end of the tree tatt. The signature further extends to the mystical lines around the tree. Which adds a motion touch to this masterpiece. You can use your or your favorite’s artist signature on this tree tatt. The choice is yours.

Wear this tattoo as a tribute to the person you love the most. The yellow leaf shining on top of the tree signifies joy and happiness, making this incredible tattoo a perfect choice for the happiest souls. 

Spring Tree Tattoo

Image Credit: thortattoo

Final Words! 

Tree tattoos are an amazing choice! 

With their delicate leaves swinging under the splash of wind and their classy aesthetic vibes, these charismatic tattoos when portrayed on your skin can leave an ever-lasting impression on your friends. You can personalize these tattoos with a spiral of unique color or by adding your autograph close to it. 

So, whether you’re willing to craft aesthetic tree tattoos or colorful flowery plants, the above ideas will stir your inspiration. These chic imprints are for sure going to make you look extraordinarily amazing!