Ronaldo Man Bun Hairstyle: Short to Long Hair Evolution

Ronaldo Man Bun Hairstyle


From the buzz cut to Ronaldo Man Bun Hairstyle, Cristiano Ronaldo has rocked all the looks. The sporty side of the bun hairstyles gives a relaxed and laid-back look. Whether it’s Instagram or TikTok, the bun hairstyle remains an important part of the discussion. The practical way to wear long hair is either through the bun or the ponytail hairstyle. So, to give your hair a textured look, try out Ronaldo’s man bun hairstyle.

From the spiky blonde hair to the bun style, the Portuguese soccer star rocked in all types of looks. Let’s explore the evolution of different hairstyles of Ronaldo, from short to long hair.

The Evolution of Ronaldo Man Bun: From Short to Long Hair

Ronaldo Man Bun Look
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Ronaldo, being the prowess in the field of soccer, has experimented with different looks. Throughout his career, he smoothly transitioned from his short to long hair and flaunted the bun and pony style. Let’s explore the details of all the phases of his hairstyles.

Ronaldo Short Hair Phase

At the start of his career, he appeared on the screen with short and neat hairstyles. During the short hair phase, he tried out tapered fades and buzz cut. These all are low maintenance hairstyles and offers a way to show your scalp. As the short hair is easy to manage on-field, therefore many athletes prefer them.

Ronaldo mid length hair phase

With the passage of time, Cristiano Ronaldo enters a new phase of the style to inspire his fans. He tried created different hairstyles that included faux hawk, spikes, and other textured looks. During this tenure, his iconic look helped him feature in different magazines and billboards. While in many styles the sides are kept shorter while the central hair on the scalp is of mid length for various styling options.

The different styling techniques he experimented during this time include the swept back look and side puffs. From slicking the hair to the back while also adding texture and volume in the form of spikes, he sported a range of hairstyles with flair.

Ronaldo fully grown hair

A look that is distinct from all others is the Ronaldo man bun hairstyle. During his on-field and off-field practice, he embraces the tousled style as well as the professional look while he appears on the screen. Depending upon the occasion, he switches between the polished and casual look.

For you to transition smoothly, take the Evolution of Ronaldo Man Bun hairstyle from short to long hair as an inspiration.

How to Achieve Ronaldo Man Bun Hairstyle Look with Short Hair

Achieve Ronaldo's Man Bun Hairstyle Look
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Although it is very difficult to make the Ronaldo man bun hairstyle with the short hair, but you can give the messy bun a try. If the sides are shortened and sharpened and the central hair is mid-length, then there is a higher probability that you can create the bun style. You can try out the hairstyle by following these guidelines:

  • Start washing your hair until they become fully clean and damp. Use high-quality conditioner and shampoo so that no product buildup is left behind in your hair. Towel dry them until they become ready for styling.
  • Apply hair gel or mousse on your hair so that your hair will appear textured and hold the hairstyle securely. Apply a small amount of gel in sections so that it will be evenly distributed in the hair.
  • To create the picture-perfect Ronaldo man bun hairstyle, use a fine comb to brush your hair. Make sure that you remove tangles from your hair.
  • Time to gather the hair at the crown of the head for Ronaldo man bun hairstyle. The bun for your short hair may be smaller and difficult to tackle, so keep this in mind while tying your hair.
  • Secure the bun with the help of a ponytail. If your hair length is too short to tie them in a ponytail, use the bobby pins. Using the bobby pins, you can secure them in place.
  • Adjust the shape of the bun using the fingers to form the perfect shape like Ronaldo man bun hairstyle. You can tighten it like the on-field bun hairstyle Ronaldo flaunted, or make it a little loose for a casual look.
  • For finishing touches, use the hair wax and gel to settle baby hair and tame any flyaways. Voilà! You are ready to flaunt your short hair in a Ronaldo man bun hairstyle.

Styling Tips for a Sleek and Polished Man Bun like Ronaldo

Polished Man Bun Look of Ronaldo's
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To maintain Ronaldo man bun hairstyle for a sleek look, you need to take care of your hair by following the best practices. Here are a few styling tips for a sleek and polished man bun like Ronaldo.

  • Get regular trims so that your bun will look fresh and voluminous.
  • Limit your hair wash to twice a week so that your hair won’t get damaged.
  • Take advantage of the premium product line so that you don’t put enough strain on your hair to create bun.
  • Use the elastic bands that won’t tighten your hair a lot.

The Controversy Surrounding Men’s Bun Hairstyles

As the practice of making bun on men outlive all the haters. As men and women, both are expressing outrage and support for the controversial men’s bun hairstyle. The controversy surrounding men’s bun hairstyles is all about, as the hairstyle is generally categorized by females, but the ultra-modern men in society have adopted this style.

As society associates certain types of behavior and styles with men. Therefore, short hairs are regarded as masculine. The long hair styled in various ways often faces criticism as they go against the gender roles.

The Man Bun Haircut and Its Influence on Men’s Fashion Trends

With Ronaldo men’s bun hairstyles, men become increasingly inclined towards this style. As the fashion choices for men in this era are greatly changed and various stars on the screen appear with their long grown hair. There have been several trends in the year 2024 where men gracefully exude charm with the classic bun style.

As the long hairs are associated with the hipster culture, but soon it further advanced in the fashion world for all men. Like the Ronaldo’s man bun hairstyle had a great impact on the mainstream fashion trend, and soon it started appealing to his fans all around the globe.


The Portuguese striker’s ever-evolving looks are perfectly complementing his charismatic personality. If you have long hair and are investigating how to style them out, try the Ronaldo man bun hairstyle or ponytail. As both of these styles can be tried easily using a minimal product range, so you give them a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tie a tight bun?

To tie a tight bun using a pony is a must. Hold down the bun using a rubber band so that your hair will stay secure at one place.

How Ronaldo carry his long-grown hair?

To show his sporty side, Ronaldo tied his long grown hair in a bun and ponytail. This way, he can easily manage to play while gracefully carrying his style.

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