Nose Piercing Names – Everything You Need to Know

Nose Piercing Names

Humans have been piercing their noses for decades and since then different types of nose piercing are associated with different cultures. From traditional and simple nose piercing to septum piercing we will delve into the nose piercing names and details of all types of piercing. There are more than 8 ways to pierce your nose and we are here for you to tell the details so that you can make informed decisions on your own.

Nose Piercing Names & Types

Do you know when people notice you for the first time they will be attracted most to your facial jewelry. So make sure that you get your nose pierced in a style that it will match with your personality.

It is important to mention that the pictures included in this article will not represent the structure of your face. Many of the piercing positions are not suitable for everyone so make sure that you make a viable choice. In any situation, nose piercing names are important to remember so that you can communicate well with the professional piercer. Once he will know your style preference for piercing he will guide you better about the suitable nose piercing options.

Austin Bar


Austin Bar Nose Ring

Healing time : 2-3 months

 Type of needle used : 1-14 gauge needle

 Pain Level : Severe

 Type of jewelry Used : Straight barbell that are made from the bioplast

If you are looking for bold piercing style that makes you stand out then Austin Bar is the preferable choice. It is the horizontal bar that goes through the tip of your nose. If you have not gone through piercing before then it might not be the right fit for you.

A bridge piercing is a horizontal surface piercing situated at the upper part of the nasal bridge. This one nose piercing names may seem complicated but its positioned between or around the eye sockets and eyebrows. When it is a vertical bridge piercing, it is often referred to as a “third eye”.

 Is Austin bar piercing right for you?

Many individuals are drawn to the aesthetic of an Austin bar piercing. In comparison to various non-traditional piercing this on appears surprisingly delicate and can easily be mistaken for two high nostril piercings.

Opting for an Austin bar piercing may be the perfect choice if you enjoy altering the appearance of your piercings from time to time. Some people enhance the boldness of this choice by connecting the two beads or jewels with a small chain across the nose, creating a standout look.

To determine if an Austin bar piercing suits you, consider examining photos of individuals with the same piercing to gauge your preference. If you remain uncertain, you can even experiment by holding up the bead ends of a barbell on either side of your nose. Take your time in making this decision.

 High Nostril

High Nostril

Healing time : 6-9 months

 Type of needle used : 18 guage needle

 Pain Level : Severe

 Type of jewelry Used :  Nose screw , nose studs and L-shaped nose rings

Among other nose piercing names, this one is easy to remember. This nose piercing works with multiple nose types and might be the right fit for you. The high nostril piercing as the nose piercing names suggest resembles the traditional nostril piercing but is positioned slightly higher on the nasal bridge. This variation offers a diverse selection of jewelry options with holes higher up in the nasal bridge.

When considering a high nostril piercing, you can either display a reference picture or consult with a professional piercer. The piercer will assess the shape and curvature of your nose to determine the optimal placement for the high nostril piercing.

 Should you go for double-high nostril piercing?

 If you are eager to create a bold and unique look then it is recommended to go for double high nostril piercing. Moreover, it gives you a chance to experiment with different layers of jewelry around the nose. To highlight the natural curves of the nose, this one is the popular nose piercing names to remember.

 Septril Piercing

Septril Nose Piercing

Healing time:  The healing time for this piercing varies from person to person. Depending upon the state of fistula your professional piercer can tell you the duration of healing but generally it is 1-3 months.

Type of needle used : 18-20  gauge needle

Pain Level : Severe

Type of jewelry Used : Curved  barbells and flat-backed studs

Septril piercing is a great combination of two nose piercing names that  include half-tip vertical piercing and septum piercing. Because of amalgamation of two techniques, the techniques used for piercing can be a little complex. As a delicate procedure this type of nose piercing should be solely performed by the experts.

A septril piercing passes through the healed tunnel of flesh created by a stretched septum piercing. This further emerged on the exterior of the nose, typically positioned just below the tip.

 Should you get septril piercing done?

The nose piercing choice you make totally dependent on your personal choice. Among other piercing choices for nose piercing names, this one is not considered good for beginners. The stretching process is long and simple and requires extensive aftercare. It is recommended to start your nose piercing.

Septum Piercing

Septum Nose Piercing

Healing time : 1-3 months

 Type of needle used : 16-18 gauge needle

 Pain Level : Moderate

 Type of jewelry Used:  Captive rings, horsehoe rings , segment rings

The septum piercing is a popular choice among individuals of all ages, regardless of gender. Commonly referred to as the bull piercing, it traverses the small, delicate membrane of nose cartilage. The wider the nose septum is, the better candidate you are for the piercing.

One of its notable features is its versatility, as it can be discreetly concealed with the right jewelry. This makes it suitable for individuals working in formal professional settings who still desire to have a septum piercing. Among various nose piercing names, this one is easy to remember and is trendy now a day.

Septum Piercing- Pain and Healing time

Septum piercing? you heard this nose piercing name right as it is super trendy. For some people, it is definitely the most unusual place to get a piercing. Yet others think that flaunting hoop in the middle of the nose looks cool.

It’s essential to note that before finalizing your decision on a specific piercing consult with the professional regarding the placement. Each individual’s physiology and pain tolerance vary, so while a piercing may appear appealing to you it may not be suitable for everyone.

 Multiple Nose piercing

Multiple Piercing

Healing time : 6 months or more

 Type of needle used : 18 gauge needle

 Pain Level : Moderate

 Type of jewelry Used:  Rings , studs , chains or any other kind of nose jewelry

As the nose piercing names state that doing piercing at multiple positions of the nose.  In the recent times the triple nostril piercing has gained popularity in contemporary fashion trends. Individuals can opt for either three holes on the same nostril or a configuration of two holes on one nostril and a single hole on the other.

This piercing typically have a triangular design, given the placement of three holes. Healing time for the triple nostril piercing can range from six months to a year. Alternatively, a twin nostril piercing may be chosen and the placement of piercing  either on the same nostril or on each nostril. A skilled piercer will perforate two holes in the nose during this process.

Triple Nose Piercing Healing Duration

The procedure is generally comfortable as it involves piercing through the nostrils. For those who opt for a double nostril piercing proper healing requires approximately 2 to 3 months

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stages of nose piercing?

With various nose piercing names and types common in the market, the general stages of nose piercing includes the following options:
Inflammation Stage
Healing Proliferate Stage
Seasoning Stage
Maturation stage nose piercing

Which is the common jewelry used for various nose piercing names and types?

The most common jewelry used for  various nostril piercing includes the nose studs that are made up pf titanium or 14 or 18k gold.