Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle for Men | Soccer Idol Haircut

Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas For Men

Cristiano Ronaldo unleashes various hairstyles while playing and off-field, but the fierce Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle inspired the fans. As his fans have generally seen him with curly hair or tapered cuts, so the outgrown hair entirely changed his look. The hair grown in symmetric patterns and styled in the form of ponytail in the middle or bun that is swept at the back looks extraordinary. Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle during the practice sessions and social media has led fans to talk about the iconic hairdo.

The Ponytail: A Surprising Hairstyle Choice for Ronaldo

The iconic look of Ronaldo also features the Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle. Though it looks surprising and extra for some fans, but others really admire it. The ponytail style features the full tight ponytail along with the fades at the sides. In one look he flaunted his tapered cut at the sides with a sleek pony in the middle. While his other ponytail style features the even hair at the sides and a clean ponytail in the middle.

How to Pull Off a Ponytail Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Pull Ronaldo Hairstyle
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To Pull Off a Ponytail Like Cristiano Ronaldo, you need to take care of your hair in the same as the legend does. As preparation is the key to flaunt your long hair in a ponytail so you need to prepare your hair beforehand. For the Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle, you have to follow the following tips:

  • Wash your hair so that the sleekness in your style remains there for a long duration of time. Before creating the ponytail, remove the excessive oil and product build up by shampooing your hair.
  • As length matters a lot, so try that your hairs are long enough to tie them easily. The baby hair looks odd, so grow them to a length so that you won’t need extensions.
  • As Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle has clear partition with side lines, so a fine tooth comb can be used for the partition. This way, when you use the fine tooth comb, you can create the perfect side lines.
  • Gather your hair in your nape for a lifted look. For men, it is preferable to use the hair rubber in black and other nude shades. While tying the hair, avoid leaving any hair strand behind.
  • The sleekness of the Ronaldo ponytail makes it unique, so use a hair serum for a smooth and glossy finish. If you have lots of baby hair, you also make use of the hair wax to give the perfect Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle appearance.
  • Tada! You are ready to rock and roll in the same style as the Portuguese soccer player did.

The Impact of Ronaldo Ponytail on Men’s Perception of Long Hair

Ronaldo's Ponytail on Men's Perception
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As the fashion choices by the legendary soccer player have influenced the fashion world. Although men usually prefer shorter haircuts, but Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle is distinct in the men’s fashion world. No matter if you are on-field or off-field, the long hair can be tied perfectly in a pony or bun so that it would not impact your game.

The impact of Ronaldo Ponytail on men’s perception of long hair is noted by the fact that it’s a challenge against the conventional norms of masculinity. By embracing long hair, Ronaldo defies the stereotypical behavior of all the men. His sleek and defined hairstyle shows his clear interpretation of the term “masculinity” by his unique form of self-expression.

Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle – A Little Tricky Style for Short Hair

As styling long hair is a little tricky, but when you see the Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle, you know what to do exactly. Partition your hair in such a way that it creates lines at the sides and a sleek ponytail in the middle. This way, you create the perfect Ponytail Hairstyle.

Social Media Hype of Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle

As Ronaldo uploaded his picture on Instagram, fans were all agog to see the look and were complementing and exchanging remarks about the Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle. The remarks of the fans are praiseworthy as some of them match his appearance with Bale while others say that, please don’t end up like Bale.

Tips for Experimenting with Different Ponytail Styles like Ronaldo

Ponytail Style Ronaldo
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If you want to slay in the same hairstyle as Ronaldo, then try out different techniques to create the ponytail hairstyle. For medium and long length hair, the hair can be tied in the form of a bun or ponytail. Here are the tips for experimenting with different ponytail styles like Ronaldo.

Experiment with Parting of Your Hair

To frame your face and lift your features, it is important to partition your hair in the right way. The sleek middle partition is common nowadays, with sultry side parts. The right parting of your hair can create a polished look. Just like Ronaldo’s Ponytail Hairstyle, you can easily try it at home for casual and party looks.

Play with Different hair lengths

As Ronaldo’s Ponytail Hairstyle can be tried on different hair lengths so you don’t need to worry about length while creating the look. For medium and long hair, you can experiment with a high or low ponytail. The longer ponytail adds drama, while the shorter ponytail is great to create trendy inspirations.

Wear it with Confidence

What’s special about Ronaldo’s Ponytail Hairstyle is that he wears it with confidence. He rocks it both on and off-field. You can switch between a sleek and polished look and a casual, carefree look as per your preference.

The Connection Between Male Ponytails and Masculinity in Western Society

It takes the courage to stand out from the rest. So the unconventional ponytail hairstyle usually draws the attention of the people towards you. Whether you are wearing a t-shirt or the long fur coat, you can slay in the Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle each day.

As long hairs are associated with strength, so in various cultures there is a strong connection between male ponytails and masculinity in western society. In the Western world, men and women are not discriminated by their fashion choices, so in whatever way you style your hair you can do it. The rise of gender fluidity and the association of male ponytails with the form of self-expression is a noticeable sign that trends are changing. While stereotypes still exist but the men ponytail is associated with self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Ronaldo have a ponytail hairstyle?

Yes, Ronaldo is sported with different ponytail style so that people can draw inspiration to create men ponytails. Many fans claim that the Portuguese striker took inspiration from the Real Winger Bale.

Does Ronaldo have curly hair?

Yes, Ronaldo has thick and naturally curly hair. He maintains the hairstyles with unique and polished looks, sometimes by straightening them out. On the other hand, he maintains the natural curl of his hair with other styling techniques.

What is the famous Ronaldo Hairstyle?

Although many of the Ronaldo hairstyles are known to create signature looks, so they can go well with the formal appearance. The Ronaldo Ponytail Hairstyle is a noticeable style from distance and for this style you can use the gel to create the perfect look.