Vertical Labret Piercing: Everything You Need to Know

Vertical Labret Piercing And Its Ultimate Guide


Have you ever imagined having a prominent piercing that draws attention? 

Vertical labret piercings, which go through the lower lip and exit immediately below it, may be the statement piece you need. Labret piercings of the lower lip are unique and elegant. Traditional labret piercings flow horizontally through the lip to escape inside the mouth, but vertical ones enter and exit on the lip. This unique location shows both ends of the necklace, usually decorated with beads or spikes, creating a distinctive aesthetic. 

What Is Vertical Labret Piercing? 

The vertical labret piercing has two punctures that go through the lip and exit below it where a labret piercing would be inserted. Its lack of mouth contact makes the vertical labret piercing distinctive. Your lip piercing won’t scrape against your teeth and gums, and it stays cleaner during healing. 

This lip piercing may be right for you if you have retreating gums or coating wear. For a striking, standout style, the vertical labret piercing is ideal. Jewelry is inserted through the middle of your lower lip for a vertical lip piercing. As a more prominent piercing, body modification enthusiasts you can go with snake bite piercing which look super look. The labret piercing is usually put below the lower lip, but we’ll discuss different options below.

Vertical Labret Piercing Jewelry

Labret piercings are put through the lower lip or above the chin. A labret stud or captive bead ring is inserted into the mouth or above the lip to create a unique look. Labret piercing have different piercing types, let’s have a look to them!

Vertical Labret Piercing with Barbells 

Vertical labret piercing jewelry suits several tastes and comforts. Curved barbells are the most prevalent vertical labret jewelry. This barbell is meant to fit snugly against the lip due to the vertical nature of the piercing. The benefits of surgical steel, titanium, and bioplast curved barbells vary. Curved barbells with jewels or ornate ends offer beauty and color to the piercing. 

Beyond curved barbells, some people express their style with bespoke jewelry. These pieces may have tiny charms or complex carvings. To avoid irritation and illness, personalized jewelry must be crafted of high-quality, biocompatible materials. Comfort and fit are essential while buying vertical labret jewelry. Consult a skilled piercer to choose the proper size and style that suits your look and supports healing and long-term piercing health. 

Vertical Labret Piercing with Hoops 

Vertical labret piercings typically use curved barbells, although some aficionados choose hoop jewelry for an alternative style. A thin, flawless ring goes through the lower lip’s vertical piercing in a hoop vertical labret piercing. This style looks more fluid and continuous than barbells which are segmented. Hoops can be manufactured of surgical steel, titanium, or niobium and vary in size and thickness to suit personal tastes and comfort. 

During healing, vertical labret piercing hoop wear must be considered. If not handled, hoops can move more easily than barbells, causing irritation or delayed healing. To avoid difficulties, wait until the piercing heals before wearing a hoop. A good, well-fitted hoop is essential when the piercing heals. Cleaning and caring for the hoop will keep the piercing healthy and beautiful. As usual, visiting a skilled piercer before making jewelry adjustments can help assure the optimum vertical labret piercing outcome. 

Vertical Labret Lip Piercing 

An impressive body modification is a vertical labret lip piercing, which perforates the lower lip vertically. Traditional labret piercings exit on the inside of the mouth, but the vertical labret exits on the outside of the lip, giving it a unique look. This piercing is popular because it makes a bold statement on the lips. Vertical labret piercings usually heal in 6–8 weeks, depending on aftercare and condition. 

Vertical labret lip piercings heal best with proper aftercare. It requires regular saline washing and avoiding irritants including strong chemicals, spicy foods, and excessive piercing site touching. Swelling and pain are normal during recovery, although they usually go away within days or weeks. Softer foods and good dental hygiene reduce infection risk during this time. To ensure the piercing heals properly and stays healthy, consult a skilled piercer for specific aftercare instructions and monitoring.

Double Vertical Labret Piercing 

By adding two vertical piercings to the lower lip, a double vertical labret is even more unusual. This bold and eye-catching alteration places two curving barbells side-by-side or with a tiny gap between them for symmetry and visual appeal. The twin vertical labret piercing is rare and popular for those who want to make a statement with their body art. This piercing is complicated, therefore you need a competent piercer to ensure proper placement and minimize issues. 

A double vertical labret piercing requires careful maintenance, similar to a single labret but with more attention. Playing with the jewelry or eating irritating foods and drinks can cause stress to both piercings, so clean them completely with saline. A double piercing may cause greater swelling and discomfort, but it may be managed with patience. To ensure both piercings heal smoothly and look their best, see your piercer regularly to evaluate the healing process and treat any concerns. 

How To Remove Labret Piercing Removal?

Clean your hands before removing your labret piercing. Next, lightly grasp the back plate with your teeth and twist the bead to remove it from the bar. Twist till bead comes off. Now slide the bar out. 

Take care not to pull on the skin around your piercing when removing it. Visit our shop and our friendly staff can help you remove your labret piercing. 

Does Vertical Labret Piercing Hurt? 

Compared to other mouth or oral piercings, labret pain is usually mild. Everyone’s piercing pain level and sensitivity is different, but most describe a fast pinch. A specialist like our Pierced staff will take care of you. In the initial few days after your piercing, you may feel pain. This and some edema or bruises are usual. The region may ache, bleed, or hurt. 

Healing Time Of Vertical Labret Piercing

A vertical labret piercing usually takes 6–8 weeks, depending on individual circumstances and treatment. This period may cause swelling, redness, and slight discomfort. Prompt healing and infection prevention require proper maintenance. Wash your hands before touching the piercing, and avoid spicy meals and activities that may aggravate it.

Vertical labret piercing healing requires effective aftercare. Use a saline solution or aftercare spray provided by your piercer to clean the piercing twice day. Alcohol- and hydrogen peroxide-based cleansers can irritate and impede piercing healing. Carefully brush teeth and use alcohol-free mouthwash. Playing with jewelry can cause pain and slow healing. 

Vertical labret piercings are generally safe when done by a professional, although they do have dangers. Scarring, infections, and jewelry rejection are common. Extreme swelling, redness, drainage, and discomfort indicate infection. If you suffer any symptoms, call your piercer or doctor immediately. Follow aftercare recommendations and don’t change jewelry early to reduce dangers.

Wash the area two to three times a day with sterile sea salt till it heals.

Aftercare Of Vertical Labret Piercing

To recover and avoid infections, a vertical labret piercing needs care. The piercing will be swollen and sensitive, therefore hygiene is important. Thoroughly cleanse your hands before touching the piercing.

  • Use a store-bought sterile saline wound wash or 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt in 8 ounces of warm distilled water to clean the area twice a day.
  • To avoid piercing irritation and slow healing, avoid alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and harsh antiseptics. Moving or twisting the jewellery can traumatize tissue and slow healing. 
  • Be aware of your lifestyle and activities throughout the 6-8 weeks of healing, which can vary based on healing rates and aftercare. 
  • Avoid touching the piercing with filthy hands or playing with it.
  • Stay clean and clear of makeup, lotions, and skincare products. 
  • Smoking and drinking can also slow healing, so avoid them. 
  • Stay hydrated and eat well to recuperate. Finally, check the piercing for infection symptoms including redness, swelling, pus, or acute pain and seek medical care.

Following these aftercare instructions will help you heal and enjoy your vertical labret piercing.

Final Thoughts

The vertical labret piercing is a unique and elegant body art option. With its distinctive positioning and aesthetic appeal, this piercing makes a dramatic statement and gives several jewellery possibilities to express individual style. Adding to your piercing collection or starting off, the vertical labret is elegant and bold. 

The labret piercing is a symbol of inventiveness and self-expression in body modification. For a statement piercing, the vertical labret is a great choice. The labret piercing combines elegance and audacity, so embrace your originality and let your flair show. 

So, guys are you ready to dress confidently today?

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