10 Best Yoga Mats Tested & Reviewed for You in 2024

Best Yoga Mat

 No matter if you want to do Bikram yoga or Prenatal yoga to strengthen your body, all you need for good exercise is a mat that offers you comfort and grip. As the market is flooded with various yoga mat options, fret not, we will provide details of the crème de la crème, the 10 best yoga mats that are curated to build your foundation for basic to complex asanas.

For all those who prefer to do yoga regularly, a yoga mat is a must-have thing in the workout arsenal to support your asanas and exercises. Generally, the generic features to describe the best yoga mat are thickness, stickiness, texture, and the comfort it offers to the yogis. Since there are a plethora of options available, so the integral question that arises here is “How do you pick the best yoga mat”.

Best Yoga Mats of 2024 – Expert Picks

Your journey to finding the perfect mat is now streamlined as we have outlined the details of functionality and performance of the best mats at every level of your yoga practice. Our selection criteria prioritize important features such as comfort, support, and overall mat quality. After evaluating a broad spectrum of options, we present the best yoga mats of 2024.

Top Picks to Transform Your Yoga Experience

  1. Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga MatBest Overall
  2. Retrospec Solana Yoga MatBest Yoga mat for everyday use
  3. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga MatBest fitness exercise mat
  4. Balance From All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga MatBest thickness mat
  5. Aeromat Elite Yoga/Pilates Mat – Best budget-friendly mat 
  6. Primasole Yoga MatBest mat for dynamic yoga
  7. IUGA Non-slip Yoga MatBest mat for hot yoga
  8. Manduka Begin Yoga Mat – Best budget runner-up mat
  9. Manduka PROBest non-slip mat
  10. Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat – Best yoga travel mat

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

Specs & Features

Material – Foam

Color – Available in 3 colors

Size – 74 ”L x24”W x0.5 H

Extra thick mat for yoga and everyday exercisesNot appropriate for hot yogas as it lacks moisture-wicking features
Durable foam for stretchability making you more wobbly in Tree Pose
Non-slip surface to prevent slips during yoga practices

Finding the best yoga mat with pretty standard thickness that improves your body strength can be a tough feat, but Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat is the top pick in the list. The mat is specially crafted with yogis in mind with ½ inch thickness for extra cushioning during the practice sessions. The added thickness not only provides comfort to your knees but your spine too during floor poses.

Investing in the Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat is a wise choice for anyone seeking a comfortable mat for yoga practice. The durable and easy-to-clean material makes it a reliable companion for daily use. While on the other hand, the lightweight design ensures portability to easily carry it on long journeys. In brief, being the top pick among the best yoga mats, it tick marks all the essential boxes for a fulfilling yoga experience.

Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

Specs & Features

Material – Foam

Color – Available in 11 Colors

Size – 72 ”L x24”W x1” H

Thick and durable for everyday yoga practiceHeavier than other mats impacts its overall portability
Harmless odor that makes it free from harsh chemicals
Non-slip grip that keeps you steady and balanced

How cool it is to consider a yoga mat that is super luxurious and durable as well? Yes, this one from Amazon is crafted with you being in the mind as it offers comfort, non-slip surface and luxury in the mind. It is well cushioned and great for Pungu Mayurasana, Sayanasana and all other yoga poses. This mat makes you consider that comfort is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

With the Nylon strap, this one is considered as best yoga mat to carry wherever you like to travel. Roll it up and secure it with ease using the strap to carry it to your favorite peaceful corner to experience the tranquility. What we love the most is its thickness, which makes it a perfect choice for planks and push-ups.

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat

Specs & Features

Material – Foam

Color – Available in 9 colors

Size – 72 ”L x24”W × 0.39” H

Soft cushioning that makes it ideal for stretching and posingThickness is on the lower side for extra cushioning and comfort
Classic mat for all sorts of fitness and exercise routines
Yoga mat carrier strip to carry it where you go

If you want a mat that offers a perfect balance of comfort and affordability, then there is no other suitable option than the Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness & Exercise Mat. The mat being inculcated in the list of best yoga mats strikes a sweet spot with perfect cushioning and support. For individuals who are constantly on the go, the Giam Essential mat is crafted with portability in mind. The long-term commitment of the manufacturers promises sustainability by designing the mat from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

The added grip and raised texture don’t make you slip in any yoga pose. This Amazon’s best yoga mat is easy to roll up with a strap to carry and can easily be back in shape once unrolled. What makes it perfect for yogis is its accessibility, which is not compromised in this moderate price range.

Balance From All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

Specs & Features

Material – Foam

Color – Purple

Size – 5 ”L x5”W × 24” H

Premium double-sided yoga mat with excellent anti-slip resistanceLimited color options that make it harder to customize
Moisture-resistant technology that makes it super easy to wash
Lightweight and portable for outdoor yoga practice sessions

This mat from Balance From allows you to keep your balance in every exercise style. No matter whether you prefer to do power yoga or Anusara yoga, this anti-tear exercise yoga mat will offer comfort in all situations. The greatest perk of this mat is the moisture-resistant technology that makes it easily washable via soap and water. Being one of the prime options among the best yoga mats, its anti-tear design facilitates dynamic movements and other yoga poses.

Beyond yoga, this yoga mat accommodates other regular exercises as well, so that your fitness routine remains dynamic. On the hard floor, the thick cushioning will prevent you from getting sprints and bones rubbing against the firm surface.

Aeromat Elite Yoga/Pilates Mat

Specs & Features

Material – Polyvinyl Chloride

Color – Blue

Size – 72”L x24” W × 0.25” H

Built-in mesh and anti-stretch mat perfect for extra comfort6 mm thick, non-slip material that won’t budge for challenging yoga poses
6mm thick, non-slip material that won’t budge for challenging yoga poses
Great and favorable choice both for yoga and Pilates

This Aeromat Elite Yoga mat tick marks the criteria for the best yoga mat that is comfortable, portable, and has the right grip. ­­­Even during regular exercise, if your body sweats a lot, then this mat offers the advantage of its sticky feel for enhanced traction. What’s even more appealing is its affordability, as it is both latex and phthalate-free. Even the yoga instructors recommend it to newbies, as it strikes the perfect balance between too thin and thick.

If you prefer to do various exercises on your yoga mat, then this one is an excellent choice for cushioning of joints. The thicker cushioning is far better than the other best yoga mats for stretching and restorative yoga. Moreover, for all those who prefer vibrant colors and styles can pick the color of their preference for their exercise routine.

Primasole Yoga Mat


Specs & Features

Material – Polyvinyl Chloride

Color-Available in 9 colors

Size – 68”L x24” W × 0.33” H

Ideal mat with embossed surface that ensures stability during training and exercisesStrong chemical smell initially that dissipates over time
Lightweight and therefore offers maximum portability
Durable PVC with a great choice of colors to match your preference

For travelers who want a portable mat, the Primasole folding yoga mat is the best preference. This mat is specially designed from PVC and is wafer-thin and folds like a piece of paper. You can easily slot them in your hand carries and suitcases wherever you like. We tested the mat in heated and restorative conditions, and it is concluded that for extra support while yoga training, you need a grip towel for this mat.

Although the PVC material makes this mat a little slippery, its thin foam-like surface leaves soft indents. The mat is relatively easy to clean and is comprised of tiny ridged squares that create an overall knitted look of the mat. Being one of the best yoga mats, the clear-cut folds are there to stay and stop the mat from getting your bones to rub against the fully flat surface.

IUGA Non-slip Yoga Mat


Specs & Features

Material – Polyurethane

Color – Available in 5 colors

Size – 72”L x26” W × 0.19” H

Ultimate grip and non-slip surface for all types of yoga practicesLingering chemical odor that takes some time
Eco-friendly mat with SGS-certified materials that are beneficial for your health and comfortTakes time to lay completely flat on surface
Lightweight and has a strip to ensure maximum portability

The IUGA mat is one of the best yoga mats with its relatively lightweight design that weighs only 2.2 pounds (ca. 998 g). To offer maximum portability, a carry strip is added to its packaging for easy trips to the gym and studios. Also, don’t let the price fool you as the mat is a great combination of comfort, durability, and elasticity. With no usage of PVC material, it is regarded as one of the eco-friendly mats in the list of best yoga mats.

One of the coolest things most customers liked about this mat is that it’s reversible and you can use it from both sides. Without worrying about the ground siding from underneath, the non-slip surfaces can let you perform any yoga action with confidence. The mat excels in the sweat test, making it a favorable option for all those who prefer hot yoga. The mat has a rubbery smell and irritates you during the Child’s pose.

Manduka Begin Yoga Mat


Specs & Features

Material – Thermoplastic Elastomers

Color – Available in 7 colors

Size – 68”x24” W × 0.2”H

Cushionable, lightweight designs for various yoga posesSlightly less thicker than the other best yoga mats
Does not slide around at all while in the usage
Does not slide around at all while the usage

As the name suggests, this mat is specially designed with an ideal balance of cushioning and support for the users. It has a center alignment strip that helps you keep your posture upright during the exercises. The thickness provides you comfort without slipping around during position changes or other reflex moments. The mat is available in four vibrant colors and visually appealing enough to add a stylish accessory to your exercise room.

The mat has this closed-cell surface that prevents overall moisture and bacteria absorption. As the manufacturing process has no toxic emissions, it is considered a viable option for people who are looking for a mat with sustainable material.

Manduka PRO


Specs & Features

Material – Polyvinyl Chloride

Color – Available in 7 colors

Size – 71”L x26” W × 0.26” H

Multi-purpose workout mat for fitness instructors and yoga therapistsInitial break-in period in which the mat might feel slippery
High density cushioning that provides muscle support
Non-slip that will improve with yoga practices

If you are a beginner and looking for a yoga mat, then this is the right option. Even the yoga instructors have instructed this mat for the newbies who just want to correct their posture for physical activities. This requires an initial break-in period before it becomes the non-slip mat. Compared to the other top-notch and best yoga mats, the grip it offers is impressive. Moreover, for this, you don’t need a towel to prevent slipping.

For the yogi in your life, this mat is a reasonable gift for them too. Although this one is regarded as one of the heaviest mats at a moderate range, the downside is that it does not come with a carrying strip. Therefore, it is not the best yoga mat if you consider it in terms of portability and storage.

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat

Specs & Features

Material – Rubber

Color – Available in 4 colors

Size – 71”L x24” W x0.06” H

Double-sided non –slip surface to prevent injuriesHave a strong rubbery smell that goes with the passage of time
Double sided non –slip surface to prevent injuries
Premium mat that cushions against spine, hip, knees

For all the fitness freaks, Manduka’s eKO superlite travel mat is a must-have thing. The manufacturers have used softer foam for supple cushioning for sensitive joints. This one offers users better padding and grip for a fraction of the cost. The cell surface, on the other hand, protects the sweat from seeping into the mat and premium material is used for better traction.

Users first assume that, due to greater thickness, it would be less stable, but that’s not the case. The manufacturers have a greater emphasis on focus and balance to craft the best yoga mat. In the sweat test, it provides a good grip and occasionally makes squeaky noises during the exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brands are regarded as best for yoga mats?

The following brands are got to get the best yoga mats :
· Manduka
· Gaiam
· Balance From
· Jade Yoga
· Prada

What is the thickness of the best yoga mat?

The thickness of the yoga mat is dependent on the following two factors, the hardness of the floor beneath it and the sensitivity of your body. If the floor is hard and made up of wood, tiles, or other harsh material, you need a thicker mat for the exercise. On the other hand, the preference of the mat is totally on the user which type of cushioning and support they want for themselves.

 What should I look when I buy the best yoga mat?

When choosing a yoga mat, keep the two things in consideration.
1. How do you plan to use the yoga mat?
2. Where do you plan to practice yoga?
These two integral questions are important to answer to determine the thickness, texture, and material of your yoga mat. For those who experience more than normal sweating, there is a range of mats in the best yoga mats that perform exceptionally well in the sweat tests. Moreover, you can read the product description of the yoga mat to learn about the alignment markers for proper body postures.