7 Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design Ideas For Beginners

Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

There’s not a single girl in Pakistan who never applies Mehndi on her hands. Do you know why?

Well, due to the attractive and lovely finish looks of these mehndi patterns. For the mehndi application, it’s not compulsory that you must be a mehndi expert. If you don’t believe on this statement, and we are here with some beautiful and simple Pakistani mehndi design ideas that will cover hands with endless style. You can also enhance the charm of these simple Pakistani mehndi designs by combining old and new mehndi designs.

Try These 7 Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design Ideas At Home

As we all know, Eid is around the corner, mehndi application on Eid is one of the essential things which ladies always consider on every Eid. But sometimes, it becomes a big problem to find a mehndi expert in your nearby. 

Find some interesting and simple Pakistani mehndi design ideas that look super fascinating and super easy to create, which you can also make at home by following some simple steps.

So, ladies, let’s explore these super 7 simple Pakistani mehndi design ideas that you can easily create at home without any expert help.

Mandala Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

Mandala Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Eid
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Mandala mehndi design is the most popular pattern. First, create a prominent dot in the center of your palm and then make thin connected lines around that circle.

Then add a circular jaal and another one with a thick layer. You can add this circular jaal pattern as per your preference of your design width. At the end, add prominent dots around that pattern. You can also add leaves too.

For fingers, you can simply add a leafy pattern with some thin jaal pattern. If you want to make this design more simple, then you can also simply just cover your fingertips with plain mehndi.

You will develop a lovely mandala mehndi design if you are one of those people who prefer simple Pakistani mehndi designs.

Diamond Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

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This mehndi design is very trendy due to its gorgeous look. If you want to make your simple Pakistani mehndi design into a pretty and neat mehndi design, then simply use a cone with a thin cut edge. It will draw thin, fine lines and patterns that will create pretty mehndi designs. 

To start this mehndi design, all you need to do is to create this design with extreme care and neatness. Almost all Pakistani women have a soft spot for this particular kind of mehndi design.

First you need to create a simple leafy flower in the center of your palm, then cover this flower with one thin and one thick diamond shape lines.

Repeat the same process for 2–3 times. After that, add a dotted line around that diamond shape.

You can cover your fingertips with simple plane mehndi and then with the usage of cotton buds you can add U-shaped lines with minor gap. You can also add dots at the end of this design.

If you want astonishing results, then soak one tablespoon of tea or coffee in water, add that water to your mehndi mixture and then apply that mehndi.

This basic mehndi style is perfect for festivals, parties, friend weddings, or any other informal gathering.

Half Moon Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

Half Moon Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Eid
Image Credit : PINTEREST

Designing Half-moon mehndi looks like semicircle and quite simple mehndi. This design will undoubtedly look very attractive, give it a go and for sure you’ll love it.

First, create a half-moon in the center of your palm, then adorn that half-moon with circular line rings. Add a semi-circle floral design on one side of the moon.

If you use a mehndi cone with a thick cut edge, then this design will look more beautiful. At the end, you can add leaves or dots to make it more interesting. You can also add Eid Mubarak too with this design.

Girls, due to its simplicity, you can also make this same mehndi design on your back hand.

Full-hand Flower Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

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This is a perfect mehndi design for just a beginner and who they are going to try to create mehndi design first time. Take a picture of this super easy and simple Pakistani mehndi design. It is both an imaginative and beautiful mehndi design. That looks very stunning if you wear a hathphool with it.

Once your mehndi dried completely, apply sugar and lemon mixture to it to make its color darker.

Start this design simply with one corner of your hand, create a simple dotted and leafy flower and repeat this step until your hand is filled with these flowers.

You can enhance this style by pairing it with a traditional dress. For this style, you won’t require designer outfits.

Make a statement at your next college party or family, get to gather with this design and get ready for lots of compliments.

Little Tree Cute Mehndi Design

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This is one of the basic and simple Pakistani mehndi designs, in which you can make adorable little leafy trees on your entire hands with some distance.

Draw thin and thin scattered leaves on the upward side.

If you want your design to seem delicate and elaborate, use a cone that has a thin cut edge. For an extra creative touch, you might add spirals or curls to the tree’s base. You can play with different sizes and positions to make a lovely woodland of cute trees.

Finger Bail Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

If you are a mehndi lover and want to wear it in normal days without any extra coverage. This mehndi design is for you girl.

Simply draw a simple thin line on the sides of your fingers. Then create small leaves on both sides of that line. You will shock to see the final look.

Whether you’re going for a more classic or modern look, traditional mehndi patterns and designs will never go out of style. Our bail mehndi design will provide the finishing touch to all of your events and festivals. Now, it’s up to you that how professionally create this design.

Swirl Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design

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A traditional and beautiful Pakistani Mehndi pattern starts with a small swirl in the palm’s center, which is both simple and lovely.

Start a beautiful dotted chain from your wrist and attach it to this beautiful flower. You can also make this flower more prominent by adding another delicate flower on its top.

This pattern develops a delicate floral theme look. If you want to make it a cover look, then smudge its outer line with a cotton bud. In Pakistani culture, these delicate little themes stand for love, joy, and success.

Finish this design by decorating the middle finger with an elaborate pattern. This fascinating Mehndi pattern, which is both simple and attractive, beautifully shows the diversity and depth of creativeness.

The beauty and simplicity of this mehndi design are in its flowers. Well, you can also decor this mehndi design by adding some rhinestones on them.

Final Thoughts

Ladies, all of our elaborate simple Pakistani mehndi design ideas are graceful designs that you can create at home without making any mess. These simple Pakistani mehndi designs provide timeless, beautiful, and culturally rich art. Due to their aesthetic, they enable people to express their individuality and creativity. Furthermore, their designs are so simple that everyone can use them. Anyone may create beautiful Mehndi patterns that highlight the beauty of their hands with a few simple techniques.

So, ladies, let’s honor the significance of simple Pakistani mehndi designs. Just follow the simple basic steps of these mehndi designs, and you will be a center of attraction in your group. Best of luck!