Micro Bangs Are Classic: Here Are The 9 Dyes to Upgrade Them


Micro bangs are daring hairstyles that can potentially add an edgy touch to your entire look. They lie somewhere in between your head and above the eyebrows, forming a dead-straight line from the side of your forehead to the other. This hairdo has received immense popularity in the last few years. And, the reason is obvious.

These chic hairstyles help fashionistas show off their bold aesthetic personality. Remember, Olivia Rodrigo’s classic micro-bangs look at the Met Gala 2023 in New York? She was, undoubtedly, slaying with her beautiful hairdo, helping her stand out and reflect her confident personality.

If you’re also planning to get these astonishing bangs, then try them with beautiful dyes. Plain micro bangs are awesome but sprinkling playful colors can make it even sexier. From the funky red hues to the sophisticated blonde colors, every color looks stunningly awesome on micro bangs.

In this blog, we’ve highlighted the best dye options for fashion divas. Dive in to discover the best option for your face.

9 Hair Dyes That Will Look Stunning On Micro Bangs

Transforming your hair color is an exciting way to elevate your personality, especially when you’ve got the micro bangs swinging on your forehead. But please remember, color dyes aren’t always the same for choppy baby fringes as those for curtain or side bangs, which means that you’ve got to be super careful when choosing a dye for your micro bangs.

Here are some fantastic ideas for you:

1. Black and Green Combo

Green hair color is taking over the fashion industry for a reason. And, seeing this color on micro bangs is something that we absolutely love. Its unique and aesthetic appeal tends to add a mesmerizing appeal to your entire hairdo, making it stand out.

Notice that the messy mid-length hair has all been painted in a green hue while leaving the crown a bit black. This black color extends to the front micro bangs, adding uniqueness to this entire look. It’s a perfect hair color for bold ladies who want to make a statement with their stylish and jaw-dropping look. 

An awesome hair color that will look amazing at all types of occasions and even professional meetings!

Black and Green Combo Hairs


2. Teal Green Hair Dye for Micro Bangs

Next on our list is the enchanting teal green hair color for micro bangs. With its breathtaking allure, this mesmerizing hue when applied on the micro bangs will make you love them.

The teal green color makes a bold statement and the tiny bangs make the astonishing short haircut stand out. With a slight touch of black color right above the baby bangs, this hairdo has the potential to transform your entire personality.

Notice the different teal-green hues elegantly blending with each other to form this one-of-a-kind hairdo. It’s the perfect hair color for young ladies who want to look different and bold. With this hairstyle, you can effortlessly reflect your aesthetic taste and your daring personality, the one who isn’t afraid of breaking the traditional hair color trends.

Teal Green Hair Dye

3. Sexy Purple and Pink

A perfect grunge micro bangs dye! This girlish hair dye is, indeed, a real jaw-dropper! Radiating feminine vibes and a sweet allure, the sexy blend of purple and pink color creates a worth-noticing voluminous look. In addition, the modern haircut with messy waves swinging freely on the head goes well with this awesome hair dye.

With pinkish strands appearing from the center and elegantly making their way toward the bluish-purple micro bands, this hair color can help you look like a fashion diva. It’s a perfect hair dye for fashionistas who are daring enough to transform their entire hair look. Best part? This sassy combo of hair dyes would look awesome on all types of hairstyles, including tomboy haircuts, messy hairdos, and all!

Sexy Purple and Pink Hairs


4. Kylie Jenner’s Micro Bang Highlights

If Kylie Jenner has tried this hairstyle, then why shouldn’t you?

Just like all of her other breathtaking looks, Kylie’s micro bangs have also won our hearts. The maroon highlights spread perfectly out on her long brown hair add uniqueness and volume to the entire look.

The highlights have been strategically placed to add texture and volume to the style. Looks like maroon waterfalls are slaying on her majestic head, making her look like a mystical queen.

You can get this hairstyle if you’d like to embrace a simple yet stylish look. Wonderful highlights for micro bangs that cannot only enhance your facial features but also boost your stylish look. Isn’t it what you’re looking for?

Kylie Jenner’s Bang Highlights 

5. Purple & Brown Micro Bangs

Messy mid-length hair looks astonishing and super voluminous, especially when blended with awe-striking purplish hues. The super amazing contrast between the brown bangs and colorful wavy strands adds an extra flair to this charismatic hairdo.

What’s worth noticing is that the hair dye doesn’t extend to the micro bangs, making them look unique. However, the sprinkle of purple color on the rest of the hair excels at giving more depth to this entire hairstyle.

Rather than letting the micro bangs take over the entire style, the hair expert has strategically placed the fluffy and wavy strands at the center of the spotlight. This hair color is awesome for women who want to wear beautiful micro bangs without compromising the voluminous look.

Purple & Brown Micro Bangs 

6. Cosmic Sunshine Color

The funky yellow color shining elegantly on this short haircut adds extra drama to this entire look! Cosmic shine color can be seen radiating its sparking light on the micro bangs, bringing them to the center of attention.

With no other color (except the minor black in the center) interfering with the yellow locks, this hair dye creates a mesmerizing finish. This all-yellow hair color for micro bangs is a true example of elegance combined with glamour.

Did you notice how the cosmic sunshine hair color complements perfectly the bold Nasallang and Ashley piercing? Looks like, this yellow is a wonderful option for rebellious personalities who want to break the traditional boundaries of fashion trends with their sexy look. Cool and bold!

Still, looking for a wonderful color to elevate your sassy bold look? Well, the next idea is also a nice option.

Cosmic Sunshine Color Hair


7. Rainbow-Like Micro Bangs

Micro bangs can be unbelievably enhanced with rainbow hair colors. A perfect sequence and harmony are created with three bewitching dyes. Pink on top, yellow locked in the center, and the zinc on bottom create an alluring finish.

What’s even more amazing is that you don’t have to dye all of your strands to achieve this colorful look. Just a minor touch of these dyes on micro bangs can do the magic.

A perfect dye option for fashion lovers who love uniqueness and want to add a playful touch to their personalities. Let this triplet shine on your head to awe friends and fellows.

Bold and daring personalities can bring more attention to their facial features with this magical blend. If that’s what you’re looking for!

Rainbow-Like Bangs

8. Black & Pink Split

If you want to wear super unique dyes, then try this split! Two different seas combined in the mid-center add next-level perfection to this look. The micro bangs appear to be side-parted, even though they are elegantly swinging downwards to the forehead.

We love the bold finish given to this entire look with only two alluring colors. With a minimalist dyeing technique, the hairstylist has done an amazing job at creating this perfect look.

This hair dye look is made for all types of hair textures. You can have it on your dreadlocks, messy noodle curls, short pixie hairdo or so. It’s for sure going to look awesome on every head. In addition, bold personalities can elevate their rebellious vibe with this aesthetic blend of colors.

Black & Pink Split Hair

9. Silver Micro Bangs

Subtle, yet classy!

If you want a hair color that works well for all occasions, then go for a simple and elegant silver dye. The micro bangs are clearly highlighted with subtle color. The classy undercut below the bangs lifts the wonderful choppy fringes. Making it look even more amazing. The undercut further adds dimension to this hairstyle, finishing it off with a nice edgy look.

This color is made for ladies of all ages who want to make a soft statement with their look. Whether you’re planning to transform your look for your professional work life or for your daily kitty parties, this color will complete your look!

The perfect finishing and volume added to the micro bangs are completed with this astonishing hair dye. Giving off a perfect Egyptian “Cleopatra” vibe, this hairstyle can talk a lot about your bold and daring personality.

So, giving it a try is something worth it!

Silver Micro Bangs Hair


Micro bangs look great on every face shape.

Whether you’re a whitish fashion icon or a black beauty, this wonderful haircut is going to complete your bold look. We’d suggest you choose the impressive color that suits your profession and age.

No matter which dye you’ve decided to get, it’s important to regularly visit the salon for touchups. Because your perfect micro bangs should be properly looked after.