5 Types of Double Nose Piercing | Jewelry, Placement & Inspiration 

5 Types of Double Nose Piercing | Jewelry, Placement & Inspiration 


Double nose piercing is a beautiful way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. Express yourself freely with your bold and unique looks.

For girls, having two piercings on one side of your nose may be a great way to express your individuality; you can go for a subtler look with matching studs or get wild with a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. 

A professional piercer who prioritizes hygiene always used sterilized instruments during piercing. Although we use sterile needles to make the piercings, everyone heals at their own pace. You can reduce the chance of pain and infection with aftercare instructions. A lot of people will be talking about this trend because of how stunning it is.

So, girls, if you’re going to get piercings in your nose, why limit yourself to just one? 

Double Nose Piercing for Bold Look

Double nose piercings look great on any face shape, and if you’ve already had one done and healed, you’re ready for a second. Two on either side of the nose will give you a balanced appearance, but you can also go with just one.

What Is Double Nose Piercing?

While getting a double nose piercing, the typical placement is at the point where the nostrils begin to bend away from the nose. Two nostril piercings, either side by side or on opposing sides both look extremely erotic. It heals faster if you follow aftercare precautions. 

You can use rings, studs and chains as your double nose piercing. But, there is a vast array of options. Picking out thinner studs or rings is most recommended jewelry for piercing as it allows piercing to easily breath. Double nose piercing is a perfect, distinctive and eye-catching way to express your individuality and flair. 

American famous actress Paris Jackson also done her double nose piercing which looks absolutely stunning.

Paris Jackson

Double nose piercings on one side are a common trend to show off your uniqueness and make a daring fashion choice. You can discover one that complements your individual style among the numerous available options for placement and style.

So, let’s discover the trendiest and bold double nose piercing ideas that will truly add a unique and bold look in your personality.

Vertical Double Nose Piercing

Vertical double nose piercing is the most elegant and stylish type of piercing. It creates a sleek and classic appearance of your face. They make your face appear longer and leaner, which might make you look more refined. 

For creating a more compact and solid look you can place your piercing near together. If you want to create an edgy and modern look then place your double nose piercing slightly separate from each other. 

Diagonal Double Nose Piercing

Diagonal double nose piercing is an exclusive and unique option for girls. This double nose piercing will add a dynamic element in your overall personality. Your jewelry selection for this double nose piercing will make it more versatile and eye-catching.

Curated Double Nose Piercing

Well-curated double nose piercings will add a touch of individuality to any outfit. This design includes a combination of piercings on the same side of the nose, such as studs and hoop or rings and studs. The combination of various jewelry sizes and types will make your appearance more appealing. will be enhanced by the mix of various jewelry styles and sizes. This double nose piercing is best for those girls who want to express their individuality and unique style.

Circular Or Horseshoe Septum Barbells

The circular horseshoe septum barbells aren’t quite round, septum barbells look like horseshoes or the letter C. You can place a small barbell on each end to serve as a stopper and fasten the jewelry onto your nose.

Double Side Nose Piercing Chain

This is the most bold and royal piercing. This piercing has a bar that is connected from one nostril to another. With a nasallang piercing, you can have this chain on your nose tip. A bar that begins in one nostril and travels across the septum and into the other nostril is the hallmark of this piercing style. Another option is to use a septum chain, which resembles a septum clicker but features a semicircle rather than a solid hoop. 

Graduated Double Nose Piercing

For individuals who adore a layered and graduated style, graduated double nose piercings are a stunning option for them. This design includes a staggered or descending pattern of two or more nose piercings on the same side. You can create a visually pleasing and dynamic appearance with the placing of piercings at varied heights. You can also experiment with different sized, shaped, and styled jewelry to create depth and dimension in your overall look with this approach.

Consult a professional piercer before deciding on a style or placement. For a safe and comfortable piercing, they can evaluate your face structure, recommend the best spot and jewelry, and take all necessary precautions.

What Jewelry You Can Wear For Double Nose Piercing?

In piercing, jewelry selection is the most crucial and sensitive part. If you select wrong jewelry with wrong size and style then it may cause serious never infection. Because mostly people experience some swelling and pain after a few days of piercing. Professional piercers will typically recommend jewelry that is a little larger than the patient’s preferred size. 

A variety of jewelry options are available for nose piercings. Nose and septum piercings are our primary emphasis. So, let’s talk about the jewelry options we have for double nose piercing.

Press Fit

This jewelry is a top that consists of a hollow post in your nostril. Double stud nose piercings or same-side piercings are both beautifully executed using the press fit style of stud.

Nostril Screws 

Nostril screws are designed to conform to the shape of your nostrils by means of a curved or round post. So, you’ll need to twist or “unscrew” the nosepiece to remove a nostril screw.

Hoop Nose Rings 

Captive bead rings feature a gemstone or bead in the center, while more modest seamless rings are another type. A double hoop nose piercing is an alternative to studs for those who want a subtler double-sided design.

The Septum Clickers

Clickers and barbells are the most popular jewelry choices for a septum piercing and a double nose piercing. In the first case, you have a hoop that has a hinged closure that can be clicked into position.

Two Nose Piercings Aftercare

Always use clean hands while touching your piercing, and continue to do so until it is completely healed. To take care of a piercing properly, you should wash the area gently with water, and avoid touching and rotating your piercing. To keep the piercing clean, take extra precautions.

  • Don’t put any makeup on top of it.
  • Don’t use polluted dirty water.
  • Always clean your piercing with saline/salt solution or a piercing aftercare spray to clean your piercing twice a day. 
  • Obviously, be careful not to snag it on garments or towels.
  • Don’t move or rotate the piercing too much until it completely healed, because it may increase pain or infection.

If you desire your piercing to heal properly, it is necessary to take proper care of it. Twice a day, you should use a saline solution to rinse the piercing or apply an aftercare spray.

How To Clean Double Nose Piercing?

If you want a good healing process for your piercing, proper care is necessary. Normally, you should use a specific aftercare spray or clean the piercing with saline solution at least twice a day.

  • Combine one cup of water with half a teaspoon of salt to create a salt solution. Dissolve all the mixture. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made aftercare sprays for piercings. 
  • Use antibacterial solutions if you feel any indications of infection.
  • After soaking a cotton ball in the mixture, swab the area surrounding the piercing. Never take off the jewelry!
  • Dry the area with a piece of clean gauze or tissue.

After the piercing is placed, the piercer should give you thorough instructions on how to clean it.

Final Words

For those who are looking for a painless option, a nostril piercing is recommended as a first nose piercing. Double nose piercing on the same side will give you a more intricate bold appearance. So, girls let’s start 2024 with a new vibe and style with any fear and pain.

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