Discover Over 15 Trending Short Haircuts Girls to Highlight Their Natural Beauty

girls short haircuts in 2024

In this blog, you’ll find the most enchanting haircuts, styles, and tips about girls short haircuts.

Kids always want to have some fun with their hair, and especially baby girl’s short haircuts always give nostalgic vibes. Being a mom, it’s always very tricky to select an appropriate haircut for our baby girl, who is super easy to handle and also looks good. No worries!

We have something special for you that will truly change your baby girl’s look.

There’s no doubt that girls short haircuts always look stylish and super cute, especially on baby girls. In fact, girls short haircuts have become a symbol of empowerment and versatility. Nowadays, kids are also very upgraded, and they know how to follow trends to keep themselves in trend. With time, new trends of girls short haircuts have emerged, which allow us to adopt these trends gracefully and confidently.

Girls short haircuts have endless trends with the best hairstyle, and you can get these haircuts on all types of hair (straight, wavy, curly, thin, or thick hair). Girls short haircuts lift their faces and keep their hair fresh and healthy.

So, mommy’s girls, are you ready to bring a new change in your personality???

Trending Girls Short Haircuts

Let’s explore the trendiest styles for girls short haircuts that will completely give you a new, aggressive look.

Pixie Cut

Celebrity Pixie Haircut for a Glamourous Look

This is one of my favourite haircuts, which looks super cute and is easy to manage. This is one of the most commonly used girls short haircut. Pixie hair cut has sharp, edgy layers with an undercut with a funky look. This haircut will create a super cute but little naughty look for your baby girl.

This is one of the most effortlessly girls short haircut that will completely elevate your personality. If you have fine, thick hair, then you should definitely try this super trendy style to look stunning in a crowd.

Blunt Bangs Pixie Haircut

Blunt Bangs Haircut for a Glamourous Look

Little girls usually have their hair on their faces and eyes. This blunt and super cute haircut looks so adorable, and it will give a sharp and organized look that certainly grabs others attention.

Wavy Bob Girls Short Haircut

Wavy Bob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

Imagine a cool, slow breeze touching your baby girl’s bangs. They will flutter, and at that moment, your little princess smiles and dances. This haircut looks super cute and easy to maintain.

Short Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut Haircut for a Glamourous Look

The short wolf haircut is a super trendy haircut style that gained popularity in the early 70s to 80s due to the style of Emily Hamilton. She gave the idea of a short wolf haircut with a shag and mullet combo.

This stylish haircut has deeply cut edges that will add sharpness to your face, and another aspect is that it is super easy to style. You can get this haircut with all types of hair.

Edgy Bob

Edgy Bob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

This choppy, short haircut transforms her look. It contours the face and highlights my little girl’s features. The edgy bob falls between her shoulders and chin. I love how classic and chic it looks on her.

The Helmet Bob Haircut

Helmet Bob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

Many moms prefer this haircut for their girls. It resembles the expression one gets while wearing a helmet, as the name suggests. Your girl’s forehead is covered with a few straggly locks. It complements young girls’ naturally straight hair well. While the front hair is done with clips and accessories, the rear hair is kept clean and brilliant.

Emo Girls Short Haircut

Emo Girl Haircut for a Glamourous Look

Emo haircut for girls have beat the classic typical haircuts. This is one of the most creative haircuts which require a lot of care. Its significant edge is that you can get this haircut on all types of hair. Like if you have short hair, this emo haircut will trim your hair unevenly from all sides. Its sharp, edgy sides will add a new dramatic look. If you properly take care of your baby girl’s hair, then it will prevent hair fall.

Little Girl’s Cute Inverted Bob Style

Cute Inverted Bob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

Everyone, regardless of age or way of life, can find an inverted bob cut that suits them. Because of the shortcut, your entire back will be visible. Its popularity among young girls is due to its low care requirements and cute, trendy appearance.

The Little Girl Bob

Cutiepie Bob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

It is possible that your precious angel may not be ready to trim her hair. The bob style girls short haircut is an ideal choice for this situation. The name says it all, this is a bob cut for girls with really short hair. At any moment, all you need are some trendy hair accessories to elevate your princess hair.

Parted Side bangs

Side Bangs Haircut for a Glamourous Look

If we say that this is a toddler girl’s haircut, then it will not be a wrong statement. With this gorgeous haircut, a toddler girl looks like an angel with pure beauty falling from the sky. This haircut looks so elegant on those girls who have straight hair with perfect parting from the sides. Parted Side Bangs haircut is perfect for 2–5 year-old toddler girls.

Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor Marie also got this super trendy girl’s short haircut, and she looks adorable, especially when she has customized pins and clips on her hair.

This haircut suits those baby girls who have thin long hair. Try to shampoo your kids’ hair 2–3 times in a week and dry them with a towel.

Vintage Bob Cut

Vintage Haircut for a Glamourous Look

Well, this is a nostalgic haircut. I am sure that all of us had this haircut in our childhood. But the best thing is it’s still in trend. This naughty bowl haircut with a heavy top and less undercut looks very lovely on toddlers and also on young baby girls. This is one of the easiest girls short haircuts to manage.

Chopped Feather Girls Short Haircut

Feather Cut Haircut for a Glamourous Look

Baby girls who love very short hair will surely love this haircut. This haircut is straightforward to maintain. It is one of the simple types of pixie cut that will always stay on trend.

Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

This haircut is fun in itself because you can create many creations and styles with this haircut. You can curl, wave, and make braids with this haircut. This haircut is the perfect choice for baby girls who have started self-expression because of its elegant, mature look.

Street Style Messy Bob

Street Style Messy Bob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

This haircut is the favourite haircut of all moms because it does not look like something you need to style. This street-style messy bob is a comb-and-let’s-go type haircut for girls. It’s super easy to maintain.

Bob Trim Haircut

Trim Bob Haircut for a Glamourous Look

This bob style with bangs is so classic for your baby girls short haircut. A wide variety of hair types complement it beautifully. This haircut is versatile enough to work with a wide range of accessories, some examples include bobs, braids, and clips. This style calls for short, bobbed hair because it’s easy to style and maintain.

Tips For Maintain Baby Girls Short Haircut

Hair is the most delicate and prominent part of our body. If you didn’t take proper care, then it started falling and getting weak with time. If you didn’t take proper care, then it started falling and getting weak with the passage of time. Especially for kids, we need to take more care. Sometimes, it gets a bit difficult for parents and especially for moms because kids usually get frustrated soon.

There are many ways to take care of your toddler or baby girls short haircut with a tear-free experience.

  1. Buy a cute hair comb set and accessories organizer set for your girls short haircuts. It will increase the urge to comb hair and style themselves.
  2. All you need to do is the usage of baby shampoo and try to use organic shampoo.
  3. Use baby hair oil and give them gentle massage twice in a week.
  4. Try to give a very delicate massage of caster oil once in a month.
  5. For girls short haircuts, always use scalp moisturizer.
  6. Girls short haircuts required proper combing and styling to look cute and stunning.


It is always difficult to take your kid for a haircut, but all of these girls short haircuts are super classy and easy to maintain. These girls short haircuts will bring a new naughty and cute look to your baby girl, and she will surely enjoy it.

Short haircuts increase in warm weather. There are endless styles for girls short haircuts, whether you have a bob cut, pixie cut, short shag, or any other style. Even if you’re not ready to get a short haircut, then just scroll down and take a look at these trendy styles for girls short haircuts. We have curated some very innovative and stylish girls short haircuts.

We hope that you follow these trendy girls short haircuts along with maintenance tips. These girls short haircuts are sweet and elegant and look super cute on your little naughty girl.

So, the clock is continuously ticking. What are you waiting for?

Please book an appointment in a hair salon for your little one and let her flick her fingers in her hair with confidence.