65+ Top Tomboy Haircut Ideas to Look Unique

Tom Boy Haircuts


“I’m a tomboy, and I love that I can be both strong and feminine at the same time.” 

—Ellen DeGeneres

Finding a personal style that empowers tomboys to enjoy their unique existence is a true struggle. If you’re also one of them, this blog is for you.

Dive in to explore the 65+ tomboy haircuts! And, let’s collectively celebrate the fearlessness of accepting one’s true identity.

Swaggy Tomboy Haircut Ideas

Tomboy haircut is one of the fashion trends that has gained massive popularity during the last few days. The result? Classy and wonderful tomboy haircuts now stand everywhere.

These haircuts are not just hairdos, but a symbol of boldness that denies the traditional fashion norms and welcomes modern hairstyles.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into it…

1. Tomboy Classy Pixie Haircut

The classy, tomboy short fluffy haircut with bangs. This haircut is characterized by its head-turning edges, and it will let you add a modern flair to your decent personality.

Tomboy Classy Pixie Cut

2. Rainbowish Mountain Haircut

A perfect blend of funky hues. Inspired by the rainbow mountain, this chic tomboy haircut is perfect for the ones daring to break the traditional fashion norms. A pop-class thick hair tomboy haircut.

 Mountain Tomboy Haircut

Image Credit: Titan Barber

3. The Snaky Mohawk

Staring wavy hair and clipped by tiny braids, this Mohawk is a perfect hairstyle for a modern tomboy. Don’t shy away from bringing your inner tomboy to the spotlight. How about being a little more creative with brown hair dyes?

Snaky Mohawk Tomboy Haircut

4. The Greenish Tomboy Buzz Cut

Transform your boring buzz cut into a more captivating green look. Find a perfect hair color and embrace the true meaning of modern fashion.

Greenish Buzz Cut

5. Side-Shaved Tomboy Haircut

Blonde with curls! Perfect! Show off your confidence with this ravishing blend of style and color.

Side-Shaved Tomboy Cut 

6. Pompadour

Simple, yet elegant! Leave your friends in awe with this dazzling blonde pompadour!

Pompadour Tomboy Haircut

7. The Curly Pixie Cut 

Flaunt your tomboy curls with confidence. Apply a greasy gel to settle them down and start slaying!

Curly Tomboy Pixie Cut

8. Tomboy Spikey Haircut

This tomboy haircut radiates energy and liveliness! Starting from back to front, the perfect edgy spikes start to bow down elegantly on your face. Making you look stronger and more beautiful!

Tomboy Spikey Cut 

9. The Bowl Haircut

The cool, cute Korean tomboy haircut. The equally cut bowl hairstyle is an outstanding example of high-fashion tomboy cuts. Exposing your ears with a sleek lower undercut, this haircut slays with its stylish vibe!

The Bowl Haircut

10. The Tomboy Haircut with Black Undercut

Dye the undercut with black color to be different. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed! This undercut hairstyle is perfect for the bold and pop ladies!

Tomboy Haircut with Black Undercut

11. The All-Blonde Tom Boy Haircut

Let the Blond hairstyle capture attention and win hearts!

All-Blonde Tom Boy Cut 

12. The Slick Back Tomboy Haircut

Let yourself enjoy the filmy aura! Elegant slick back tomboy cut is going to make you look like a superstar!

Slick Back Tomboy Cut

13. Blond top and Shaved Sides Tomboy

Why not dye your front top when the rest is plain? Shave the undercut and sides to complete the look!

 Blond top and Shaved Sides Tomboy Cut

14. The Elegant Side Parted Tomboy Hairstyle

Slay with the mix and match of girly bangs and shaved undercuts!

Elegant Side Parted Hairstyle 

15. The Greasy Bangs with Edges

Perfectly greased hair can settle your messy strands and make them look astonishing!

Greasy Bangs with Edges Cut

16. The Fluffy Side-Combed High Top

Blow out your tomboy cut and part them on one side to achieve a head-turning look! Dare to choose this blond hair dye to look different and classy!

Fluffy Side Combed High Top

17. The Messy Platinum Tomboy Haircut

Not comfortable exposing your scalp? This hairstyle is for you! Reflect your stylish personality with a messy haircut! Indeed, the best Korean tomboy haircut.

The Messy Platinum Tomboy Haircut

18. The Bold Asymmetrical and Side-Shaved Haircut

Add more details to your elegant tomboy haircut. Feature a perfect shaved line a few inches below the high bun to achieve this dazzling look.

Bold Asymmetrical and Side-Shaved Cut

19. Black Hightop with Fade Tomboy Cut

A Gracefully curled back high-top can make a difference. Impress your friends with this glamorous haircut featuring messy strands with extreme perfection.

Black Hightop Fade Tomboy Cut 

20. Side Over and Side-Parted Combo

Attention Disney lovers. Delve into the world of fantasy with a unique haircut inspired by Elsa’s whitish hair strands.

Side Parted Combo tomboy haircut

21. Both-Side-Parted Tomboy Haircut

Feel the power of individuality and glamour. This tomboy haircut is for sure going to bewitch every eye that falls on it.

Both Side Parted Tomboy Cut

22. Pompadour Tomboy Haircut

Perfectly parted long strands on one side bring attention to your facial features. The gracefully cut strands on the other side also play their part in adding glamour to your look.

Pompadour Tomboy Cut

21. The Edgy High-Top With Highlights

Perfect for the deep artistic souls who dare look different. Highlighted strands blend perfectly with black hair, taking the viewers on an adventurous journey.

The Edgy High-Top With Highlights 

22. Tomboy Cut for Tattoos

This haircut has the power to make you look stunning and bold at the same time. With an elegant, slight razor edge starting from an inch of the eyebrow tip, it stands out with its classy vibe.

The Tomboy Cut for Tattoos

23. The Messy Top Tomboy Haircut

This messy hairstyle is impressive. Silky strands falling elegantly on your forehead make your hair look more radiant and captivating.

The Messy Top Tomboy Haircut

24. Razored Sides with Nose-length Front bangs

Let your bangs swing gracefully on your face. Add a modern touch to your look with this exciting and luxurious tomboy haircut. With medium-length strands in the center and long locks in front, this hairstyle appears to be a perfect example of a mesmerizing tomboy haircut.

Nose-length Front bangs Tomboy Haircut

25. Chopped Balayage Tomboy Haircut

The Tomboy haircut itself is wonderful, and a sprinkle of balayage can do wonders. Let this hair color complement your entire personality. The highlights are incredibly unique.

26. The Blown-Down Tomboy Haircut

Make your highlights look more appealing with this bow-down hairstyle. The rough strands, all moving from back to front, make this hairstyle a true masterpiece.

27. The O-Shaped Traditional Tomboy Cut

Rectangular edges on ear-tops and roughly chopped front bangs make this hairstyle dazzling. The messy strands glorify the entire look, adding more volume to short boy-cut hairstyles.

28. Icy Tomboy Cut

Picture this: your white strands gliding on a dancing floor, leaving your friends in utter shock. Pain your hair with this hue and experience the joy of being the center of attention.

29. The Edgy Layered Tomboy Haircut

Comb your strands upwards with long edges majestically standing everywhere. Finish the look with a round razor underneath the high bun, featuring edgy white strands.

30. Green Tomboy Haircut

Embrace the greenish-desert-like hairstyle. Feature blond locks above the forehead, painting the rest in a chic green color. And, give off a luxurious vibe.

31. Curls Under the Hat

The curly strands bowing down under the sunshine can fill your personality with an alluring vibe.

32. Tomboy with Circular Front Bangs

Give a try to sleek circular bangs. Make your hair look even more amazing with this enthralling curlish hairstyle, adding a modern flair to your entire look.

33. Long Face-Framing Tom Boy Cut

This time, look different and unique. The center-parted hairstyle with lengthy strands frames perfectly your hair and elevates your facial features to a whole new level. How about adding a unique color to its ends?

34. The Curlish Long Tail Tomboy Haircut

Give yourself a fresh look and break the traditional norms. Messy hair sleeked back and the long curly tail featuring tiny messy strands makes this hairstyle more appealing.

35. Messy White Tomboy Cut

A mess can sometimes save you from a messy first impression. This messy haircut delivers uniqueness and adds an enthralling creative flair to your entire personality. What else are you looking for?

36. Sweet Blond Strands

The tiny blond strands peeking out from the dark hair look amazing. The curly hair standing elegantly in the front can make a huge impression on your friends. Urging them to love your style and adore your aura.

37. Diamond-Shaped Tomboy Haircut

Complete your tomboy look with this classy diamond-shaped haircut. Fluffy from top and thin from bottom, this awe-inspiring haircut has something to make you look truly impressive.

38. The Sea-Like-Waves Tomboy Haircut

The wavy tomboy haircut enjoys a unique class in the fashion industry. Slightly parted on one side, this haircut makes a bold statement with sea-like waves placed elegantly all over your head.

39. The Dead-Black Fringes

The chopped fringes crowned on top of the head are supported by dazzling undercuts. The black strands can help you express your masculine taste with the next-level confidence.

40. Pinkish Asian Style Tomboy

Who said tomboys cannot enjoy the Barbie vibe? This pink haircut can fill your personality with a girlish aura, yet keep your masculine style on the show.

41. The Movie-Star Tomboy Cut

Allow your personality to enjoy a filmy look. Mid-length strands frame your face beautifully. Go an extra mile by trying a bob cut on the same look. It’s indeed the best medium tomboy haircut.

42. The Sweet-Boy Cut

Sweet and cute. Flaunt to fuse eyes on your hairstyle with this chic tomboy cut. Elegantly set the hair all around your head and enjoy the attention. Get creative by adding a razor edge above your ear.

43. The Blue Tomboy Cut

Zinc that shines. The blue and zinc gradients give your hairstyle a color that shines from miles away. A lively and bold choice for you. The best androgynous short tomboy haircuts.

44. The Funky Purple Tom Boy Haircut

Bold, yet stylish and classy. Play with purple color to display your artistic personality. Let the two razor edges enhance the entire look. Even more amazing? The front silky bangs hanging slightly on your face can make you look like a fashion icon.

45. Tomboy Haircut with Long Bangs

The bangs elegantly coated with blond colors offer a unique allure and classy vibe, helping you look more attractive than ever before.

46. Brown Curly Nest

I love this tomboy short fluffy haircut. Set up a jungle of curly hair on top. With curly strands giving volume to your hair, this hairstyle is incredibly amazing.

Image Credit: Kimblehaircare

47. Slanted Front-Razored Tomboy Haircut

The razored edge starting from the center of the forehead adds a chic modern touch to this hairstyle. The tiny razored lines give this haircut an edgy theme that looks super-elegant on all face shapes. 

48. The Dinasour-Nail Tomboy Cut

Draw a dinosaur nail with a razor featured on the sides of your undercut. You can personalize your tomboy look by dyeing the hair with your favorite hair color. Can you find a more classy look than this?

49. Neck-Length Side-Parts with Undercuts

Love lengthy strands, yet want to achieve a perfect tomboy look? This haircut is all you need. Starting with the fluffy front bangs, this hairstyle features lightish coco-brown highlights in the mid-center and blond at the back.

50. One-Long-Sided Tomboy Cut

Elegance is perfectly portrayed in this haircut. The shiny black long bangs falling down the face make this hairstyle super-cool. The side undercut with a blend of long edgy bangs can help you find the confidence you might be looking for years.

51. The Orange Buzz cut

Keep your hair low by chopping off all the hair equally. Add color to it and make it look stunning, captivating, and classy. It’s time to experience the magic of funky colors on hair. One of the best tomboy haircuts for women.

52. The Highbun Tomboy Haircut

High bun on top of a tomboy haircut… Wow! What a classy blend. This hairstyle gives an ancient vibe. With undercuts flowing down the neck and the high bun standing tall, you can slay with this hairstyle.

53. The Sleek Long Strands

The front long bangs are elegantly placed back, which makes this hairstyle eye-catching. Wonderfully highlighted long strands give the tomboy the confidence to display their unique masculine style.

54. The Noodlish Curl

A short curly tomboy haircut is all about creating volume with beautiful wavy stands. This hairstyle is a one-of-a-kind design that leaves the tomboy with full-volume hair that excels at slaying.

55. The Blood-Red Tomboy Cut

When red can make your hair look funky and energetic, then why not opt for it? This trendy tomboy haircut is for the fashionistas who want to show their bold personality and leave some jaws dropping.

56. Maroon Highlights

The reddish highlights with perfectly chopped strands. An amazing combination that takes your tomboy personality to a whole new height of dazzling looks. Wasn’t this your dream?

 57. Light Green with Long Bangs Tomboy Cut

One of the best tomboy haircuts. The light green dye painted on white locks creates a perfect balance between messy and luxuriously long tomboy strands. Shouldn’t this be your next try?

58. The Perfect Office Tomboy Haircut

Tomboys in the Office. Aha… let this hairstyle not stop you from looking artistic and creative. Whether in the office or a formal meeting, with this perfectly blow-dried hair, you’ll let your inner tomboy feel confident everywhere.

59. The Crispy Mohawk

This hairdo is a perfect example of where confidence meets aesthetic style. Turn all the surrounding heads with this Mohawk hairstyle. The long tail moving from your forehead to the beakhead is a perfect headset.

60. The Funky Yellow Tomboy Cut

Who said tomboys cannot shine in the world of fashion? Elevate your personality and artistic vibe with this yellow, funky Tomboy Cut. Because you deserve to stand out.

61. Bold Funky Green Edges

This haircut will be a daring twist in your entire tomboy lookbook. Radiate next-level confidence with a bold, funky green haircut. Embrace your personal style and get ready to beat off the traditional fashion standards stopping you from showing off your aesthetic vibe.

Image Credit: Titan Barber

62. The Spicy Mullet Tomboy Haircut

If you are a daring tomboy with the courage to push boundaries, this hairstyle is for you. The wolf haircut with unattached long strands hanging down the front of the ear gives a full, bold vibe. Offering you the chance to slay with your unique flair.

Image Credit: Unitedbyshorthair

 63. The Full Bun With Undercuts

Let your bold undercut blend with the stunning high bun. Symbolizing power and confidence, this haircut empowers you to look stunning and classy without doing much to your hair. Great, isn’t it? The best undercut short-hair tomboy.

64. Front Long Strands with a Lower Bun

Let every angle of this hairstyle grab attention. A captivating blend of style that brings your tomboyish vibe into the spotlight. Straight the front strands, tie the lower hair in a unique bun, and let your personality shine bright.

65. Red Bangs Haircut for Tomboy

Impress friends and spark conversion. With these chic red bangs. With this haircut, you dare to look different and catch every eye around you. Making you feel confident, happy, and delighted.


No matter who you are, don’t let these traditional norms stop you from showcasing your personal style. From funky cuts to sleek back tomboy haircuts, you can choose from various options to reflect your inner creative tomboy.

In this blog, we discovered that these 65+ captivating tomboy haircuts aren’t just hairdos, they are a symbol of confidence and fearlessness. Each haircut serves its unique and bold statements, inviting tomboys to break free from old fashion trends and dive into a modern world filled with classy hairstyles.

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