18 Birthday Nail Designs To Make Your Special Day More Glamorous

Birthday Nail Designs

Get ready with us to elevate your nails with the most vibrant, colourful and dynamic birthday nail designs that will truly change your personality. 

Is your Birthday Coming?

If yes, then A Very Happy Birthday! 

Birthdays are always very special for everyone. We all want to look good and be the center of attraction on our day. Girls, especially, are always expecting and planning something extra and imaginary for their birthday. Dress, hairstyle, and jewellery are all done, but what about nails? Nails are very important for a dazzling impact, so whether you’re planning a bashing party with your friends or a sweet candlelight dinner with your love, we’re here to help you.

Get ready with us to elevate your nails with the most vibrant, colourful and dynamic birthday nail designs that will truly change your personality. You will feel a sudden, pleasant, fresh feeling in your personality. But we are damn sure these designs are trendy nail designs that will not get bored by you.

Explore Stunning Birthday Nail Designs

So, if it’s your birthday or your loved once, let us pampered you with these top 18 birthday nail designs and get an appointment for your next dazzling nail art. 

Metallic Birthday Nail Designs

Metallic birthday nail design is the one nail art that will compel others to turn their heads to your hands. One of the most strong and bold birthday nail designs.

Metallic Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Ombre Birthday Nail Designs

This is the most sophisticated nail art for your birthday, a tiny rhinestone round it gives a very elegant and glam look. 

Ombre Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Ombre Ocean Birthday Nail Designs

If you are an ocean lover like me, then this is your birthday nail design. This nail art is so expressive, calm and deep. You can add innovative stickers and ornaments to make it more interesting. 

Ombre Ocean Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Donut Delight Birthday Nail Designs

This is one of my favourite nail designs, and I will definitely get this nail art on my next birthday. It looks like a pinkish dessert with a vibrant embracement of glitter icing. You will literally dive into this nail art due to its fascinating and delicate look.

donut delight Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Floral Fiesta Birthday Nail Designs

If your birthday is in spring, then this nail design is perfect for you. A bossy nude coating with delicate flower patterns will compel you to love this design. This nail art is one of the art for your 21st birthday.

floral Fiesta Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Vivid French Tip Nails

It’s your birthday, so why go with one colour of nail art?

When we have the option to add five different colours. Make your birthday more colourful with these vivid French tip nails

Vivid French Tip Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Sparkle Barbie Birthday Nail Designs

Add a little sparkle as Barbie has. This nail is itself a cute, fun, but radiant birthday nail design. You can add a lot of variation to this nail design.

Selena Gomez recently shared her Barbie nail picture on Instagram, and girls flooded the salons for this elegant nail art.

Sparkle Barbie Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Fun Prints Birthday Nail Designs

Colourful nail designs always give refreshing vibes. Get this adorable nail art as your birthday nail design. You can add cow prints, colourful waves, stars, galaxies and many other prints and colours.

Fun Prints Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Colourful Wave Birthday Nail Designs

This is one of the coolest nail arts for your birthday. Get this nail design and throw out all negativity and embrace these positive bright colours in your life. In this nail art, a sharp tip nail brush is used to create thin waves which look so elegant after finish.

Colourful Waves Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Glittering Canvas Birthday Nail Designs

Once you get this nail art, you will definitely love it. Glittery base coating and then adding little cute cupcakes and delightful stickers will look like they are softly saying ‘happy birthday’.

Glittering Canvas Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Sweet And Chic Birthday Nail Designs

Imagine embracing all the cute white border-ensembled nails with cute little hearts. How imaginative it is. It will add endless sweetness to your birthday.

Sweet Chic Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Disco Glitter Birthday Nail Designs

Add some shine to your nails that will elevate your special day. A birthday only comes once a year, so make it more special with your sparkling nails and outfit and be like a star. You can make it more innovative and use it as a birthday toenail design. 

Disco Glitter Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Red And Golden Birthday Nail Designs

These red and golden nails give a bossy look and if you’re a bold and dominating person then this nail art is good for you. You can add little ornaments to make your nails bolder and fancier.

Red and Golden Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Golden Chrome Birthday Nail Designs

Some colours are bold enough to express their bossy look. Gold Chrome nail is one of the boldest nail arts that will be fit to make your birthday look jazzier and more royal.

Golden Chrome Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Holographic Fiesta Birthday Nail Designs

Imagine you’re entering your birthday venue, you have radiant blue shimmery nails, and all the spotlight is on you. How imaginative is it! This holographic fiesta nail is all you want for your birthday. So, indulge in this holographic fiesta nail art as your finger and toenail art.

Halographic Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Neon Splash Birthday Nail Designs

If we say that the neon nail design is actually a 21st birthday nail design, then it will not be a wrong statement. This nail art covers all colours of your teenager. So, indulge in this nail art for your 21st birthday and let’s start the party!

Neon Splash Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Sweet Simplicity Birthday Nail Designs

This is one of the most straightforward nail art. Coat your nail with a light nude colour and then add a little tiny heart to it. This nail art gives sweet, loving vibes for your birthday.

Sweet Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Glittery Galaxy Birthday Nail Designs

It’s your Birthday!

Happy Birthday,

Let’s indulge in an immense birthday nail design. With a dark base coating and the addition of a little shimmery start, it will look like a galaxy at night. In short, it looks like you embrace the whole universe in your hands.

Glittery Galaxy Nails for your Galm Birthday Look

Hollywood Diaries:

Dua Lipa celebrated her recent birthday on a beach with pensive cloud nails. Her fans adore her nail design. Some people said that her nails give 90s vibes. But anyhow, her birthday nail design is very fascinating.

Tips for Birthday Nail Designs

For completely fine and chic nail art, there are some tips and tricks which you need to follow to get a perfectly fine look.


A birthday is one of those days for which all of us have waited for a whole year. All of us want to be pampered on our special day. That’s why we all planned something extra and special for our day and how it’s possible to imagine all our dresses and look for our day except our nails.

Getting your nails done is something you look forward to on your birthday, and you’re going for a more traditional style. You may be looking forward to getting a simple design on your nails after admiring a variety of manicures on Instagram all year. Some of the most traditional nail art designs are seen below. The majority of these designs may be executed with either birthday gel nails or acrylic nails.

Our nails are canvas for us, we can portray anything on them according to our imaginations. So, be aware when you’re choosing your birthday nail design. But surely, these birthday nail designs are enough to elevate your birthday presence.