5 Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks Products

Valentine's Day Makeup

Do you get dolled up every day but want to try something special for the Valentine’s Day? For this, you have to look for a modern yet sober look to get a little fancier for this occasion. No matter if you prefer makeup in reddish or pink tones, there is a range of different Valentine’s Day Makeup looks to cater the interest of various people.

Valentine’s Day Makeup – Romantic Looks for Your Love

No matter if you are dating for a year or over, you can give a try to Valentine’s Day Makeup for a perfect date. From the glossy lips to the bold red shades, there are multiple ways you can create a perfect finish for Valentine’s Day makeup. The products you will use for different Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks totally depend on the shade and overall look of the makeup. Along with the makeup inspiration here we will present the top products used to create it.

Purple and Pink Eye Makeup with Glossy Brown Lips

Purple and Pink Eye Makeup with Glossy Brown Lips

This makeup look offers a delightful blend of vibrant colors and subtle accents that is perfect for a romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day. The unique combination of the bold purple and pink eyeshadows with a gradient effect pairs well with the glossy brown lip color. The incorporation of a heart drawn at the outer corner of the eye adds an endearing touch to symbolize love, This Valentine’s Day makeup look is subtle yet charming with a modern touch of romance.

Rechoo 99 Color Eyeshadow Palette

This 99 color palette will wow you with the unique shades it has. No matter if you are eager to create a Valentine’s Day makeup look or any other event, it has the variety of shades so that your eye makeup becomes the show stealer at every occasion. The formula used to create the eyeshadows is mild; hence they won’t cause any kind of itchiness on the skin.

The pigment of the shades will last longer so that your Valentine’s Day makeup will sparkle all day long. The above Valentine’s Day makeup look that includes purple and pink hues can be easily created using the Rechoo 99 color eyeshadow palette. When you purchase it, you won’t regret buying it whenever you get dolled up for the special occasion.

All-Pink Look

All-Pink Look

Do you want to create a Barbie-inspired makeup look this Valentine’s? This Valentine’s Day makeup look can be lifted with the use of voluminous eyelashes. When you place the pink shade on your eyes, you will sparkle. To further lift the look, you can use voluminous lashes with a stroke of thin liner on it. Once you use black eyeliner for the finish, the extra glue that appears at the top won’t appear like this. To give the perfect pinky look, the pink gloss is used to complement the pink sparkle of eyeshadows.

Cat Eye False Eyelashes


Manufactured from synthetic mink hair, the eyelashes are soft and gentle to the touch. The cat eyelashes will instantly make your look 100x better. No matter which eyeshadow you have placed on your eyes, the wispy lashes will provide a gorgeous lift for every day or party wear. For the all pink Valentine’s Day makeup, you can use these voluminous lashes to give a dramatic effect.

Grab a pair of cat eyelashes to get dolled up for the festive season for a fuller and dramatic look.

Light Pink Hues and Deep Red Lipstick

Light Pink Hues and Deep Red Lipstick

The majority of girls out there prefer the touch of pink and red in Valentine’s Day makeup. This amalgamation of pink eye makeup and red lip shade creates a lot of balance so that you slay all day long. The pink shade that is darker in the inner eye is blended lighter at the outer corner. The all-pink eyeshadows are beautifully blended to get an even look. While the high-quality mascara is used for voluminous and lengthening.

To complement the whole look, the bold red shade lipstick is used. It completes the entire look by creating a great contrast of pink and red to elevate your look. To highlight the cheeks, pink blush-on is used, and it goes all the way up to the eye shadows.

Maybelline Color Sensational Made for All Lipstick

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without adding a hint of red to it. For the special Valentine’s Day makeup look, you can choose this highly pigmented matte red lipstick. With honey nectar and other gentle ingredients, you will feel your lips smooth and soft with a single swipe. The pop-up red color gives a smooth finish for the perfect day or night look.

Simply put the red shade to complete the Valentine’s Day makeup look. Time to grab this masterpiece and add it to your makeup collection.

Hearted Eyes and Red Lips

Hearted Eyes and Red Lips

Wearing hearts is one of the unique way to express love. By embellishing your eyes with a rhinestone heart or manually drawing it through pencil, you can create a Valentine’s Day makeup look. The hearts are placed in a winged liner from the outer corner of the eye and extend upward to the eyebrow. While the inner corner of the eye and closer to the nose bone, the hearts emerge in a form of arch to the brow.

To keep the Valentine’s Day makeup simple, two tones of colors are used that include the red and pink to create hearts. The base of the eye is sparkling with the lightest shade of pink.

Heart Rhinestones Stickers

With ample of options for colors, the heart rhinestones come in different colors and sizes. As they are made of high-quality acrylic and are reusable even if you have placed it on your eyes all day long. For the special Valentine’s Day makeup, you can make use of the stickers to adorn your eyes with hearts.

Let’s create a DIY look for Valentine’s using these heart shaped stickers. The stickers are easy to stick and won’t leave the glue mark on your skin.

Glossy Lips and Sharp Liner Eyes

Glossy Lips and Sharp Liner Eyes

Are you looking for a plain yet eye-catching look for the Valentine’s Day? If yes, try out this sharp liner eyes with a hint of golden it. The under eyes are adorned with a pinkish shade, while the liner above the lash line is submerged so that it blends gracefully above the eyes. To keep it distinct, one eye has black liner stroke and the other eye has pink shades. To add a touch of shimmer to the whole look, golden eyeshadow is used.

e.l.f. No Budge Retractable Eyeliner

With no-budge, this eyeliner is waterproof, and you can easily place it along the lash line and other areas of the eye too. The product is extra creamy and has the ultra-skin loving ingredients that are cruelty-free so that it feels gentle on your skin. For a dramatic Valentine’s Day makeup look, you can create a liner look above the eyes and embellish it with hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest Valentine’s Day makeup?

Grab a pair of heart stickers and place them artfully across your eyes. This one not only looks distinct, but is easy to create.

What are the best makeup products to buy for Valentine’s?

The best makeup products to buy for Valentine are red lip shade, eyeshadow palette, heart stickers and this Cream Makeup Palette is optional.

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