The Sexiest Thigh Tattoos for Women – 7 Trendy Ideas!

Thigh Tattoos For Women


Are you looking for some spicy thigh tattoos for women ideas but couldn’t come up with something worth trying? No worries, we’ve got you covered! You’ll find some amazing ideas below in this blog that would enhance your chic style and reflect a lot about your mysterious soul.

When talking about thigh tattoos for women, we often think of the giant floral patterns. But do you know that you can get a lot of other prints on this delicate canvas? From the chic lion patterns to the ocean’s jellyfish, you can draw almost anything on the thighs.

The thighs are one of the spacious areas of your body and offer huge space for crafting intricate designs. Let’s discover some unique tattoo inspirations!

7 Thigh Tattoos for Women Ideas That Can Turn Heads!

Shinning right beneath the chic miniskirt or a hot swimsuit, this thigh tattoos for women idea can hold the onlookers captive and leave lasting impressions on them. Keep in mind, that every thigh tattoo for women holds a different meaning and symbolizes unique beliefs. That said, not every design might suit your personality. So, research thoroughly about your chosen design’s significance before having it on your skin for your entire life.

Here are some ideas for you:

Geometric Jellyfish Thigh Tattoos for Women Idea

Remember the group of jellyfish in “Finding Nemo”? Well, it’s time to embrace that electrifying vibe with this beautiful thigh tattoo!

This is not an ordinary tattoo design, but it’s a depiction of geometric arts. Starting from the top of the thigh, the jellyfish gracefully covers the entire side, making your skin look amazing.

Tentacles are elegantly intertwining with each other, which creates a wonderful visualization that is bound to attract attention. The triangular shape placed upside down behind the jellyfish adds uniqueness and a touch of geometric art to this classy design. It’s a perfect design for aquatic lovers and rebellious souls.

You can draw the tentacles so that they extend from the triangle and loop back around from the same side, creating a more lifelike visualization.

Jellyfish Thigh Tattoos for women for bold look

Anatomy Thigh Tattoos for Women

Now, let’s talk about something really bold and unbelievably unique! The anatomy tattoo!

This tattoo is one of the realistic designs that unveils what’s hidden inside your beautiful thighs. Black color is used for creating intricate patterns of muscles and a touch of peach can also be seen.

What’s amazing about this tattoo is that the artist hasn’t used real colors but only a blend of a few. Still, he succeeded in creating this realistic design. If you really want to do something out of the box, then trying out this tattoo is worth it!

You can remove the labeling and arrows for a smooth look. For more uniqueness, consider sketching a half-open zip on the top to give the appearance of muscles popping out of it.

Anatomical Thigh Tattoos for women for bold look

The Aquatic Ocean!

Buying an aquarium is amazing, but imprinting one on your thigh is even more exciting!

The Aquatic Ocean design starts from the thigh and extends to the lower leg, making it one of the giant thigh tattoos for women idea. Patterns of seagrass have been used for creating the base and tiny fish can be seen swimming on the scene.

Swirls created on the grass add a touch of motion to this wonderful and chic design. You can get this tattoo if you’re deeply in love with the oceanic world. This tattoo is unique and can serve well in helping you symbolize freedom and adventure.

Use green color for the leaves. You can also draw a tiny Nemo for a Disney Vibe!

Aquatic Thigh Tattoos for women for bold look

Floral Thigh Tattoos for Women Idea

When it comes to thigh tattoos for women, how can we not list the blossomed flowers? Flowers and their delicacy have often been used as metaphors for feminine beauty. This wonderful tattoo also showcases the soft nature of women but with a twist.

Flowers here are accompanied by a circular hollow plate that seems to have thin electric fence wires locked in it. Giving off a strong and rebellious vibe. It’s even more insane when you see the center flower chained in these strong wires.

If your beautiful soul is also suffering in a cage, you can get this tattoo as a reminder to yourself for not giving up. It’s a wonderful and stylish tattoo that looks awesome on all ages of women.

Instead of drawing the safety fence, you can sketch the chain patterns for a more prison-like look.

Floral Thigh Tattoos for women for bold look

The Night Owl!

Spy on everyone with this chic hot Night Owl thigh tattoos for women idea!

The intricate patterns of this design are just beyond perfection. You can see the perfectly crafted eyes with an edgy nose placed in between them. If you look closely, you’ll find a moon and star tattoo right beneath the nose.

The feminine vibe of the design is maintained with the flowery patterns and the chic soft leaves. It’s an incredible blend of mystery, courage, femininity, and intelligence.

This amazing and mysterious combination creates an impressive night tale and symbolizes the power of the owl. Most people relate the owls and crescent moons with magic. Hence, we can say that this thigh tattoos for women idea is perfect for busy people doing their jobs in secrecy.

Use full white ink for drawing the lens of the eyes. This will add a more supernatural and rebellious touch.

Owl Thigh Tattoos for women for bold look

Queen Elephant

With the tulip placed right at the center of Queen Elephant, you can symbolize rebirth and renewal with this mesmerizing thigh tattoos for women.

The tattoo enthusiasts who want to start a new chapter of their lives with entirely unique personality, try this design! Its unique and classy vibe can serve as a reminder to yourself not to look back on the past.

Elephant thigh tattoos for women symbolize strength and wisdom. So, why don’t you motivate yourself with this wonderful tattoo?

If you’re a makeup lover, you can create fake eyelash extensions but with a different color on both eyes. Additionally, adding a beautiful snaky crown on top of it is also an amazing idea to add rebelliousness.

Elephant Thigh Tattoos for women for bold look

The Red Family!

Red for rose and red for blood!

Besides having the same color, both hold a strong connection with each other. When it comes to empathy and connection, the red rose is often used to express love, and blood refers to the pain the lover has to go through during the journey.

The three roses are elegantly tied to each other, showcasing the importance of togetherness. On the other hand, the delicate butterfly with unique red patterns is flying away from the garden, while leaving its blood stains. The splashes of blood add a unique touch of motion and elegance to the entire look. You can get this tattoo as a testament to your struggles during the love journey.

Instead of drawing the flower upside-down, you can rotate it upwards. You can also draw multiple red butterflies that follow the same track.

Red Rose Thigh Tattoos for women for bold look

Final Words

Every lady can look beautiful with the above-discussed thigh tattoos for women ideas. You just have to pick the one that best reflects your personal taste and beliefs.

Thigh tattoos are one of the most versatile options out there. Whether you’ve decided to get the girly imprints or the rebellious design – you can pair them with multiple other designs for a more personalized look. Not only girls, but there are too many thigh tattoos ideas for men too. Because they equally like the thigh tattoo designs.

So, which tattoo have you decided to show your artist?