8 Charismatic Burnt Orange Hair Color Ideas: Expert Picks

Burnt Orange Hair Color


Burnt orange hair color, a versatile trend, has been on hype for a reason. This power color compliments all types of facial features. The black beauties, snowy white girls, and all other fashionistas can enhance their appearance with this refreshing hair dye.

From its bright orange types to the neon hues, this color never fails to mesmerize its viewers with its charismatic allure. That being said, with its multiple color types, you’ll find numerous ways to style this enchanting hue on your hair.

Wondering which style and color you should choose for your hair?

We’ve listed the best options for you below. So, jump in if you’re looking for a bold look that stands out.

Which Burnt Orange Hair Colors are Best?

Here is the list of classy, chic, and elegant burnt orange hair color ideas for you:

Burnt Orange Hair Color with Reddish Locks

These vibrant orange and red locks look bewitching on both fair and dark skins. Notice the perfect blend created with blonde, orange, and red hues. Uniqueness is further added to the hairstyle with two different shades of front bangs. The hairstylist has used blond dye for one side and orange for the other. This symmetry further extends, moving back to the head.

And, the long strands are further painted in red hues, taking this hairstyle to a whole new level. The unique blend of multiple colors isn’t just a chic blend of hues, but a symbol of creativity. A perfect pick for the ladies who want to opt for a unique and modern hairstyle. A great burnt orange color hair dye option for bold ladies.

Burnt Orange Hair
Image Credit: meaghanmastersonhair

Magenta with Burnt Orange Hair Color

Blending magenta hues with burnt orange hair color is just amazing. This burnt orange color gives off warm vibes like the autumn sun. While the funky magenta adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy to this entire look. Together, these two colors blend glamorously to create a balance between boldness and simplicity.

The classy richness of orange sparks sophistication, filling this entire hairstyle with cozy fall vibes. The pinkish magenta, on the other hand, radiates a burst of energy. This hairdo is a daring option to capture attention and captivate your friends.

Magenta with burnt orange hair color

Ablazed Burnt Orange Hair Color

Let your strands feel the burning sensation of flames with this enchanting hair dye. The reddish-orange elegantly blending with the burnt orange hair color makes a nice statement, sparking elegant vibes. Notice the perfection created with the blending of these enthralling hues. It’s a perfect choice for fashionistas looking to upgrade their cozy looks. Wear this burnt orange hair color to reflect your strong and bold personality. Wouldn’t you want to radiate warmth with your cool hairstyle?

Burnt Orange hair color with red lock

Burnt Orange Hair Color with Rainbow Bangs

Don’t want to get all-over brunt orange dye? This is a classy hair color option for you!

Adding a minimalist rainbow touch to the entire look, this hairstyle slays with colorful window bangs. Starting with funky pink on top and then transforming to yellows, zinc, and purple at the end, it’s a chic alternative to boring orange bangs.

This beautiful hairstyle offers you a playful vibe by blending vibrant colors. It’s indeed one of the dynamic and versatile styles that opens doors to creative experiments without letting you paint all of your locks.

Rainbow bangs with burnt orange hair color
Image Credit: dangerjonescreative

Perfect Blend of Yellow and Orange

Blend Burnt orange hair color with classy yellow ends and watch your hair slaying on every occasion! 

This wonderful and stunning hairstyle looks super-amazing with short wavy curls. With a touch of black hues on top of the head, the colorful strands gradually move downwards to form fresh new orange colors. The hairstylist has dyed the ends with a yellow color to add volume to this hairstyle. Also, notice the front bangs, perfectly painted in yellow hue also radiates elegant vibes.

This outstanding option makes a lasting impression on friends, and meanwhile, helps you radiate a full-of-life vibe. Try this hairdo to look extraordinarily classy.

Burnt orange and yellow hairstyle

Dread Locks Burnt Flames

Besides short pixie hair and classy long strands, burns orange hair color also slays on dreadlocks. Look at this masterpiece featuring long strands coated in orange hues. Starting with the blackish-brown roots, the locks elegantly swing downwards with a chic burnt hue on their ends. This is a true example of elegance and luxuriousness meeting in one hairdo.

Dread locks with burnt orange hair color

Peachy Orange Bob

This peachy orange bob is super chic! This elegant hairstyle excels at blending timeless allure with burnt orange hair color with a short bob cut. The vibrant dye fills this entire hairstyle with playfulness, making it look incredibly amazing.

Whether you’re looking to dress up for the next birthday bash or want to add a stylish touch to your daily routine, this hairstyle is capable enough to make bold statements.

Peach bob hairstyle

Pink Highlights On Top of Burnt Orange

Pink highlights shining a top of a burnt orange base can potentially elevate your looks. This creative pairing creates a visual masterpiece, that effortlessly blends boldness and simplicity with the burnt orange hues.

The wavy pink highlights swinging freely on top of the burnt orange color sparks a playful and creative allure. You can wear this elegant hairdo to reflect your unique creative personality. So, step into this hairstyle’s magical allure to enhance your looks!

Pink Highlights with Burnt Orange Hair Color
Image Credit: felix.lynn

The Bewitching Red-Orange Ombre

Delve into the mesmerizing radish and orange ombre with this magical hair color. This is a true example of perfection fusing with the vibrancy of orange hues. This is a captivating hair color technique that seamlessly transforms from deep red colors to classy ombre and burnt orange hues. The top reddish hair blending with black hues reflects the next-level skills of a hairstylist. It’s a perfect option for you if you want to radiate elegant vibes and look bold at the same time. Make sure to curl the ends to achieve this perfect look. You can also add a touch of highlights to this hairdo with your favorite hair dye.

Red orange ombre

Orange Blown-Down Bangs For Tomboys

This is one of the best tomboy haircuts, featuring burnt orange hair color on top. The blown-down bangs painted in this classy color add volume to the texture, making it look super amazing and beautiful. The maroon slaying undercut placed beneath the chic crown plays its role in adding a creative and playful touch to the entire look.

For tomboys who want to make a bold statement with their unique looks and want to feel confident in their unique aura, this hairdo is a perfect option for you. You can add a razor line to further take this classy hairstyle to a level of extreme elegance.

Tomboy burnt orange hair color

The Orange Mohawk Nest Hairstyle

Embrace your personality’s wild side with this enchanting brunt orange hair color, elegantly shining on the crown. The blackish touch beneath the crown makes this hairstyle amazing, while the enchanting curls swinging on the crown add volume to this entire look. The beautiful bangs perfectly placed on the forehead make a bold statement, making this hairstyle one of the top picks for ladies who want to radiate strong vibes. Wouldn’t you want to look different and attract attention with this beautiful hairstyle?

Mohawk burnt orange hair color

Final Words

Choosing the right burnt orange hair color sounds easy. But, in reality, it requires hours of research to finally come up with a worth-trying inspiration.

With all the ideas discussed above, you can easily find your perfect fit. So, save your favorite one to show your hairstylist and embrace new chic trends!

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