7+ Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos with Deep Meanings!

Women Side Neck Tattos


Neck, the delicate part of your body can do a lot more than just showcasing the classy tattoos. Majestically standing on top of your body, your neck tends to capture more attention than other body parts. 

Which means? Imprinting mesmerizing tattoos on this delicate canvas can help you showcase your beliefs and strong personality. But which tattoo should you choose this year, the aromatic rose one that radiates a vintage allure or the rebellious snakey tattoo symbolizing bravery? Well, that depends on your taste. But, finding a true inspiration to depict your emotions and inner beliefs sounds like a daunting task.

If you’re looking for impressive unique women side neck tattoos, you’re in for a treat. We’ve listed the best option below.

So, dive in to discover the most amazing tattoos holding deep meanings. 

What are the Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos? 

Here is the list of coolest side neck tattoos for women: 

“Be Strong” Side Neck Tattoo for Women

Set yourself apart with this awe-striking and creative side-neck tattoo. With this tattoo shining on your delicate skin, you can experience the exciting journey of empowerment. The motivational phrase imprinted on the side neck serves as a gentle reminder of “not giving up”. Crafted elegantly on the neck, this tattoo seamlessly blends with girlish vibe, offering a soft and glamorous touch.

The “Be Strong” phrase radiates confidence, helping you express your strong personality. Wearing this courage on your neck lets you showcase your tribute to your strong soul. A simple, yet beautiful caption that holds a deep meaning! The vertical alignment further makes it unique and amazing. You can add a small sunflower tattoo on the side of this to make it more beautiful.

Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos
Image Credit: valmir.tattoo

Butterfly Warrior Unique Women Side Neck Tattoo

Showcase your strong personality with this amazing piece of art.

The giant sword passing from the center of this fragile creature shows the strength of a butterfly. The fragile creature still stands with its unique aura, even though the dangerous sword is killing its nerves. 

This reflects the power of beauty, as it can stand against any type of problem. Wearing this tattoo is an amazing way to showcase your strong soul, who never gives up even though life isn’t coming hard on her. It’s a perfect blend of power and softness colliding with each other at one point. 

Butterfly Warrior Unique Women Side Neck Tattoo

Letter with Crown Side Neck Tattoo 

Simple, yet powerful! 

This tattoo showcases a letter that is awarded with a unique crown. You can imprint your name’s first letter and then design a mesmerizing crown on top of it. In order to tribute the hard work and dedication you’ve made throughout your life. 

This tattoo gives off simple vibes, but deep inside it lies the story of a girl who strived hard to accomplish her goals and achieve success in her life. Having this design on your skin will not only enhance your beauty but also help you radiate your strong personality. Set this reminder to boost your motivation. Scared of getting permanent tattoos? No worries! Try the temporary tattoos for a chic look!

Letter with Crown Side Neck Tattoo

The Rose Garden

This magical rose garden with just a few flowers proves that beauty radiating from fragile creatures can enhance your overall look. 

Notice the butterfly drawn with each rose flower. Both the creatures happily swinging on the flowers give a motion touch to this tattoo design. The detailing is added through the greyish shadows to this masterpiece.  

With precision at its peak, this design radiates a sense of happiness and celebration. If you love nature and want to embrace natural allure, this unique women side neck tattoo is perfect for you. To personalize this tattoo, you can add colors to the wings of the butterfly. This way, you’ll not only give off an elegant and fresh vibe but also fill your personality with colors. 

The Rose Garden
Image Credit: cat_houngsombath

Mini Heart Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos 

This mini heart tattoo is incredibly awesome. 

With its minimalist touch and thin texture, this design tends to add a unique allure that is coated in uniqueness. For the girls, who want to symbolize love and show their loving personality, this tattoo should be your go-to choice. Best part? It won’t take a lot of time to craft it on your delicate neck. This means you’re probably going to have it on your skin with minimal pain. Great isn’t it? 

The heart is kept open from its end, giving space to positivity and love to fill it. Even the tattoo’s inner texture is also left uncolored, in the hope of being filled by a lover. With this tattoo, you can reflect a love for nature, human beings, and everything you’ve ever loved in your life. It can also be a tribute to someone who you really love. Aren’t all these reasons enough to inspire you? 

Mini Heart Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos 

Butterfly Couple – Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos

Next is this happily swinging butterfly couple.

Elucidating charm and love, this tattoo captivates every eye that falls on it. The intricate patterns of the butterflies and their motions created with the additional detailing are just amazing. These butterflies enjoying their own aura symbolize the importance of personal space and its soothing effect. You can imprint this classy tattoo on your neck to reflect the importance of both connection and individuality at the same time. 

This design is a perfect example of beauty finding its own way to happiness. You can showcase a lot more than just love with this deep-meaning and unique women side neck tattoo.

Butterfly Couple

Rebellious Chinese Snake: Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos 

If you want to make a heavy, yet rebellious impression on your viewers, this tattoo is made for you. The intricate patterns of the snake with red bloody veins symbolize power. This tattoo is very different from traditional unique women side neck tattoos.

The serpent depicted in this design seems to be a mystical creature showcasing multiple legs. A creature with a majestic snake-like body and crocodile legs combines to form an incredibly powerful creature that exceeds all the heights of powers. 

You can showcase this classic piece of design on your neck to reflect your bold and rebellious personality.  

Rebellious Chinese Snake: Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos 

Lonely Rose! – Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos

This beautiful rose standing alone beneath your hairline indicates its power to survive in this world. You can wear this beautiful and eye-catching tattoo to symbolize self-love. The delicate petals of the flowers intertwine with each other and reflect the true meaning of finding peace in one’s own soul. It’s a perfect choice for the ones who are struggling alone in this world but still are facing the hurdles with extreme determination. This is one of the sexiest unique women side neck tattoos!

This tattoo is proof that you have the potential to shine alone. With this chic tattoo imprinted on your neck, you can awe all of your friends and at the same time feel confident in your own aura. 

Lonely Rose! – Unique Women Side Neck Tattoos


Which unique women side neck tattoos should you get? That depends on your personal taste and preferences. If you’re a romance lover and want to fill your neck with beautiful soft vibes, then opt for the rose tattoo, and if you want to show off your bold personality then stick with the snake design. 

No matter, what type of tattoo you’ve decided to get this year, it’s always better to do some research on aftercare. In order to make sure, you don’t end up with any infection. 

All set? So, which design are you going to pick for your neck? 

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