Trendy Types of Braids for Men: Try Stylish Hairstyle 2024

Types of Braids for Men


Are you eager to know about the low-maintenance stylish looks for men? If yes, there are different types of braids for men. From the hanging loose box braids for men to the tightened cornrow braids for men, there is a range of options for you to select a particular design. As different Braids for men designs are preferred in different regions, so per your preference, choose the braid style.

Types of Braids for Men – Ultimate Guide

If you are facing difficulty in deciding on braids for men designs, then this guide on different braiding styles is for you. As per the length of your hair, you can select different types of braids for men styles to change your look.

Trendy Cornrow braids for Men

No matter whether you want to attend a family function or a business party, the cornrow braids for men are the perfect fit for all the occasions. This geometric style among all the other types of braids gives an edgy and sharp look. The cornrow braids are a true work of art that requires the braider to make intricate patterns using his skill set.

As in these types of braids, for men is both complex and captivating at the same time. The design is symmetrical, so it unintentionally grabs the attention of a large user base. As this one braid designs for men speaks volumes about the bold taste of the wearer, it requires precision to form the sleek symmetry.

Different Cornrow braids for men Styles

Free-style Cornrow braid

Free Style Cornrow Braids
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The freestyle cornrow braids for men are suitable for medium and long-length hair. The plaits are styled in the free pattern to give a unique look. The flat scalp design is modern and can suit well with both casual and formal events both.

2 Cornrow Braids

2 Cornrow braids
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With hair mousse, and a rat tail comb, you can section and create these types of braids for men easily. The intricate patterns can be customized to reflect personal style. The 2 braids for men style is practical for managing and protecting textured hair. As you braid your hair this way, you gain the confidence to flaunt the distinctive style.

Tapered Fade Cornrow Braids

Tapered Fade Cornrow Braids
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On the medium-length hair, the 4 cornrow braids complement various outfits. With the combination of the tapered design with the cornrow braids, you can create an impactful braid design that can captivate the viewers from the far.

Cool Box braids for men

When weaving the hair in these types of braids, a guy can bring his hair to the spotlight. Even though the style requires careful attention and time, the results are magical. All the money you invest in creating these particular braids design will be worth it, as you will instantly collect admiring gazes. Here we further explore the different box braids for men styles.

Box braids Undercut

Box braids Undercut
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If the question of how long it takes to achieve perfect box braids for men has left you seeking a solution, then consider pairing box braids with an undercut haircut. This dynamic combination minimizes the time spent on braiding and delivers exceptional results. The box braids give a cool look, while the undercut adds an edgy twist. With the fusion of classic braiding techniques with an attention-grabbing undercut, you create a bold look.

Box braids With Fade

Box braids With Fade
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With a fade haircut style, the braids look 100x cooler. No matter whether you prefer low, mid, high or any other kind of taper fade, these types of braids for men look perfect with all kinds of fade. But the box braids are considered the go-to style with different types of fade.

Box Braids With Beads

Box Braids With Beads
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Do you want to go the extra mile and embellish your braids with the beads? If yes, try out the trendy box braids with head style. These types of braids for men give a festive feel and if you opt for this style you will stand out from the rest. No matter, if you have short or long hair, you can embellish it with beads in the best possible way.

Viking Braids for Men

Viking Braids for Men
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The Viking braid is one of the famous types of African hair braiding. Viking braids have gained popularity among men, as they are perfect for those who seek rugged and masculine hairstyles. This trend of doing Viking braids for men includes the side-shaving of the head. The main focus of the hair is fashioned into one or two braids that cascade down the back to wow the others. This hairstyle suits men with longer hair, as it can be worn with or without shaved sides and allows individuals to tailor the look to their preference.

Zigzag braids for men

Zig Zag Braids
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If you are looking for a casual braid style among all the types of braids, then the zigzag braids for men are the viable choice. They are simple cornrows that are plaited in a zigzag pattern. Each line on the scalp bears a small thick or thin cornrow, depending on the preference of the individual.

If you create a mix and match of thin and thick cornrows in an overall zigzag pattern, then you can rock this style. To weave zigzag braids for men, you can consider the following options:

Jumbo Zigzag

To get a prominent and exquisite style, consider the jumbo size braids. The jumbo zigzag pattern for men looks good on long length and thick hair. The thick hair creates a zigzag pattern that can either be embellished with beads or rubber bands to create a refined look.

Essentials for different types of braids

Different braids for men designs have various requirements. Some require mousse, while others require specified braiding gels to create the perfect look. No matter if you are considering single braid designs for men or the complicated ones, these essentials deserve a special place in your vanity. Also, for invisible locs these cream and combs are the perfect fit.

Net Zigzag

To give a classic touch, the braids are woven in a net zigzag pattern. This style is a masterpiece as small cornrow braids are woven with precision to create a unique pattern. The straight cornrows at the sides of the head serve as the starting point for different types of braids.

What are the aftercare steps to keep the braids in good condition?

For braids, you don’t have to put as much effort as the open hairstyles. For all the types of braids, the aftercare steps are more or less similar. Follow the following routine to keep your hair healthy.

  1. When you go for the braiding hairstyle, it is important to wash the hair prior for a clean scalp.
  2. As a part of the night care routine, it is preferable to use serum on the scalp.
  3. Cover your head using a silk scarf, if the scarf is not available, use a silk pillowcase to avoid the scalp build-up for healthy hair.
  4. Wash the scalp when required. As the scalp becomes patchy with time, so it is important to loosen the braid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are men’s braids called?

Braids are one of the stylish hairstyles for men and also regarded as plaits. The braid hairstyle can be done on various hair lengths paired with a bun, tapered cut or under a shaved head.

Can you get cornrow braids on your short hair?

Yes, you can get cornrow braids for men with a short haircut, but the long length hair offers various styling options to pair the cornrow style either with a bun or ponytail.

Which one is the easiest types of braids for men?

The classic three-strand braid is one of the simplest types of braids that looks perfect on guys with mid-length and long hairs. As it is easy to make this style of braid by gathering the hair in a ponytail and then start braiding it downwards.