What are Different Taper Fade Haircut Types? Complete Guide

Taper Fade Haircut


his is our complete guide on different taper fade haircut types. We’ll cover history and types of taper fade haircut in this article, so lets dive deep in to this article.

Indulge in a classic and contemporary taper fade haircut to adore its allure appearance with aesthetic appeal.

Men of all ages increasingly turn to the taper fade haircut as a trendy and modern hairstyle. A sleek and harmonious transition from the crown of the head to the neckline defines this contemporary and adaptable haircut. The hair’s length gradually decreases as it goes down. This taper fade is perfect for those who want to look stylish and well-groomed because of its sleek and refined appearance.

The taper fade is a daring choice in men’s grooming that has become classic and versatile enough to work in both professional and informal situations.

What Is Taper Fade Haircut?

The taper fade haircut shortens the hair gradually from the head’s crown to the neck’s back. This shortening of the hairstyle is ideal for trendy, contemporary male look since it gives them an edgy, fashionable look.

Low fades, high fades, skin fades, and bald fades are just a few famous taper fade haircut styles which you can select for your next haircut. From the crown of the head to the nape of the neck, the length of the hair gradually decreases in a low fade haircut, with the shortest hair being about a quarter of an inch long. Men who want a more understated style with a lot of attitude will love this cut.

History Of The Taper Fade Haircut

The military originates from the taper fade haircut, which has a long and storied history. A buzz cut on the back and sides with somewhat longer hair on top was the American troops’ high and tight haircut in the 1940s.

The “fade” appearance is achieved with the low taper fade haircut by progressively shortening the hairstyle from the crown of the head down to the nape of the neck. This is why it’s so well-liked by guys who value style and neatness in their haircuts but don’t want to trim too much hair.

Men of various ages and races love the taper fade haircut due to its evolutionary development. Its adaptability makes it ideal for various settings and personal tastes, from more formal to more relaxed looks. Because of its distinct sharpness, the taper fade stands out among other trendy men’s haircuts. Men who desire a stylish, up-to-date haircut that requires less maintenance frequently choose it.

The low taper fade haircut has evolved into a modern man’s hairstyle mainstay from its military origins. This haircut is gaining fame among men of all ages and backgrounds because it’s fashionable, adaptable, and suitable for many situations.

Different Taper Fade Haircut Types

Taper fade haircuts are one of the most commonly used haircuts in teen boys. Let’s have a look at some of the trendiest taper fade haircuts.

Low Fade

Low Fade Cut is one of different taper fade haircut types
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We’ll put this low fade on number one, when we are talking about different taper fade haircut types. This is one of the most common variations of this style. A subtle, well-groomed cut can be yours when you visit your barber and have the hair above and around your ears faded. The low fade is on point for all ages of man, whether a business dad or a college student.

High Fade

Trendy High Taper Fade Hairstyle
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If you pick a high fade style from different taper fade haircut types, expect a haircut much shorter than what you are familiar with. To achieve this style, have your barber fade out your hair around the area of your eyes. So, you can enjoy summer with a light, airy hairstyle.

A wide range of potential styles exist for low and high fades because they are distinct from crown styles.

Curly Fade

Burst Fade Curly Hair
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Because dealing with unruly hair all day can be a real drag, a taper fade can be a lifesaver and give you an extra 10 minutes of sleep. Get your barber to cut your lion’s mane short on top and high or low faded on the sides.

Quiff Taper Fade haircuts

Quiff Low Burst Fade For A Clean Look
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A basic understanding of hairstyling products is necessary to achieve the quiff, a more dramatic variation on the taper fade. Your barber will likely leave a two-inch fringe rather than trim the top area of your hair close to the scalp. If you come with this part to a gentle taper towards the back of the head, your styling options are practically endless.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Drop Fade Haircut for Men Sexy Look
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It would be remiss of us not to mention the pompadour, a very tall hairstyle, as we discuss dramatic taper fades. This extreme style may suit someone with a good understanding of hair products and a penchant for the past.

Slicked Back Fade

Aaron Rodgers Slicked Back Haircut
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Seeking to lengthen your locks or appreciate a longer style? The slicked-back fade is a great option with its smooth locks and tapered sides.

Quickly Remove Razor Fade

Razor Burst Mohawk For A Bold Look
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If you are going to choose Quickly Remove Razor Fade from different taper fade haircut types, make an appointment with your barber for a stylish summer cut that won’t throw you back to eighth grade. Now is the moment to think about the razor fade. Your expert will shape your hair with a straight-edge razor rather than a regular trimmer. The end effect will be a high fade that is exceedingly close-cropped.

Box Taper Fade Haircut

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Are you sick of constantly styling your longer natural hair?

Your new favorite cut is the box taper fade haircut. If you want your hair cut into a rectangle with a flat top, have your barber do a low fade. It’s in trend. You certainly didn’t sport this style when you were in middle school.

Line Fade

Razor Lines Drop Fade Haircut for Men Sexy Look
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No artwork is completed without a crucial point. Get a hard part from your barber to spice up your taper fade. Stylists will carve a clean, precise line into your scalp rather than just cut your hair in half.

Hawk Fade in Faux

Faux Hawk Boys Haircut
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The faux-hawk fade is a great option for those who have always admired a Mohawk but have been nervous about going completely bald on the sides. This more mature version of the punk-inspired style focuses on adding volume. Add a unique, eye-catching look by getting this haircut.

Buzz Cut Fade

Induction Cut or Buzz Cut for a Soldier
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Previously seen on men and women alike, the buzz cut has recently evolved from a classic style into a hip and stylish new trend. Get your barber to shave off nearly all of your hair if you’re ready to feel the cool air on your scalp and get rid of that additional inch. They will style the hair significantly with a military touch, leaving the top portion a little longer for an appearance at home on a business campus as it is on an army installation.

Braided Fade

Braided Fade Cut
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You might like this style if you are open to trying a French braid. As the barber trims the sides and back of your head, they will leave your hair long on top. Braid the hair away from the part and tie it in a low ponytail or bun.

Man Hairstyle Fade

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A man bun is easy to master if you have long enough hair to experiment with braids. Securing your hair with an elastic is as easy as brushing it back from the hairline. When you re-loop the elastic around the tail, be careful not to draw it completely tight. Could you keep it in a loop for a simple bun?

Straight Hair Taper Fade

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Although straight hair is easier to maintain and gives the impression of health, it isn’t always easy to style. Volumizing and texturizing your hair with the correct cut and styling products may completely change its appearance and prevent it from seeming lifeless. When combined with your preferred cut, a taper fade will produce a sleek and refined look while also providing structure to your hair. On top of that, it will make the crown of your head stand out. Several taper styles are available for your selection; these include low, mid, and high taper, among others.

Cornrow Taper Fade

Cornrow Taper Fade Cut
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The versatility of a taper fade is one of its main selling points. Because of this, you can dress it any way you like. Cornrows and a taper fade are great for guys who prefer braids; the latter will structure the sides and back, while the former contrasts with the texture on top of the head. The underhand braiding technique is used to create cornrows braided near the scalp. Their elevated look is a result of this stunning haircut. Cornrows, a protective style with many uses, look fantastic with a fade.

Ponytail Hairstyle Taper Fade

Ponytail Hairstyle Taper Fade
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This is the last one of our different taper fade haircut types. Your hair length and skill level determine the detail level in your ponytail hairstyle. Whatever you decide, it’s a great style for guys who prefer to keep their hair out of their necks, as it’s effortlessly functional and cool. Combining a ponytail with a taper to shorten the hair on the sides and back of the head creates a contemporary look. To emphasize contrast, the taper fade gradually shortens from the crown to the nape of the neck.

How To Wear A Taper Fade Haircut?

There are many ways to wear a taper fade. As time passes, you’ll see less and less hair on your sides and back. You may achieve a trendy, contemporary look by adding it to any hairstyle and creating it on any hair. Your haircut will have structure and a subtle contrast because of the variation in length between your hair on top and the back and sides. This has the potential to look fresh and attractive.

Hair that progressively transitions from long to short with a fade down the skin is known as a taper fade haircut. Fades come in various styles: low fade, mid fade, high fade, drop fade, bald fade, and skin fade.

Final Thoughts on Different Taper Fade Haircut Types

People of all ages and tastes can benefit from these different taper fade haircut types. The taper fade haircuts have the ability to combine contemporary cuts with classic elegance. It lets you express your individuality through customization of length and fade intensity, as it styles a professional and well-groomed look by gradually cutting hair shorter. Whether you choose a low, mid, or high taper fade, this haircut emanates refinement and offers a modern edge. A popular choice for individuals who want to look attractive and well-kept, the taper fade has become a mark of exquisite grooming that transcends cultural and fashion barriers.