Ronaldo’s Shaved Sides Hairstyle: Best Hairstyles for Men

Ronaldo's Shaved Sides Hairstyle

For casual day-to-day activities and the formal look, men usually prefer the shaved sides hairstyle. Like Ronaldo’s shaved sides hairstyle, you can experiment with tapered fades, modern Oxford look, undercuts and various other styles that can suit well with your personality. Throughout his football journey, Cristiano Ronaldo has tried various shaved side designs for his short and long hair.

Ronaldo’s Shaved Sides Hairstyle – Elite Look

As men generally look for cool, trendy and presentable style, so the shaved sides style can go well with the personality of almost all the men out there. As Ronaldo’s Shaved Sides is a very popular and common hairstyle, so you could definitely try it out for a reason.

The versatility of this haircut is the key reason for its preference. You can keep the hair short at the top of your head or keep it long, the choice is all yours. As the boys mostly prefer this hairstyle with slick hair or spikes, while little aged men like to keep it simple. With this hair cut, the entire focus is on the top of the head, so the top hair should look more thick and voluminous.

Experimenting with Different Hair Lengths: The Versatility of Shaved Sides

Like Ronaldo’s Shaved Sides Hairstyle, you can also experiment this style with varied hair lengths. No matter if your hair is short or long, you can easily create the shaved sides look. Let’s explore all the inspiration Ronaldo gave us for the shaved sides look.

Shaved Sides Undercut and Slick Hair

This Ronaldo’s shaved sides hairstyle is perfect for men who have shorter hair. The shaved sides undercut will require only a bit of styling. Grab the high-quality gel and style your top hair either backward or the side you prefer the most.

Once you make use of the right set of products, your hair will stay in place all day long. Other than that, as the hair is shorter, it will take you only 5–10 minutes to styling.

Low Skin Fade and Spiky Hair

This Ronaldo’s shaved sides hairstyle is a more daring hairdo that most of the boys like to try. The thick top can either be side-swept fringe or the spikes style to enhance your appearance. So whenever you will turn head you look at will amaze the crowd.

How to Style and Maintain Shaved Sides like Cristiano Ronaldo

Styling like Ronaldo can be easy if you choose a little less complicated hairstyle for yourself. You can easily style and maintain shaved sides like Cristiano Ronaldo if you opt for one of the following hairstyles.

Hair Dyed Style with Shaved Sides

 Hair Dyed Style with Shaved Sides
Image Credit: Pinterest

A short hair is an excuse for styling, but you can still style it with hair dyes. With the bleached hair and other colors, you can wash out the shade for a newer look. Like the Ronaldo’s shaved sides hairstyle with blonde hair at the top, you can try out the endless possibilities.

Clean High Fade look

Clean High Fade Look
Image Credit: Getty

The high fade with the sides shaved makes this look suitable for all. The crisp and clean look can go well for all those who already have shorter hair. All the boys out there can try out this simple look to add an element of sophistication to their personality.

Wavy Fade Side Haircut

Wavy Fade Side Haircut
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Do you have naturally wavy and textured hair? If yes, fret not as there are ways to style them out too. Ronaldo’s shaved sides hairstyles look graceful with your wavy and curly strands as well. As Ronaldo has textured curly hair naturally, so he styled them too on various occasions with the shaved sides. With the curly strands, your hairstyle looks voluminous, and the whole look is lifted.

The Rise of the Shaved Sides Haircut in Men’s Fashion

The ever-changing landscape of fashion calls for young boys to experiment with different looks on their face shape. No matter if you have an oval or round face, the Ronaldo’s shaved haircut is suitable for you. As you get the fresh cut with shaved sides, you command the attention of the people. As the sides reveal your head, so in the fashion world the bold look is an expression of self-acceptance.

Particularly if you style Ronaldo’s shaved sides hairstyle with the full suit or the casual clothes in your closet to elevate your style game. By following this latest shaved sides hairstyle trend, you can jump on the bandwagon and create a refined and trendy look.

Shaved Sides as a Symbol of Rebellion and Individuality

Considering the other aspect rather the fashion, the shaved sides are also regarded as a symbol of rebellion and individuality. As in some subcultures, the shaved sides are regarded as a sign of defiance and nonconformity. How odd it sounds today the shaved head sides are regarded as an act of rebellion while also a fashion statement at the same time. The striking cut on the heads is associated with the rebellious nature of people to go against the societal norms.

The “Bad Boy” Image: How Shaved Sides Haircuts Are Perceived in Society

The bad image with the shaved cuts is associated due to textured designs and various tattoos on the head. As the sharp cuts when combined with piercing shows the nonchalant attitude, so people often consider this as a bad styling technique. As the style is known in various subcultures including hip hop. Therefore, it is regarded as a way to go against the traditional norms.


A trendy yet sophisticated hairstyle! Yes, you heard it right. Ronaldo’s Shaved Sides Hairstyle is a must-try haircut if you are getting your hair trimmed for a special event. The iconic star preferred this look on screen as well as off-screen so that people will gain the confidence to shave their sides. Not only, this style is athletic and easy to manage, but it offers you quick styling ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Ronaldo hairstyle?

Among all the hairstyles, Ronaldo’s Shaved Sides Hairstyle is liked most by his fans. As fans have already praised his buzz cut. Therefore, they also liked his midnight hair.

How to get the Ronaldo side part haircut?

To get the Ronaldo side part haircut, you need to go to a professional barber and show him the style inspiration.