18 Top Metallic Nail Polish Brands for 2024

Metallic Nail Polish

Girls, are you looking to glamour up your nails?

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18 Metallic Nail Polish Brands

Every girl wants a salon glossy nails at home with the most wonderful metallic nail polish shades. But do you know that these nail paints can damage our nails too?

Especially if they contain harmful chemicals, that’s why we are going to tell you about some very high-quality metallic nail polish collections. The most excellent products that may shine and glam up your nails do not include harmful chemicals, and metallic nail polishes are trendy because they come in a rainbow of colours. So, ladies, if you want to achieve a professional look at home, then try these metallic nail polishes with good coverage. Here is a list of the 18 best metallic nail polish brands.

Flormar Metallics Nail Polish

Flormar is one of those brand who’s known for their quality products. This brand offers its products in reasonable, that’s why, South Asian ladies like Flormar products very much.

Its metallic nail polish gives a very sparkling look. You can choose from six colors of this brand’s nail polish: matte, glitter, enamel, peel-off and jelly nail polish. Not only that, but Flormar’s metallic nail polishes are famous for both quick drying and durability. The only thing you need is two or three even layers, then a glossy top coat, and the coatings will stay on your nails. You can create very creative and beautiful dip nail designs with Flormar nail polish.

Christine Metallic Nail Polish

The Christine brand sells clothing and accessories for women. Christine is a well-known brand for its modern and fashionable designs and premium materials. Christine’s metallic nail polish will give your nails a sleek, clean look at home without any expert’s help. The top coat adds incredible sheen and protection, and the colours and quality of this finest nail polish are stunning.

COLORESSENCE Matte & Metallic Nail Paint

The ingredients of this top-selling metallic nail polish are made to dry faster than ever and stay longer without any chipping. There are two shade options for the nail paint, ranging from elegant daytime shades to glittering party wear shades. The brush applicator on this long-lasting metallic nail polish made out to ensure even application on the corners of nails, providing a traditional matte finish.

Olive & June Metallic Nail Paint

Olive & June have two most beautiful rose gold and silver metallic nail polishes which usually emphasizing for empowering women to embrace their inner glitz and glamour. In this brand, you will find out high-quality, reasonably priced items which range $9 – $10. These sheer nail polishes allow ladies to attain a perfect picture with dazzling appearance effortlessly.

The metallic nail polishes from this company will surely be a hit for you. It’s sleek and sheen colours are enough to suit any customer’s choices.

ILNP Juliette Metallic Nail Polish

The ILNP Juliette metallic is a long-lasting metallic nail polish, which increases your nail’s amazing looks. Its high-quality formula makes it to protect from chipping for a longer period. Its flawlessly shiny coating results adorned your hands.

One of the best things about this ILNP Juliette metallic nail polish that you can easily remove it, and it contains no dangerous ingredients. The colors of this stunning nail polish colour are ideal for parties due to its glossy and rich, bold texture.

Rimmel London Metallic Nail Polish

Rimmel London is known for its extensive product line and reasonable pricing, it has quickly become one of the most famous names in the cosmetic industry. This brand is well-liked by those who appreciate beauty, and many famous bloggers and influencers also promote its products.

Rimmel London Salon Pro nail paint allows you to get salon-quality results in the comfort of your home. The top nail paint companies in South Asia typically offer darker colors. These deep colors complement any outfit and occasion, such as maroon, green, dark pink, etc. Rimmel London’s metallic nail polishes and other products are totally cruelty-free.

Ella + Mila Metallic Nail Polish

The Ella + Mila metallic nail polish is a famous metallic nail paint brand in the USA due to its extensive range of metallic colors. This color range will cover your all types of event, whether you are going on friends get together, on a romantic date, in office meeting or going to pick your kids from school. Ella + Mila will adorn your all looks.

Its adaptability makes it one of the best metallic nail polish especially for young girls. You can also use it to give your classic French manicure a modern twist by adding a bit of glitz to the tips.


Maybelline has every imaginative colour and always comes out with new collections of metallics nail polish. They have a wide range of timeless colours available all year round.

There is a large selection of quick-drying metallic gel nail polish available there. In America, it’s considered a top brand of metallic gel nail polish. Maybelline New York features various nail polish colours to suit any choice, from pastels to bright, so that you can show off your individuality confidently.

Smith & Cult Metallic Nail Polish

Smith & Cult Metallic Nail Polishes are available with latest animal cruelty-free formula nail polish, which provides a beautiful, long-lasting coating that won’t chip. Use the strong coverage base coat to prepare the nail base to ensure your manicure or pedicure stay longer.

Smith & Cult Gold Metallic Gel Nail Polish

Smith & Cult, gold metallic gel nail polish makes your nails glittery. It’s a cruelty-free product, with a dazzling gold shade with a high shine, chip-resistant finish that applies smoothly over nails. Its 14 ml Precision slim line applicator made it easy to create a sleek and clean coating professionally. Smith & Cult will elevate your nail art with their extensive color range that spans from daring to delicate, soft colors.

PUEEN Metallic Nail Polish

Rocking Metallic Nail Polish by PUEEN is excellent for stamping because of its highly pigmented formula. You can get a clean look for stamping and creating clear, sharp images with correct consistency. According to several reviews, this polish has a streak-free finish, is long-lasting, and is chip-resistant. You can start a gorgeous manicure with these shimmery Rocking Metallics nail polishes with a clean base coat.

It won’t chip and makes your nails look smoother.

OPI Nail Lacquer

Dark OPI Nail Lacquer is one of the most superior metallic shimmer nail polishes which is chip-resistant and gives ultra-coverage. It will keep your nails looking great for days. OPI Nail Lacquer has a reflective sheen lasting up to seven days and comes in more than 200 tones. Due to its long-lasting wear, this nail polish will leave your nails looking stunning for days.

The deep colour of this polish looks very appealing. Without smearing or clumping, the solution will slip effortlessly onto your nails. The fact that it does not smell strongly and it will never irritate your cuticles.

Sally Hansen Color Foil Nail Polish

Quickly achieve a stunning mirror chrome manicure! A single coating of the highly pigmented Sally Hansen Colour foil nail polish provides a completely covered manicure. To facilitate the selection of shades, the bottles are color-matched. Its high-shine solution offers durable protection against chips. Glossy, chrome nails with a metallic sheen can now have a salon-quality finish due to the dramatic mirror nail paint.

Sally Hansen Metallic Gel Nail Polish

You can get a saloon look metallic gel nails at home with a gorgeous salon look from the comfort of your own home that last up to 8 days. You will love the glossy effect of its single layer that sets in a flash and remains in place for many weeks.

Zoya Metallics Nail Polish

Zoya’s magnificent metallic nail polish collection is available in various shades. Its ingredients are breathable and free of Big 10. It is also vegan. Make a bold look with your metallic fast-drying, chip-resistant nail polish. You can use Zoya metallic nail polish without any doubt because it has not been tested on animals. It comes in a bundle of colours, which gives you to select your favorite one.

After applying this nail polish, you will see results that your nails look more stronger and healthier. It never dries out your nails because the product is toxin-free.

Essie Glossy Shine Nail Polish

Its nail collections contain a delicate metallic rose gold nail polish characteristics. It offers long-lasting, spotless protection. The included brush is designed to glide over nails of any size, ensuring a flawless application every time. The salon-quality product adds a glossy sheen to your nails that lasts all day. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals in its formulation, this polish has never been tested on animals, so it’s a safe pick.

Wet N Wild Metallic Nail Polish

Wet n Wild metallic nail polishes have a lovely transparent top coating. It is a fantastic and reasonably priced metallic nail paint brand. Because there is no need to waste money on others when you can get high-quality alternatives, it helps to grow and repair gel, acrylic, or dip nails that have been damaged. It won’t stain your nails and is very easy to remove. It is Amazon’s #1 metallic nail paint.

MINISO Long-Lasting Nail Polish

Various shades of Miniso’s long-lasting metallic nail polish are ideal for refined, fashionable ladies. You may save time and effort with this top-rated nail paint that has a unique formula that dries quickly. You’ll be good to go after a few seconds of letting the nail paint set. There are many metallic nail paints on Amazon, but this is an excellent choice due to its reasonable price.

Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art

Are you looking for metallic nail paint at an affordable price and with a shimmery matte finish?

Well, Lakmé’s new Stargaze line is a great pick.

This highly rated metallic nail paint comes in 20 different tones. You may style it with layers or just one colorful base coat. If you want to make a fashion statement with your nails, this is Amazon’s top metallic nail paints.

Lenphor Chrome Finish Nail Paint

Girls, are you ready to get the look of ultra-shiny chrome on your nails with Lenphor Chrome Finish metallic nail colour?

If yes, then be ready to party in style with our top-rated nail paint that adds a shimmery finish with a white glittery finish. As one of Asia’s best metallic nail paints, this polish has a creamy, silky texture and a long-lasting impact.

Final Thoughts

Metallic nail polish instantly elevates any outfit. Its sleek surface and variety of colours make it suitable for casual and formal events. With a subtle shimmery metallic tone, these nail polish trends will make a statement and adorn your style smoothly. These metallic nail polishes have transformed the cosmetic industry with its amazing finish look. Its adaptability allows its user for infinite nail art creation, whether it’s silver for a futuristic style or gold for beauty. A glossy metallic manicure boosts confidence and adds shine to inspire and boost your style and self-expression. If you’re a nail lover then, enjoy the shine and let your nails express your personality.

So, girls are you ready to try all these famous brands of Metallic nail polish?