French Tip Nails: 15+ Incredible Ideas for Every Occasion

French Tip Nails

French tip nails are the most popular nail art in the world due to their timelessness, radiant uniqueness and beauty. 

What Are French Tip Nails?

Our hands always have a very cool impression on others. Women with beautiful hands and elegant nail art are always the center of attention. Nowadays, guys really like girls whose nails are properly done and have elegant nail art on them. 

French tip nails are one of the chicest and luxury nail art. This nail art has a wide variety of designs and colours. The French tip nail design refers to a pink nude base with a white layer at the top of the nail. Can you believe French tip nails are now available in any colour you want? Wohooo!

Why Do Women Like French Tip Nails?

When you heard about French nail tips what’s the first thing that came into your mind?

 Let me guess!

As we heard about French tip nails, the first perception which came into our minds are teenage girls, but now French tip nails are not just for teenage girls. Women of all ages can get this nail art according to their personalities. French tip nails create a neutral and natural pink look. Because of this, women who don’t like bright colours like French tip nails. It has shades that go with any “look,” outfit, or mood. 

According to an online survey, 70% – 150% of women believed that French tip nail art boosts their confidence. With good nail art, they feel strong and ready to face the world. Well, we can totally relate to this fact. 

A French manicure is a sign of endless beauty and femininity. Women like French tip nails because they can maintain these nail arts for a long time. A typical French tip nail  design can last from seven to ten days. If done correctly, a gel French manicure can endure for at least a week.

What are the top 15 French tip nail designs?

A person with “clean nails” conveys the message that he is a very careful and organized person. Especially girls’ hands and nails especially have a very impressive impact on guys. Men are usually attracted to those girls who have elegant nails, because good nail art really boosts your confidence. 

French tip nails are popular worldwide. The French tip nail goes well with every nail shape, length, complexion, and skin tone. French manicures are the epitome of cleanliness and polish. These elegant nail arts ensure that your nails will always look stylish, as the word “French” is often used to refine beauty. French manicures are super easy to have at home. If you take proper care of your French tip nails, you can wear them for a long time without changing them.

Sometimes many options also stick in your mind to select the best one. That’s why we have picked the most chic and trendiest french tip nails for you for your next manicure.

Let’s explore the top 15 French tip nails together!

Pink French Tip Nails

French tip nail art is constantly the most popular nail art for girls. It is a cute, girly colour, and this nail art is very soft and mild for the nails.

One of the coolest things about pink French tip nails is that they look gorgeous with any dress. Pink-tipped nails are trendy in all seasons of the year. There are many ways to add a little bit of innovations in this bright French tip nail art. You can add different flowers, stars, rhinestones and other patterns to make it jazzy. Margot Robbie, an Australian actress known worldwide, recently went on a press trip for Barbie and wore pink French-tip nails.

Pink French Nails

Chrome French Tip Nails

Chrome French tip nails create a chic look that works with any look for all events. You can also easily change the basic idea of this nai art according to your taste. 

According to Hollywood’s famous actress, Beyonce, “Chrome French Tip Nails are my go-to look because of its cool and edgy looks while still being easy to wear.”

Chrome Nails

Alpine Green French Tip Nails

When it comes to the most desired colours in salons, green is always a top contender. This newer, somewhat lighter shade of green, which we’re dubbing “alpine,” has been showing up frequently in our feeds and is destined to be a major trend come autumn.

Alpine Green Nails

Nude French Tip Nails

This design is a modern twist that uses a nude coating on the tips rather than traditional white. This one is modest but stylish. You can create the same effect with shimmering sheer jelly polish.

Bella Hadid also loves these delicate nude French tip nails with glossy effects. These nails look slightly shiny. This is due to the coating on her nude tips. Mei Kawajiri, a well-known manicurist, created this shade by combining two others.

Nude French Nails

Coffin French Tip Nails

French tip nails are traditional nail art featuring white tips and a pastel or neutral colour. Nails in a coffin shape are called “coffin nails” for obvious reasons. Coffin French Tip Nails are created by combining two colours with their edgy looks.  

The Coffin French Tip Nail is a favourite of fashion-forward people since it can be worn with any outfit and is always safe to have. 

Coffin French Nails

Nail art in the shape of a coffin is popular because it makes your fingers look longer and more refined. This look is versatile and simple to keep up, no matter how long your nails are. In this classic style, the white tip fades into a nude or pink base. However, there are numerous ways to modernize this coffin tip nail art. You can create your favorite look with different accessories.

Gold French Tip Nail Ideas

Gold French tip nails may do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. The addition of a little gold to your French tips gives them a contemporary spin without sacrificing their classic style. So, whether you’re dressing up for an official meeting or on a romantic dinner, this gorgeous design will never go out of style.

Gold French Nails

Glazed Donut Nail

Glazed donut nails are usually nude nails with radiant coating. Because of its milky radiant colour and glossy texture, this nail art dominates TikTok. Glazed donut nail looks prettier and jazzy if you add some rhinestone on the tips of your cuticles.

Hailey Bieber popularized this donut nail look. During the Met Gala in May, she appeared with her glazed-donut nails, and people got mad at this nail art. Nowadays, glazed-donut nails are the most popular nail art, especially among young girls.

Glazed Donut Nails

Floral French Nail Tip

As we can assume from its name, floral French tip nail refers to some flowery touch. This flowery nail art is popular among women and girls who like to be the center of attraction. If you like smiling summer colours, this flowery nail art is ideal for you.

This nail art idea can help you celebrate nature’s glory and unleash your inner artist. Green is a popular colour option for spring flowery French tip nails. This colorful manicure is appropriate for spring, and the addition of flowers makes it more unique. 

Floral Nails

Graphics and Geometry French Tip Nails

Graphics & Geometry French tip nails give a modern, bold spin. For a more contemporary and edgy look, try complicatedly placing geometric motifs like triangles or abstract shapes around the nail tips or into the base colour. 

To further enhance the design, you can add graphic elements like stripes, dots, or elaborate line work. Graphic and geometric French tip nails are all about the mood right now because they provide a fun and trendy method to express one’s personal style and creativity through the combination of traditional French manicure features with bright, contemporary accents. Getting into the festive mood with this trendy graphics inspired nail art.

Graphics Nails

Double French tip nails

Double French tip nails are the elegantly curved tips of the classic French nail family. You can use two thin coatings instead of one. Occasionally, all curves can be the same colour and width.

As a result of their variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, Double French Tip Nails are the most widely used design. Simone Biles, the famous Olympic Gold Medalist, posted a picture after her engagement twisting two French tip nails.

Double French Nails

Short French Tip Nails

A short French tip nail design is the most chic and timeless nail art. This classic style features a natural or nude base colour with a thin white or colorful line at the tip of the nail. You can make it classy by adding different colours in it. Short French manicure will always give you creative, modern and fresh vibes. 

While Katy Perry recently embraced the simple nail art trend. During her appearance on Good Morning America, Katy Perry’s short French tip nails looked stunning against her sequined dress. 

Short French Nails

Animal Prints French Tip Nails

This is one of the most trendy and easiest nail art. Its zebra, cow and leopard print are the most commonly used nail art. All you need to do is to have a base coat of your concerned design, like let’s suppose you want a leopard pattern. Use nude base coating and then draw dots or small black empty circles on tips and you’ll be shocked to see amazing results. 

Animal Print Nails

Triangular French Tip Nails

The triangle French tip nails add a modern edge to the art of nail art. You can really let your imagination run wild with the triangular French tip nails, which provides a perfect backdrop for all sorts of colour combinations and detailed designs. Those looking for a more modern design in the classic French manicure should try this trend to add dramatic touch in their personality.

Triangular Nails

Mermaid French Tip Nails

This is just waoo!

This is perfect nail art for your summer vacations. Especially when you are planning a vacation on seascape places. This nail art will complete your beach look with an extra impact.

Mermaid French Nails

Classic French Tip Nails

Classic French tip nails personify timelessness. This classic manicure has clean, white, or off-white tips that continue around the edge of each nail giving them a sleek and polished appearance and are the defining attributes. Classic French tip nails have been around for a long time since they are a representation of the French way of life and the subtle elegance that it may convey. 

If you’re looking to add a little edge to your daily look, try the classic French tip nails design. This chic style has a thin layer of colour at the tip of the nail and gives a great glam look to your cuticles.

Classic French Nails

How to get French Tip Nails at home?

So, girls, are you ready to unleash your inner artist?

French manicures come in a rainbow of colours that look very elegant. Most manicurists use French tip guides to get the most precise line possible between the nail’s base and tip when doing a French manicure, which is essential for a flawless finish. 

It’s quite simple, all you need to do is to put a sharp tip nail brush in the center of your nail and start making small dots. This style is the next level nail art, whether you prefer the traditional style or want to experiment with waves and complex patterns.. 

You can do different exciting experiments with dark base coating and then draw waves, dots and different patterns on it, you can also add different patterns. For a more elegant and sleeker french tip nail use nail filer and give a good sleek shape to your nails. Don’t forget to consider your nail tips because this is the most important part of your nail art.

French Tip Nail Hacks

  • You can use nail stamps to make different patterns during your nail art.
  • To prevent chipping, stay away from things like biting your nails, hot water, and chemicals. After you finish painting your nails, be sure to coat them by painting around the tips. 
  • In order to prevent the nail polish from becoming weakened and causing it to chip or peel, you should avoid leaving your hands in water. 
  • Put on gloves whenever you are working in water. 
  • It is important to be gentle with your nails, don’t use your nail in opening any package.


The fact that French tip nails have been popular for so long reflects how much the French way of life and its refined elegance continue to captivate people. If you’re looking to add a little edge to this look, try the “micro French manicure” or slim French tip trend. Like classic French tips, this style emphasizes a thin layer of colour at the tip of the nail, yet it strives for minimalism and doesn’t necessitate a great deal of length.

So, are you ready to slay with our provided nail art designs?

All of the above French tip nails are timeless and trendy nail art. You can choose any of your favorite French tip nail art. Don’t delay it anymore, must visit an expert, who can professionally create your desired nail art. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s conquer the world together!