Best Braids for Men for Long and Short Hairs

Best hair Braids for men


When it comes to braids there is no discrimination between men and women. Braids for men are a popular hairstyle among various cultures and can suit various hair lengths. No matter whether you have long or short hair there are various braids for men hairstyles that can suit you. Depending on the length of your hair you can choose different hairstyles. It’s time to try different braids for men level up your style game.

Different Braids for Men

As men can pull different hairstyles from the tapered cut to the braided styles so there are various options for them. As braids give a youthful look and protect your hair in the best way therefore it is a good idea to try hair braids for men. For different styling needs here we will explore the details of braids for men with long hair and short hair.

Braids for men with long hair

Long hair for men can be problematic as they are not used to it. One way to keep them tangle-free by trying out the long braids for men.

Triangular Long Braids For Men

Triangular Long Braids For Men

For the geometric pattern and tidy appearance of the braid the hairs are partitioned in triangular format. Unlike the traditional braids this long braid for men introduces a geometric allure to men’s hair fashion. The triangular pattern braids for men with long hair don’t only add visual dimension but also speak volumes about the fashion sense.

As your hair grows you can further increase the length of the braid. From the scalp the hairs are thick in comparison to the bottom so the braids eventually become thinner with length. The pattern of this braid is unique so it creates head-turning effect for you confidently navigate the streets with this bold hairstyle. If you have long hair then this long braid for men hairstyle helps you make a statement that challenges the traditional styles of fashion.

Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids

The long braids for men look trendy and stylish if they are done by an expert. This long braid for man style is formed in a zig-zag pattern with extreme precision to give you the desired look. The sections of the hair are done in a way that it creates thick braids less in number as compared to the triangular braids.

For those with ample time and a flair for intricate hairstyling it is good to select this braid for men style. While you choose this pop smoke braids keep in mind that maintaining precision is crucial. The undercut braids for men like this style demand consistent upkeep to retain their sharp appearance. Not to forget that the braids are inspired from the late rapper’s iconic look and have distinctive twist and patterns, creating an edgy look.

Bun Braids Men

With short hairs, it is difficult to create buns therefore the braids with men for long hair is coupled with a bun to give a distinct feel. There are plethora of patterns you can create with a bun at the top or at the back for your preferred look. Lets explore different bun long braids for men hairstyles.

Back Bun Braid

Back Bun Braid

The loop braid design is distinct style in which the small braids are connected to the big ones to create a uniform look. This particular braid among all the other Braids for men with long hair gives you a clean look. Once all the braids are done the rest of hair above the neck are tied in the form of knotless braid to make a bun. No matter if you want to go to a DJ night or any other party hire an experienced braider to get it done in a few hours.

Top Bun Braid

Top Bun Braid

In this long hair braids for men the hair are partitioned in a way that it creates spiral pattern in between the braids. The thickness of the hair matters a lot in defining the neat look of the design. It’s time to level up your hair game with this spiral braided design with a bun on the top. If you have full-length hair you can pair the other braid styles with a bun. But if you have hair only at the crown of head then this hairstyle is a must-try.

Cool braids for men with short hair

Want to look stylish and different among others then try out the cool braids for men with short hair. Fret not, if you think that your short hair are a hindrance in creating braids. But this is not the case as the experts can easily create braids with precision on short hair.

In comparison to the long hairs braiding the extra short hair can be tricky and you cannot DIY at home. For this, you need a skillful braider to style your hair in the best way. Here are multiple options for Braids for men with short hair. Without further ado lets explore the braids for men with short hair.

Straight and Snake Pattern Braid

Straight and Snake Pattern Braid

An amalgamation of two design can create a perfect look. The hair are partitioned from the center and one side a classic simple braid is created all the way to the end. On the other hand a snake patterned braid is created. As the most unique hair design among hair braids for men you must try it out on your hair. You can also try this style with the blow out haircut.

Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Braid

Cornrow braids also known as traditional African hairstyles have become popular fashion statements all across the globe. These braids for men with short hair or long hair technique hold cultural significance due to its intricate weaving technique. The method of braiding the hair close to the scalp in a continuous, raised row creates a neat appearance. This particular braid for men style is partitioned at the center while one braid is done on each side for maintenance and protection of the hair.

Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary Braid Styles

The cornrow braids for men have evolved to embody modern fashion trends while retaining their traditional essence. With endless variations in patterns, thickness, and styles you can create various braid styles as per your haircutting. From simple, straight lines to complex geometric patterns and designs, cornrow braids can be customized to reflect individual styles.

Straight Braids

Straight Braids

Out of all the braiding hairstyles the straight back braids are easy to make. This braiding style is one of the common and most preferred ones among others. You need a tail comb to partition your hair in a better way. Once you are done with the partitioning of your hair. For those with naturally textured hair, straight braids offer a striking contrast and neat element to the overall appearance. The combination of texture and braids creates a dynamic duo that can go well with the personality of many individuals.

Braiding Hairstyle Essentials

For all those who are eager to invest in the men styling essentials here are some general recommendations for it. To lock your braids, you need a good quality mousse and to tame frizz there are multiple serums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Braids are preferred most by men?

In all the braids for men the small cornrows is a viable choice for all the short, mid-length and long hair. Choose the cool braids for men and get it done from the expert braider to get the desired results.

Does braiding look good on men?

Yes, the braid hairstyles look stylish and protective at the same time. Once you tie your hair in knotless braids you can prevent them from breakage. Moreover, for long hair different braid hairstyles help in saving time.

How long do the braids last?

If you have chosen an expert braider your braids can last for upto 6 weeks. But for that you have to follow the aftercare steps carefully to prevent them from breakage.


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