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R9 Haircut


The R9 haircut looks quite strange; it’s a destructive way to grab attention and stand out in a crowd. Well, if you’re a sports lover, then you will definitely love this haircut.

The R9 haircut is named after the famous Brazilian football player Ronaldo Nazario, who wore his hair in this way when he played. The R9 Ronaldo haircut has a rat tail at the back and a shaved head. Back in the early 2000s, it was one of the hottest haircuts, and many football players and famous people copied it.

Extreme haircuts have been seen at professional sporting events. R9 haircut featured an asymmetrical design with soft, wavy texture on top and lines and waves cut across his sides. It shows cultural richness, diversity, and aesthetic appeal was reflected in the design, which took shape like a city map.

Even R9 hasn’t been shy about the attention his haircut has earned; in fact, he loves explaining the inspiration for his style whenever he has the chance. It was a way for R9 to exhibit his love for São Paulo and his pride in his hometown, and it also helped to “put the city on the map,” as the saying goes. Even now, R9 still rocks this one-of-a-kind hairdo, as the R9 haircut has become an integral component of his distinctive appearance.

What Is R9 haircut?

The world of professional sports has had its fair share of the unique haircuts. Ronaldo Nazario, a legendary football player from Brazil, popularized this haircut on the field. A trimmed Mohawk hairstyle with buzzed sides is the fundamental description of this cut. Many still think the R9 Brazilian haircut is attractive, even though it was popular in the early 2000s. The R9 haircut is an excellent option for a fresh and original hairdo.

Ronaldo Nazario, is known by his nickname “R9,” is certainly one of the best football players of all time. Some choices the amazing Brazilian football player made were questionable, even though the skills he showed off on the field blew fans away. His 2002 debut of the R9 haircut stands out among the most unusual hairdos sported by a player to this day. Good news if you’re unfamiliar with the term!

If you want to know what the weirdest R9 haircut looked like and why it will forever be a groundbreaking meme, you’ll have to read to the end. So, it should come as no surprise that the style went viral across Brazil, South America, and beyond. The fact that his haircut has grabbed so much attention has not gone ignored by R9, and he appreciates any chance he gets to explain its significance. In addition to demonstrating R9’s unwavering loyalty to his hometown, the performance served as a platform for him to showcase São Paulo’s pride and elevate the city’s profile.

This distinctive hairdo is still worn by R9 nowadays. You can’t deny that his long locks, messy curls, and intricate design are now part of his defining look. However, not everyone loves his hairstyle.

The Best R9 Haircut To Try

Trying the R9 haircut is excellent if you want a trendy and original hairdo. Those who like to draw attention to themselves via their hairstyle will find this ideal. You can adopt this distinctive R9 haircut in different styles as per your liking. A side parting is one option for the R9, and there are many more ways to experiment with the cut and fringe. Another way to spice up your R9 hairdo is to dye the edge a contrasting color. Consequently, these are the current top R9 haircuts.

R9 Ronaldo

Completely shaving your head and styling the fringe to the side will give you the same haircut as Ronaldo Nazario. You can apply a hair gel or pomade to maintain the fringe’s position.

Footballer Ronaldo R9 Haircut

Braithwaite R9 Haircut

Famous footballer Martin Braithwaite popularized the R9 haircut. Completely shaved from the side is the characteristic hairstyle of the Braithwaite R9.

Martin Braithwaite popularized the R9 haircut

Martin Braithwaite gave the classic R9 cut a new twist by inverting the front tuft. As it follows the natural contour of his crown, it cuts his hairline straight up.

Richarlison R9 Haircut

Young men love the Richarlison R9 haircut, a spin on the classic R9. It has a side-styled long fringe and a shaven skull. If you want to turn heads, the Richardson R9 is the cut. Shave your head for your lengthy edge for the look. The original form is somewhat resembled, although the fringe is irregular, primarily.

Richarlison Classic R9 haircut

Insigne R9 Haircut

Undoubtedly, Insigne’s take on the R9 haircut is among the trendiest. To take it to the next level, he inked the sides of his hair and gave himself a somewhat longer tuft up top.

Insigne's take on the R9 haircut

How to Style the R9 Haircut?

Get this classic buzz-cut look with complete head shaving, but save a little hair in the front for this iconic shaved haircut. You can create a side-swept fringe with the leftover hair. Depending on your preference, the frame can be styled with gel, wax, or a straightening iron.


Why did R9 get that haircut?

Even now, many people have different ideas about what Ronaldo was trying to accomplish, but the most popular one is that he wanted to be different from his teammates.

What are some benefits and drawbacks of the R9 haircut?

The R9 is so distinctive from other haircuts that it might appeal to some. But on the same note, some people didn’t find it appropriate.

Do you think the R9 haircut is appropriate for everyone?

Not everyone would benefit from the R9. It would work best for those fearless in trying new things with their appearance and seeking a distinctive hairdo.


If you want to turn heads, get the R9 haircut. It’s a one-of-a-kind style that will turn heads. Look at these top Ronaldo Nazario haircuts and see which suits you best. Those who are fans of the renowned footballer and are in the market for a new hairdo can find something they love among these possibilities.

Ronaldo’s career was the antithesis of his likely misguided and fruitless attempt to launch a buzz-cut fad. He was the most fantastic striker of all time and ranks among the all-time greats in football. We shouldn’t be surprised if his shocking R9 haircut gets some notice, along with his incredible footwork, dribbling, prolific goal-scoring, and play making tendencies, which will be remembered forever.

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