Acrylic Colors for Nails: 40+ Chic Ideas for 2024 

Acrylic Nail Colors

Remember the old saying, “First impression is the last impression”? Well, your first impression is immediately formed with a handshake. Beautifully manicured fingernails indicate your stylish and elegant personality. Keeping them plain isn’t a bad idea, though, sprinkling colors can turn them into a real masterpiece! 

And what could be more amazing than painting them with acrylic colors for nails? Those fascinating, mesmerizing, and beautiful acrylic nails are sure to build a heavy first impression of your personality. Plus put you in the center of the stage. But which colors to choose this year? 

In this blog, we’re going to share artistic acrylic designs to stir up your inspiration. 

Ready to dive into the world of phenomenal acrylic colors? 

Let’s start… 

Acrylic Colors for Nails

1. Subtle Nude Gradient 

A sophisticated, elegant, and dazzling look with a touch of nude tone is surely going to awe your friends! 

Subtle Nude Gradient Nails

2. Spicy Purple Acrylic Colors for Nails

Experience the glamour of refreshing vibrant purple nails for a modern look! 

Purple Acrylic Colors for Nails

3. Jet Black Acrylic Color for Nails

Paint your nails with a daring black color for a bold look! 

Jet Black Acrylic Color for Nail Design

Image Credit: Tonya Brewer 

4. Bluish Metallic

Embellish the majestic blue color with glitter and see the magic! Isn’t it one of the best glitter nail inspirations for this year?

Bluish Metallic acrylic nail colors

5. The Peachy Nude

Light, yet luxurious color for a truly impressive look to stand out! 

The Peachy Nude

6. The Matte Yellow 

Ignite your look and style with vibrant yellow acrylic color for nails. And, don’t forget to embellish it with a subtle black dot! 

The Matte Yellow 

7. The Rainbow Nails 

Dare to shine with unique, bright, and fresh rainbow colors for nails. And, steal the spotlight! 

The Rainbow Nails 

8. The Glittery Pink Acrylic Color for Nails 

Experience the fancy peach nails, embellished with captivating glitters for a rich style! 

The Glittery Pink Acrylic Color for Nails

9. Black with Glitter 

Be bold and stylish at the same time! Let the black overpower your nails with pinkish glitter! 

Black with Glitter

10. Matte Brown Acrylic Nails 

Refresh your look with lively brown hues, delivering a perfect luxurious look! 

Matte Brown Acrylic Nails 

11. Funky Pink Acrylic Colors for Nails

Reveal the magic of electrifying funky pink acrylic colors for nails! 

Funky Pink Acrylic Colors for Nails

12. Light Blue Glitter Acrylic Color for Nails 

Enrich your style with the glamorous sky-blue color, radiating an electrifying vibe! 

Light Blue Glitter Acrylic Color for Nails

13. The Gold Rimmed White Nails

This bold and elegant goldish border adds an extra flair to your nails!  

The Gold Rimmed White Nails

14. Stylish Green Acrylic Colors for Nails  

Your next winter acrylic color for nails! Embrace the lively warmth with an elegant green hue! 

Stylish Green Acrylic Colors for Nails

15. White & Light Cyan

The soft and delicate nails have the power to deliver a classic allure! 

White & Light Cyan

16. Vibrant Gold Metallic 

Dive into the galvanizing and enticing world of metallic acrylic colors for nails! 

Gold Metallic acrylic nail colors

17. The Black and Orange Combo! 

Charismatic look unlocked! This year, impress your friends with an alluring combination of black and orange colors! 

The Black and Orange Combo


Black Acrylic Nail

Nail Oil

Sheer Gel Polish

18. The Dark and Light Bluish Combo! 

Blues at one spot! Create a ravishing look with the galvanizing light and blue acrylic colors for nails! 

The Dark and Light Bluish Combo

19. Dotted White and Orange

Your next acrylic nail color for winter! Blend the orange and white colors with cool dots for the perfect look! 

Dotted White and Orange

20. The Tiny Black Diamonds 

Embrace the liveliness of the vibrant orange color, perfectly stylized with tiny black diamonds. 

The Tiny Black Diamonds 

21. Plain Nails With Pinkish Glitter 

Embark on a luxurious styling journey with plain glitter acrylic nails for summer and all seasons! 

Plain Nails With Pinkish Glitter

21. The Royal Red Matte

Shine with the bright and vibrant red matte that delivers a chic and luxurious vibe! 

The Royal Red Matte

22. Bluish-White Acrylic Nail Color 

Win the beauty contest with elegant-looking zinc acrylic colors for nails! 

Bluish-White Acrylic Nail Color 

23. The Greyish Marble 

Enjoy the next-level perfection of marble-imprinted grey colors! 

The Greyish Marble 

24. Perfect Blend of Spring Colors 

Create a rhythmic combination of colors to steal hearts! 

Perfect Blend of Spring Colors

25. Zigzag Acrylic Nail Colors 

The perfectly formed zigzag can transform your plain nails into an artistic masterpiece! 

Zigzag Acrylic Nail Colors

26. The Cool Winter Perfection!

Blending sleek and glitter acrylic colors for nails can get you the perfect look for this winter! Get your favorite acrylic nail color kit and start your exciting nail art journey!

27. White & Minor Gold 

White, embellished with golden metallic color sparks the radiance of energy! 

White & Minor Gold 

28. Blood Red Tips 

The blood acrylic nail tip is a perfect way to pop up your nails, whilst maintaining elegance and sophistication! 

Blood Red Tips 

29. Five Shades of Blue 

The versatility of acrylic blue enriches your manicure with a glamorous style, helping you look timeless! 

Five Shades of Blue

30. Shiny Maroon 

Vibrant color splash with extreme elegance! Enjoy an enticing allure with shiny maroon acrylic nail color! 

Shiny Maroon

31. Only Beige 

Enjoy warmth with serene beige nails for a cool and extraordinary ravishing vibe.

Only Beige

32. Pinkish Tips 

Acrylic nails for summer, winter, or parties? Paint the tips pink acrylic color and enjoy the perfect look for any season! 

Pinkish Tips 

33. The Stylish Lavender 

Illuminate your style with a sleek lavender touch! 

The Stylish Lavender 

34. The Classy Beige 

Want to look classy without using funky colors? Illuminate your style with these chic beige acrylic nail color lines! 

The Classy Beige 

35. The Minimalist White Lines 

Shine with dazzling transparent nails with a touch of creative white lines! 

The Minimalist White Lines 

36. Orange Citrus Glazed Donut Acrylic Nails 

Elevate your look with sunshine citrus-glazed acrylic nails! Offering a lively, vibrant, and cool vibe! 

Orange Citrus Glazed Donut Acrylic Nails 

37. Silver Metallic Tips 

Enjoy the serene gold metallic look for a luxurious and pleasant look! 

Silver Metallic Tips

38. Iced Matcha Green Tea Nails

The epitome of enticing rich nails! Offering a clean and subtle aesthetic style that complements your entire look! 

39. White Floral Texture 

Immerse in glamour and luxury with soft floral acrylic nail designs!  

White Floral Texture 

Image Credit: Hailey Bieber

40. Simple Glittery Swrill Acrylic

Acrylic nail designs showcasing swirls complete your dream look!  

Simple Glittery Swrill Acrylic

41. The Sassy Acrylic Chrome Nails 

Capture attention with bold chrome nails and enjoy the joy of being perfect! 

The Sassy Acrylic Chrome Nails 

Winding Up! 

The evergreen world of acrylic colors of nails offers versatile, exciting, and ravishing palettes to build a unique vibe. From the sleek nude gradients to the chic funky hues, the options are diverse! 

Whether you’re dreaming of achieving that perfect bold red look for Christmas or a luxurious look with silver-rimmed nails, there is an acrylic color for everyone! These classy ideas can add elegance and complete your overall look. 

So, why not dive into the world of enchanting acrylic nails and steal the show with your mesmerizing nails? Elevate your style, express your unique personality, and build an ever-lasting impression!