10 Best Butterfly Eye Makeup Looks To Try In 2024

Yellow Butterfly Eye Makeup Ideas

The art of beauty is within yourself. All it takes is your unique essence, which requires a touch of inspiration that resonates. You have to try new looks; it’ll take you out of the box. Explore your creativity and experiment with different eye makeup tools and palettes. If you want to look your best on your own, we have a few designs, tips, and tricks for you to try in 2024. These butterfly-eye makeup looks will sway you. 

Ombre Butterfly Eye Makeup

Ombre Butterfly Eye Makeup

You have to try this precious ombre effect of the butterfly. This butterfly eye makeup will look perfect for a party night or even for a mega event. This ombre eye makeup demands concentration to pull off such a look. First, try creating purple high wings for the butterfly and blend them down towards the eyes with some light lavender eyeshadow in the corners of the butterfly wing. Put on some black eyeliner if you want to make this look even more impressive. It will add a wing effect to your eyes. 

Triple Tone Butterfly Eye Makeup

Triple Tone Butterfly Eye Makeup

Achieve style with this fabulous triple-tone eye makeup. To create this amazing look, merge shades of purple, blue, and parrot green on the eyelids and give them an ombre effect to mix a little bit into each other. Create a mesmerizing masterpiece by delicately sketching ebony butterfly wings along the elegant crease while adorning the shape with white dots. Enhance your eye-catching look by adding pink eyeshadow or eyeliner to the waterline, wisely placed on opposing sides.

Butterfly Dreamy Eye Makeup

Butterfly Dreamy Eye Makeup

Instead of sticking to the usual, this butterfly liner look takes on a new style. Make your bold style with a light winged sky blue eyeliner, boldly showing the outer corners of your eyes. Complement this striking style by delicately tracing baby pink eyeliner along the remaining area of your eyelids and adding some rhinestones to shine your look. The patterns beautifully mimic the complex patterns found on a butterfly’s delicate wing. 

Minimal Butterfly Effect

Minimal Butterfly Effect

Minimal is the new style to look out for. Give your eyes a minimalistic effect by adding small wings across your eyes. You can achieve these adorable little wings by first drawing the outline with your fabulous eyeliner, and then using the beautiful shimmering eyeshadow and a dainty fine-tip brush to saturate them in a way that is both elegant and sophisticated. This look is flawless for those moments when you desire a touch of elegance without going overboard, yet still wish to embrace the latest fashion trends.

Blue Butterfly Eye Makeup

Blue Butterfly Eye Makeup Ideas

The ultimate secret to achieving a fabulous butterfly-inspired eye makeup look lies in mastering the art of flawlessly applying the winged eyeliner. To achieve a fierce look, go for a liquid eyeliner that effortlessly creates a bold and dramatic line, extending it outward from the corner of your eye. This look can be achieved by applying blue eyeshadow in the shape of a butterfly’s wing. It will enhance your eyes and make them bigger. 

Dazzle yourself with a touch of rhinestone for glamour, or contemplate the charm of lashes that could transform into whimsical eyes. When you gently close your eyes, people should think for a moment that your eye wrinkles have changed into a beautiful creature with wings. 

Pink Butterfly Eye Makeup

Pink Butterfly Eye Makeup Ideas

To achieve this fabulous butterfly-inspired makeup look, begin by applying a base of foundation, ensuring an art. Next, you have to meticulously shape and groom your brows to perfection, framing your eyes like elegant works of art. Now, with the utmost precision, delicately trace the enchanting outline of the butterflies using an eyeshadow brush and a shade of light pink eyeshadow. Apply liquid eyeliner because liquid eyeliner and various shades of pink eyeshadow are absolutely essential for achieving this fabulous look.

Butterfly Tattoo Eye Makeup

Well, you know that a butterfly represents peace, hope, and rebirth. Sometimes it symbolises a glorified look through makeup. 

Butterfly Tattoo Eye Makeup

Therefore, for those who are just starting out and have no idea how to draw butterfly wings or create a butterfly eye makeup look, we have some options that are even better than they already are. Simply a butterfly tattoo sticker and some water are all that are required to achieve this look. Voila! Your butterfly tattoo eye makeup look is now complete! 

Yellow Butterfly Eye Makeup 

Yellow Butterfly Eye Makeup Ideas

To fully represent the energy of 2024, adorn your eyes with a resplendent yellow-gold butterfly-inspired makeup look. Begin by adorning your eyelids with a coat of vibrant yellow eyeshadow. Next, with precision, delicately apply your upper lash line, and begin by crafting the most butterfly wings. Gracefully draw two elongated triangles, one delicately placed above each eye, using the finest black liquid eyeliner. Embrace the artistry, and let your eyes flutter with elegance.

Enhance your stunning gaze by delicately applying golden eyeshadow to gracefully fill in the wings, effortlessly enhancing your overall aesthetic with a touch of luxury and charm. Complete your glamorous look with a lavish application of volumizing mascara, and prepare to dazzle the world with your enchanting butterfly-like flutter.

Green Butterfly Eye Makeup 

If you’re seeking the ethereal beauty of nature, a mesmerizing green butterfly eye makeup look is absolutely ideal for you. 

Green Butterfly Eye Makeup Ideas

Begin by effortlessly blending a shade of green eyeshadow onto your eyelids. To craft the butterfly wings, delicately sketch two elongated triangles above your eyes, employing the green eyeshadow with precision and finesse. Give the wings a shimmering silver hue. Enhance your stunning gaze by adding a touch of glamour with a volumizing mascara. This essential beauty tool will effortlessly up your eye game.

White Butterfly Eye Makeup


Experiment with stunning white butterfly eye makeup to achieve an ethereal aesthetic. The initial move is to adorn your eyelid entirely with a velvety white cosmetic, flawlessly blending it towards your brow bone. 

White Butterfly Eye Makeup Ideas

This little white touch will make your eyes pop like never before! To achieve the ultimate butterfly wings, use white eyeliner to gracefully sketch the wings of a butterfly above your eyes. When you adorn your lids with a few layers of lash-enhancing mascara, your white butterfly eyes will undoubtedly steal the spotlight.

Butterfly Eye Makeup Products And Tools To Use

To effortlessly slay the butterfly eye makeup look, you must possess the most fine selection of products and tools. 

Eyeshadow palettes

Seek out eyeshadow palettes that can enhance your eyes. Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty are absolute must-haves for creating jaw-dropping butterfly eye makeup looks. These brands offer a wide range of options that will leave you feeling like a true beauty icon.


Make sure to invest in eyeliners that have longevity and rich pigmentation. When it comes to effortlessly crafting butterfly wing shapes that are flawlessly precise, gel liners or liquid liners with ultra-fine brushes are perfect.


A good collection of brushes is an absolute necessity for achieving a flawless butterfly eye makeup look. You should look for a wide variety of brushes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as these brushes will make it easier for you to apply and blend your eyeshadows.

How Butterfly Eye Makeup Can Enhance You

Butterfly eye makeup is an absolute must-have trend in 2024, offering examples of fabulous benefits that are simply irresistible. First and foremost, it grants you the opportunity to showcase your artistic flair and unique sense of self. You can personalize your butterfly-inspired eye makeup to reflect your exceptional style and personality with an endless array of vivid colours and designs. 

This makeup has the power to effortlessly enhance your entire makeup repertoire. By emphasizing the eyes, butterfly eye makeup effortlessly gazes and infuses a delightful dose of opulence into every ensemble. Lastly, butterfly eye makeup is an absolute must-have for any person with style. It is an enchanting choice that is sure to turn heads and spark fascinating conversations. If you want to make a statement and show off your artistic abilities this is a fantastic way to do both of those things.  

Final Thoughts

Butterfly eye makeup has captured the attention of fashion, and it simply refuses to lose its irresistible charm as we enter the glamorous year of 2024. This absolutely eye-catching design trend entails crafting intricate winged designs around the eyes, flawlessly copying the ethereal charm of butterflies.

The charm of butterfly eye makeup continues to grab hold of the hearts of fashion enthusiasts as well. Whether you’re caught up in the enchantment of vibrant yellow, swept away by the serenity of tranquil green, or the beauty of pristine white butterfly eye makeup looks, the world of possibilities is limitless in scope. By immersing yourself in our fabulous tutorials and expert tips, you can effortlessly become part of this trend and ascend to the ranks of a true fashion visionary in the glamorous world of makeup. It’s time to embrace your inner fashion expert and fearlessly explore new things.