15 Heart Nail Designs To Elevate Your Hands

Heart Nail Designs


If you’re going out to a fancy restaurant or want to look cute on a dreamy date with your love once, try one of these lovely heart nail designs.

Life is not perfect, but your nails can be!

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is also coming, and we know that red nail art is the most demanding nail art in those days. But no worries!

We will give you the most glamorous Heart Nail Designs that will elevate your hands.

The heart is the symbol of love and compassion. Girls are always fascinated by heart-shaped ornaments. You can create your look according to your personality. Red is always the favorite color of girls. Girls love to wear red color nails, but the addition of hearts make them more fashionable and romantic. Every color expresses its story.

Although red or pink are classic choices for heart nails. Those of you who are more daring will like the black-and-white nail designs with hearts.

We girls could spend all day looking at adorable and creative nail art ideas; some would be simple enough for a do-it-yourselfer, while others would require a screenshot to show your favourite nail art. You’re guaranteed to develop romantic feelings for one of them.

Let’s embrace these colours for ourselves and build our world. A world which will be full of colours and creativity.

So, let’s start a long romantic walk to the nail salon to get a heart nail design to elevate your hands.

Heart Nail Designs

Simple Heart Nail Design

This nail art is the simplest. Like a white canvas, you can add your creativity to it. Apply any of your favorite colours on the base of your nails. Then, make a small heart shape on the tips of the nails. You can also add heart-shaped stickers on it. These French tip nails with a heart design look so elegant.

If you really love your girlfriends/wife, then these heart nails will be your next choice. Please book an appointment and let her slay in this look.

Simple Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

White Cutout Heart Nail Design

If you are looking for French nails, then this nail art is a choice for your next nail art. This nail art suits with nude French nails with white colour cutout nail design.

White Cutout Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Velvet Heart Nail Design

This is the most silky, velvety and soft nail look. This nail art is one of the most popular nail art with a wide canvas. You can add as many innovations to it as you have experienced in your life. Adopting this bold and arrogant nail design is one of the best decisions you have ever made after leaving your ex.

Velvet Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Black Heart Nail Design

Bold and bossy girls are always fascinated by others. Black is the colour which can cover all colours. It is a bossy colour, and girls who wear this nail art give a bossy look. It’s up to you whether you want to make a bossy look with a black heart nail design or a soft glam look.

You can make a delicate look with a heart nail design if you have short French tip nails.

Black Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Red Heart Nail Design

Red is the colour of the heart, love, and emotions. Girls with the red heart nail design on long almond nail tips are the center of attraction at every party.

Guys, always remember those girls who wear red nail art.

Harry Styles is a world-famous singer. He is in love with the Red heart nail design. Harry Styles wears a red heart nail design in her first debut. His look covered TikTok, and teenagers like his nail art, especially girls.

Red Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Magenta and White Heart Nail Design

This is one of my favorite nail art pieces, with magenta and white nail polish and little hearts on it. This heart nail design gives a royal look to your nails.

Magenta Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Heartful Hues

The nude colour base with some colorful hearts on it looks so fascinating. Try to add different colour hearts to add more fun to it.

Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Chic Heart Tips

This is a simple but chic look for your next date!

Simple white tip acrylic nails with some mini black hearts on them. This nail is the perfect choice for those who want a simple but attractive nail design.

Heart Tips Nail Designs for Chic Look

Glazed Donut Heart Nail Design

This nail art is too sweet to ignore!

This is a shimmery-glazed donut heart nail with sweet, tiny hearts on it. This nail art will definitely compel others to notice your nail art and give a compliment.

Glazed Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Garden Of Love Heart Nail Design

This heart nail design has as many colours as you have in your life. If you are in love, then these colours will certainly be infinite. Cute little green stems with cute tiny hearts on them give a very delicate look to your nails. You add one and three tiny hearts to it to make it funkier. The addition of a glittery finish will make it more interesting.

Love Garden Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Pink Heart Nail Design

Cute little pink hearts with off-white nude bases look so beautiful. This nail art will leave an enduring impression on others. This heart nail design gives very cozy vibes.

Pink Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Chrome Heart Nail Design

Chrome is always the first choice of girls for their nail art. When it’s about chrome heart nail design, it’s something beyond your imagination. Pink nude French tip nails with silver hearts on them will complete this look. This nail art is super cute and elegant after final finish.

Chrome Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

French Square Heart Nail Design

Our ring finger is directly associated with our heart. In this nail art, the other finger has a tip line, and the ring finger has tiny hearts on it. This nail art is full of creativity.

French Square Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Coloured Heart Nail Design

If you love rainbows, then this heart nail design is for you. This nail art is the sweetest and most vibrant, full of colours. You can add as many colours as you want. It is all about your creativity and if you know how to play with colours.

Coloured Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look

Long Coffin Mini Heart Nail Design

This nail art gives you vibes that your hands are diving into the heart of the galaxy. A tale of majestic wonder. So, if you love your queen, select this nail art and book an appointment for her in a nail salon.

Long Coffin Heart Nail Designs for Chic Look


Nail art can be challenging and fun, but according to our experts, these heart nail designs are simple enough to do at home. These designs can be achieved with liner brushes and two or three different shades of the colour desired. Start with a heart at the center of the nail, and continue layering out with different colours. An easy approach to avoid mess is to use a UV dryer to cure your nails after every line.

Over time, using liquid collagen & cuticle oil helps strengthen nails by increasing blood flow to the area.

There is another method to complete the look if you are rushing. Then this look can easily get this classy nail art at home using stickers with the heart nail design stamped on them. You can even colour your nails in the same or contrast colour. Simply apply your favorite nail color as base coat, then add a heart shape sticker on top, and cover with top coat polish.

So, are you ready to welcome 2024 with your mesmerizing, colorful heart nail designs? Elevate your personality with our provided heart nail designs. Start your 2024 with infinite possibilities and innovations. All of these colours and designs have stories in themselves. So, be expressive and express your story and love through these colours to complement your outfit and style.

Upgrade your personality with these classy and intricate heart nail designs and let your fingers and nails steal the show.

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