11 Best Low Taper Fade Haircuts to Elevate Your Style 2024

Low taper fade


The low taper fade is a stylish haircut that is achieved by creating a smooth transition from longer to shorter hair. It typically begins with longer hair on the crown and gradually starts to lose texture and length as it reaches the back and sides of the head. The result is a clean and sleek look that radiates glamour.

Okay, let’s not confuse it with the fade cut. Both might look similar but are slightly different. Fade haircut is characterized by its unique sharp edgy feel, covering all the sides with the fade. On the other hand, the transition created with the low taper fade cut isn’t as sharp as with the fade. The crown is kept slightly longer at the back, resulting in a smoother blend.

Today, we’ll dive into the world of low taper fade haircuts that’s been making waves in the fashion world. Getting this mesmerizing haircut is all about staying on top of your grooming game. So, why not give it a try?

Below you’ll find some inspirations for your next trip to the barber. Let’s jump in…

11 Modern Low taper Fade Haircuts for Stylish Boys

Low taper fade is a super popular haircut because of its versatility and low-maintenance charm. It requires minimal effort to keep it in the best shape. Here are some outstanding ideas for you:

Blown-Back Straight Strands with Low Taper Fade

Low taper fade works incredibly amazing with straight straights elegantly moving backward. This hairstyle gives a sleek look with a gradual fade created close to the ear and neckline. This seamlessly contributes to creating a sleek appearance. What makes this hairstyle truly incredible is its compatibility with different hair textures.

This is the perfect haircut for fashion lovers who want to look stylish without overdoing the styling. This hairstyle is a perfect example of simplicity embracing the elegant allure, resulting in a head-turning haircut.

Add blonde highlights to the crown for a more chic and stylish look. Make sure to choose a high-quality hair dye.

Blown Black Low Taper fade Haircut for Edgy Look

Low taper Fade (Black Male)

This one is not only a perfect black boy haircut but also a nice hairstyle for white boys. Starting from the sides of the forehead, the taper gradually moves all the way back to the neck. A chic edgy shape is maintained with a sharp rectangular shape created elegantly on the sides of the forehead.

The textured curly crown is gracefully placed on the top of the head, making it look like a sassy head adornment for capturing attention. It’s a wonderful hairstyle for fashion lovers who want to embrace sophisticated vibes with a stylish haircut. This low taper fade haircut is perfect for any occasion, including professional meetings, where the dress code is always simple and elegant.

Use a high-quality gel and apply it to your fingertips. With the help of your fingers, apply the gel to the curly stands to achieve this perfect look.

Curly Top Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Messy Faux Mohawk with Low Taper Fade

A chic low taper fade hairstyle! This one showcases messy strands on top of the crown that are gracefully intertwining with each other. Instead of placing the strands backward, the hairstylist has chosen to put the curly strands on the forehead. Making the crown look like a bowing crown.

Hair strands on the crown start to lose their length from the center of the head as it moves back towards the neck. The crown then finally meets with the taper fade that is elegantly distributed on all sides, adding sharpness to this messy look.

It’s a wonderful haircut choice for boys who don’t shy away from wearing bold and messy hairstyles. This taper fade will speak a lot about your unique and confident personality.

Use a curler to shape the curls and apply gel for a long-lasting hold. Blow dry your hair to add the volume and then use gel to shape the sides for a clean and polished look. That’s all!

Messy Top Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Low Taper Fade and Blown-Down Bangs

A super-chic choice for bold fashion souls! This haircut transcends the traditional boy’s haircut trends and allows the sweet front bangs to swing elegantly on the face. Each curly strand is placed elegantly with its tip pointing to the front.

The taper fade close to the ear unveils a bit of skin, adding a next-level edginess to this incredible haircut. However, the taper fade created above the neckline showcases no sign of baldness. This unique blend offers a mesmerizing look that holds the remarkable potential to grab attention.

To style low tapers with blown-down bangs, first blow dry your hair and direct the bangs downward for a tousled look. Finish off with a high-quality hair spray.

Blown Down Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Low Taper Fade with Stylish Razored Lines

Have you ever tried a sassy razored line on taper fade? If not, then, we’re 100% percent sure that this idea will definitely urge you to get a sexy line on the taper.

Look at these awe-striking lines crafted perfectly above the neckline. The razored lines add a splash of movement to this hairstyle. You can choose to place your longer strands of the crown towards the front and back. Either way, these sassy lines will remain the focal point, effortlessly enhancing the overall look.

Blow dry the crown to add volume and texture, and comb the hair to ensure they are symmetrically placed all over the head. Don’t forget to visit the barber for regular trims.

Razored Lines Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Low Taper Fade with Dread Locks

Low taper looks outstanding on every type of textured crown. That also includes the sexy dreadlocks. This wonderful and captivating idea showcases dreadlocks elegantly spiked up all over the crown. Taper fade starts with a captivating edge that extends backward with extreme elegance. The edginess of this wonderful haircut is further enhanced with the razored cut that seamlessly connects the crown and the taper fade.

This hairstyle is a perfect example of minimalist taper fade combined with a textured crown. An impressive harmony is maintained, with the low taper turning to baldness as it connects with the neckline.

To create a perfect spiky crown, apply a small amount of hair gel to each lock. Use your fingers to twist and shape them. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Dreadlocks Top Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Dyed Crown with Low Taper Fade

A perfect low taper hairstyle idea for black boys!

Amazing edges are created to achieve this flawless look. The curly strands on top of the crown are coated in a greenish hue that adds a modern touch to this chic hairstyle. Additionally, the curve behind the ear also works well in making this style look extraordinarily amazing.

It’s the perfect choice for black and even white boys with curly hair. The best part? You’ll only require a few minutes to style this chic hairstyle.

If you aren’t comfortable with permanent hair dyes, try using a temporary spray color. This is going to save you plenty of bucks and hours.

Dyed Top Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Pompadour with Low Taper Fade

This superb combination looks like a match made in heaven, a hairstyle that always looks trendy and bold. The voluminous top with a pompadour featured at the front gradually tapers down the sides and the neck. As a result, creating a super-chic blend of sophistication and modern fashion.

It’s a versatile idea that can suit every face shape and texture, making this hairstyle a wonderful choice for everyday lunches or wedding parties.

What’s worth noticing is the curve crafted behind the ear. It follows the exact pattern of your ear’s helix, making it look like the part of the ear.

To create this fluffy pompadour, dampen your hair with a gel. Using the comb, lift the strands upward and create a voluminous look. Finally, shape it by pressing the tips with your palms.

Pompadour Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Low Taper Fade with Ponytail

This dynamic hairstyle elegantly blends with the sophistication of a low taper and laid-pack ponytail to create a modern and chic combination. The low taper gradually fading down the sides adds a unique flair to the look, while the easy-breezy ponytail completes its classy chic aura.

For those who appreciate a wonderful blend of styles, this hairstyle is for you. Notice the length of the hair on the crown is kept longer.

If you’d also like to achieve an exact look but have short hair, try using a wig. Mid-length hair would also go well with this hairstyle.

Ponytail Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Low taper With Bun

We’ve talked about low tapers with dreadlocks, straight hair, and even ponytail. So, how can we forget about the “bun”?

A low taper with a nice bun creates a sleek combination that exudes glamour. The excellent blend of a low taper, ponytail, and brushed-back crown proves that creativity has no limit. It’s a suitable option for the ones who have slightly long hair that is to be tied during your working hours. With the taper fade placed under the crown, you’ll slay with your looks at the workplace.

No matter, whether you’ve got curly hair or dead-straight strands, this hairstyle will perfectly befit your personality.

Grab a hair tie and gather your hair to create a ponytail. Now take the strands passing through the tail and wrap them up around the ponytail in a circular motion. Take another hair tie to secure it. Your dream bun is ready!

Bun Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Taper Fade Side Razored Lines

The perfectly three razored lines are crafted on the sides where the low taper sits with its unique allure. The crown contains neatly swept-up hair that loses its length as it moves towards the neck.

The razored lines give a wonderful edgy touch to this hairstyle. Making it perfect for bold personalities who dare to break the traditional boundaries of haircuts. It’s a modern and chic option for all of those who want to grab the attention of onlookers and enjoy being the center of attention at every gathering.

Sassy Razored Lines Low Taper Haircut for Edgy Look

Blow dry your hair to create the crown for this hairstyle. Then, apply gel to the palms of your hands and gently spread them beneath the strands. Work through the hair to create this perfect look.

Final Thoughts!

Low taper is a fantastic haircut that gives off sharp and edgy vibes. It looks super amazing and requires minimal effort to keep it in a top-of-the-notch shape.

It’s a life-changing haircut that can be styled in a few minutes at home. Now, imagine how many bucks you’re going to save when not visiting the barber every time you need an event-worthy hairstyle.

Sounds incredible! So, bookmark this blog to access these ideas in the future to enjoy a mesmerizing hairstyle experience with the chic low taper fade.

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