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best selling Ariana Grande Perfumes


Like Ariana Grande’s beauty and incredibly awesome voice, her perfumes are also irresistibly awesome. Much like the pop star’s iconic style, her scents excel at weaving the spell of elegance and allure.  

We’ve prepared this aromatic journey for you to explore the magical Ariana Grande perfumes. Each of her bottles, without a doubt, gracefully mirrors her incredible charm. We’ve tested and tried her 7 perfumes for the honest reviews. Below you’ll discover the best options along with their prices, key notes, product weight, and a lot more. 

So, are you ready to inhale the bewitching aura of the pop star’s scents? Let’s dive in… 

7 Best Selling Ariana Grande Perfumes

The best thing about Ariana Grande perfumes is that all of them offer a burst of freshness. Here is the list of her best scents: 

Ariana Grande Perfume (Cloud)

Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume 

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume holds a special place among her fans and it’s literally not hard to see why.  This captivating scent comes in a visually stunning bottle embellished with a fluffy cloud gracefully placed on the bottom. 

The fragrance packed in the delicate bottle is a perfect blend of sweet notes. The chic combination of coconut, praline, vanilla orchid, and cream offers a bewitching sweetness. Mesmerizing notes of the perfume are excellently balanced by fruit and floral elements that include musk, lavender, bergamot, and pear. 

The cloud offers enchanting aromas similar to that of delicious freshly baked sugar biscuits. As reflected by its wonderfully designed bottle, the cloud contains a sweet aroma.  It’s perfect for sweet souls who want to embrace soft and nice scents without giving off extravagant vibes. 

Price: $65

Ariana Grande Candy Perfume

Ariana Grande Perfumes (Candy)

Next on our list is this sugary fragrance that opens with a burst of enticing notes of sweet blackberries and sharp Italian bergamot. As the scent is sprayed, a seductive blend of raspberry filled with charismatic marshmallow and vanilla allure fills the air. Once the fragrance settles, you’ll breathe in the smooth cashmere woods. It brings cool and cozy feelings

What sets this wonderful perfume apart is its ability to maintain an unbelievably awesome balance. Arian Grande Moonlight Perfume is sweet without being extravagant, making it a perfect choice for multiple events and occasions. 

Additionally, the scent further lingers throughout the day, leaving the trails of alluring bliss wherever you step in. The bottle itself is also beautiful, embellished with a fluffy pom-pom and light pink color. Both of these chic adornments reflect the whimsical charm of the perfume. 

Price: $65

Ariana Grande “Thank U Next” Perfume

Ariana Grande “Thank U Next” Perfume

A playful and chic scent crafted for the young hearts! The perfume offers a delightful scent of sweet raspberry and pear. The result? A dominant scent that is coated in an extreme sweetness. 

Its fragrance is a bit extravagant and bold and might not suit every soul. The enchanting perfume, however, is ideal for the young ladies with a bold soul. Thank U Heart arrives with creamy and powdery tones that add a mature touch to the fragrance

In addition to this, the fruity accent offers an enchanting allure that is perfect for spring and autumn. The gourmand undertones further offer winter perfection with its cozy vibes. However, its warmth might not suit the harsh summer.  

This perfume thrives in parties and casual settings. As it radiates playful and flirty vibes, it can serve well for romantic dates or hangouts with friends. Its sweet and seductive vibes might not be perfect for professional settings. 

Price: $66.99 

Ariana Grande R.E.M for Women

Ariana Grande R.E.M for Women

Ariana Grande’s REM offers an awesome fragrance that invites you to dream and embrace the allure of modern fragrances. REM for Women is packed with delicious quince and a small amount of fig, creating an awesome blend of immediate attention. As the scent starts to settle on your body, the captivating notes of pear and lavender blossom emerge. 

This wonderful combination adds a touch of floral glamour to the fragrance. You’ll also experience the base notes of musk, sandalwood, and bean. Another standout quality of R.E.M. is its longevity. It stays throughout the day. Additionally, it’s perfect for almost all sorts of events. Whether you’re heading for a glamorous night or for the office, R.E.M. for women is a perfect fit for you. The bottle itself is an impressive work of art. The captivating lavender-colored bottle is embellished with beautiful motifs, giving luxurious vibes.

Price: $65 

Ariana Grande God Is A Woman

Ariana Grande God Is A Woman

In a world where music and art are considered the only mediums for self-expression, Ariana Grande’s “God Is a Woman” perfume appears as a daring expression that defies the typical perceptions of femininity.

Inspired by her song “God is a Woman”, this scent is primarily created for women. It contains a mesmerizing and fruity scent that gives off youthful vibes. The perfume unveils an extravagant note of pear that immediately captures the senses. This note is further enhanced with the blend of ambrette underdone, which adds a musky edge and a unique depth to the initial sweet aroma. 

Followed by this sweet aroma, the “God Is A Woman” doesn’t transform into the expected floral scent. Instead, these floral blossoms are undetectable, giving the perfume a unique trajectory that transcends the traditional scents. The fragrance closes with beautiful base notes of vanilla and cedarwood. 

Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman” is like a fully-blossomed tree, adorned with delicious sweet fruit and a slight touch of muskiness. This fragrance is suitable for daytime use. However, it might not be the best fit for snowy months or intense summer heat. This perfume isn’t a good fit for people looking for depth, but it works well for daytime outings and office meetings. 

Price: $118.50

Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Perfume 

If you’re a true fan of luxurious fragrances, the Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 perfume is an awesome scent that you wouldn’t want to miss. Let’s start the review with the packaging. This perfume comes in an iconic bottle featuring a delicate cloud that adds refined simplicity to the overall look. The packaging reflects the fragrance’s unique aura, that is chic, dreamy, and undoubtedly enchanting. 

Once the bottle is spritzed,  the initial bold blend of bergamot and lavender instantly captures the senses. As the scent settles, the heart notes of coconut and pear emerge with their unique allure, offering a sweet and enchanting aroma that is both playful and charismatic. 

The base notes of Cloud 2.0 include praline, cashmere woods, and orchids. All of these notes combine to create a  sensual undertone that can stay from the day to the night. This sweet scent is perfect for almost all events and occasions. 

Price: $64.99

Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Perfume 

Ariana Grande Thank U Next 2.0

Ariana Grande’s scent uncovers a different, yet captivating aroma. With the Thank U Next 2.0 perfume, the pop star continues to surprise us with its unique and enchanting allure.  

The first thing that catches her fans’ eyes is the stunning packaging. The Thank U 2.0  is inspired by its predecessor but offers a visually stunning modern twist embellished with light-purple and metallic hues. The packaging is a true example of a chic and captivating representation of scents. 

The initial notes of Thank U Next 2.0 contain white pear and raspberry. These fruity notes excel at creating an energetic introductory aroma. These playful initial notes are followed by the mesmerizing scents pe peony and rose, which adds a touch of femininity and romance to the entire blend. 

Another amazing quality of Thank U Next is its incredible dry-down capability. The chic base notes of sweet creamy musk, coconut, and sandalwood create a mesmerizing combination that can linger for hours. 

The sweet, empowering, and confident vibes of Thank U Next 2.0 make it perfect for everyday outings. Whether you’re running errands, going for an office meeting, or hanging out with friends, this perfume can fill your personality with delicious aroma. The wonderful and sweet blend of floral elements also makes it perfect for special events, like wedding parties, red carpet events, etc. 

Ariana Grande Thank U Next 2.0

FRANKIE by Ariana Grande Perfume (Eau De Parfum 1.7)

FRANKIE Eau De Parfume 1.7 offers an incredible fragrance that effortlessly blends mystery, simplicity, and playfulness. The bottle’s mesmerizing packaging is a true visual delight. The beautiful bottle wonderfully features a silver color that is adorned with a chic matte metallic finish. The refined aesthetical bottle reflects an incredible interplay of light and shadow. 

Ariana Grand’s Frankie uncovers with an exciting burst of sparkling bergamot and pink pepper. The initial notes soon transform to floral accents dominated by wild orchids and peonies, filling the aroma with romantic and feminine allure. Each of the floral elements is expertly balanced, allowing them to shine with their unique allure without overpowering the others. 

The base notes of FRANKIE contain sandalwood, musk, and marshmallow. This offers a warm and comfortable allure that adds incredible depth and sophistication to the scent. It’s a wonderful perfume that keeps the inhalers captivated from the first spritz to the very last notes. 

Like all the other Ariana Grande perfumes,  FRANKIE can also maintain its aroma throughout the day. Its sillage is moderate which leaves captivating trails that are both enchanting and captivating. Frankie is a wonderful perfume that can go well with all events and occasions. So, be it the professional office meetings or fancy night parties.  

FRANKIE by Ariana Grande Eau De Parfum 1.7

Mod Blush Ariana Grande for Women 

This perfume comes in a modern and stylish packaging. It’s a true celebration of charm and modernity. We must say that its bottle design deserves a salute. The pleasant scent is packed in a sleek and pink-colored geometric bottle. The aesthetic design offers an alluring vibe which clearly reflects the charms of the fragrance.  

Once you spritz the perfume,  the initial notes of grapefruit and delicious pear greet take center stage. This mesmerizing opening then invites captivating floral and romantic notes, i.e., peony and rose petals. 

We were truly inspired by Mod’s capability to strike an incredible balance between simplicity and the awesome base notes of musk and cedarwood. This elevates the warmth and depth of the charismatic floral scent. 

This is an awesome choice for fragrance enthusiasts who are looking for a sweet scent that can accompany them at all events. From the fun hangouts with your gang to the professional onsite meetings, Mod can help you stand out with its enchanting vibe. 

Mod Blush Ariana Grande for Women 

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Perfume

Ariana’ Grand’s Sweet Like Candy perfume delivers a mesmerizing aura that truly feels like a heavenly experience. From the delicate initial scent to the base notes, this perfume delivers a sweet experience that can captivate your fellows. 

The red bottle with a graceful fluffy pom-pom is a masterpiece, adding a bold touch to its unique aura. Moving forward to its notes, Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy opens with a blend of blackberry and bergamot notes. This creates an enchanting stage that is both bold and captivating. The heart notes of the fragrance contain rich cassis and marshmallow. 

Additionally, the base notes of vanilla and precious woods enhance its overall depth and warmth, offering a flirtatious whisper that demands attention. The bold aroma of this perfume is perfect for those who want to embrace extravagant and chic fragrances. 

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Perfume

Wrapping Up! 

Whether you’re looking for a sweet chic fragrance for your next date. 

Or whether you want to wear a beautiful blend of marshmallow and vanilla, the Ariana Grande Perfume collection has got you covered! 

From its pungent “Thank U Next” to the sweet Candy scents, all of these alluring perfumes can fill your diva-like body with enchanting smell. But before ordering one, you’ve got to consider the settings of the event or gathering. As for some professional settings the extravagant fragrances might not fit in. 

You can get the cloud or candy perfume for daily use and “Thank U Heart” for romantic dates. So, ready to embrace the sweet and enchanting aura of Ariana Grande perfumes? 

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