Short Curly Hair Styles: 12 Trendy Cuts for 2024

Short Curly Hair Styles for Perfect Look


The best short curly hair styles are primarily personal preference. Short curly hair has volume and elegance, offering many hairstyles to modify your look. Short curly hair styles are always eye-catching and confident. Consider your curl pattern, facial shape, wash day frequency, and activity level while choosing short curly hair styles. 

Short curly hair styles can be styled in numerous ways like long hair. Try slicked back, tucked behind the ears and side-swept fringe on short and long hair while waiting for your ideal length. Use hair clips, headbands, and hair wraps to navigate the unpleasant grow-out process. Find your personalized routine today!

What Are the Best Products For Short Curly Hair Styles?

Start with wash day fundamentals when picking short curly hair styles products. Washing using a sulfate-free shampoo for curly hair prevents curls from drying out and losing oils. If your curls are dry, use the Almond Milk Ultra-Nourishing Hair Mask before shampooing.

No matter your hair length, use products that suit your strands. When in doubt, use products that suit your curl pattern and hair porosity. For 4A to 4C curls, pomades and heavier hair oils are best, while the Leave-In Conditioner helps hydrate and define looser curls.

Edge control is ideal for short curly hair. Without the length to tuck strays, a firm grip gel will hold baby hairs. Your edge control should hold and not dry out or shatter. If you have shaved sections, it’ll be useful. It softens and smooths shaved edges and adds moisture and gloss.

Best Short Curly Hair Styles 

Bob Short Curly Hair Styles

A short curly bob is suitable for people with longer curls that reach the chin or above. Bob cuts are distinguished by their sharp angles, so cut yours clean and blunt at the base and apply Healthy Hair Butter to define and smooth your curls, especially at the ends.

This style is voluminous at the crown and buzzed at the nape. Coiled and tightly curled textures like 4C hair keep the shape up top, making the curly hair fade excellent for them. The volume that makes this style fresh may be lost with looser natural curls.

Lob Short Curly Hair Styles

This bob-like style demands even longer naturally curly hair. Lobs are longer variants of bobs that hit under the chin and an inch or two above the shoulder. A curly lob needs crisp lines like a bob, so clip the ends equally around your head. Add gloss to the blunt cut to add more sheen in your look.

Pixie Short Curly Hair Styles

Pixies are traditional short curly hair styles that can be styled with different textures. Without more than two inches of hair on either side, hair is cut uniformly around the head. This style is perfect for a hefty chop without a buzz cut. For optimal results, define and shape curls with gel or pomade.

Waved Edges Short Curly Hair Styles

Style your cropped style with detailing on the edges. Use an edge control gel and toothbrush to advance baby hair around your hairline. You can swirl them however you want. There’s no incorrect way to lay these hairs down, so be creative.

Short Curly Bangs

Curly fringe are possible if you have the length (six to eight inches off your head when straight). You can cut them below the brow line or above it with micro-bangs. Don’t trim your fringe too short to start because your curl pattern will shrink your coils, leaving you with super-micro fringe until they grow out.

Tapered Back Short Curly Hair Styles

Tapered back helps shape your curly hairdo even if you don’t fade the back. The buzz in the back is even, but the cut narrows from top to bottom, almost like a diamond. Keep the crown top low or let it grow out to contrast the low cut back.

The remix angles the super-sharp lines of a conventional chin-length bob such that the front touches at the jawline and the line rises slightly from front to back. For the effect, the angle need not be dramatic. Most backs hit the nape of the neck.

Undercut Short Curly Hair Styles

Buzz one side of your undercut short curly hair at the temple to add edge. You need longer top hair to hang over the cutting area. This two-in-one style is excellent for all the barrette hairstyles that are trendy right now since you won’t notice it until you raise the hair hanging down from your crown.

Space Buns Short Curly Hair Styles

Divide curls into two high buns instead of a top knot. This is one of the easiest curly hairstyles, although it requires some length. This style, like a messy top knot, looks nice with frizzy curls. The strengthening serum helps shine your buns without curl definition.

Full Slick Back Short Curly Hair

Full slick backs short curly hair styles are great statement. This look works with one inch of hair. Swipe curls from front to back with a boar bristle brush and conditioner. Gently brush curls to preserve curl pattern. While styling, tie a silk scarf over your head to hold down your natural curls.

Twist Out Short Curly Hair Styles

This traditional protective style works on most hair lengths, but you need two inches to twist. Make two-strand twists from root to tip in two- to three-inch portions with twisting cream. Air-dry or set your hair with a hooded dryer. Before unravelling twists, dry your hair for smooth, defined curls.

Deep Side Short Curly Hair Styles

No matter your length or short curly haircut, a sharp part adds visual intrigue. Draw lines immediately before your temple on either side for a simple geometric look that stands out. Add clean, blunt ends to your curls to balance the sharpness.

Flat Twist Mohawk Short Curly Hair Styles

Gathering shorter hair into any updo is difficult. Twisting hair from the sides of your head upward creates this Mohawk short curly hair styles. You secure shorter hairs that can’t be gathered into a bun by twisting. Leave the ends loose for a Mohawk down your head.

Short curly hairstyles represent individuality and natural beauty in hair styling. Celebrities and influencers have shown that curls can be chic, edgy, and everything in between. Adding headbands, clips, or scarves makes the style ideal for work or a night out. Short curly hair combines spontaneity and elegance, effortlessly attracting attention.


These 12 short curly hair styles for girls appreciate the natural texture while adding flair and variation for every occasion. These short curly hair styles provide uniqueness and charm to every strand. Short curly hair may be fashionable and easy, from the classic pixie cut that frames the face with soft, tousled curls to the modern bob that adds volume and bounce.

Natural curls allow you to enjoy its unique structure and movement without spending hours straightening. Short curly hair can be styled in a variety of ways, from beachy waves to structured ringlets. Each curl has a story, making it stand out. Since curls are unpredictable, each day delivers a fresh wave of beauty, proving the natural allure of embracing one’s genuine texture.


Which Haircut Is Best For Short Curly Hair?

Short curly hair styles look great in pixie cuts or long bobs with layers. These cuts will add volume and richness to your hair while retaining its structure and manageability. 

How Do I Style Short Curly Hair?

You can apply curl product to wet hair, squeeze gently, then use a diffuser or let it dry to style short, curly hair. Form curls with your fingertips to finish styling.

Does A Hair Spa Help Short Curly Hair?

A hair spa can reduce frizz, define curls, and hydrate short curly hair. 

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