How To Get Taper Fade Haircut Guide 2024

Taper Fade Haircut Guide

The taper fade haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles because it is both classic and adaptable for all types of ages. Let’s deep dive in to taper fade haircut guide.

The taper fade is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn for any event because of its smooth transition from short to longer hair. This trendy cut has become a staple for men and women of all ages and backgrounds who want to seem current and chic. The taper fade haircut, praised for its ability to merge tradition and modern trends, has become a mainstay in men’s fashion, appearing everywhere from barbershops to catwalks. This article delves into the history, several varieties, and reasons for the taper fade’s continued popularity among people from all walks of life.

How To Get Taper Fade Haircut Guide?

About a generation ago, some barbers still considered basin cuts acceptable for men’s hairstyles. First, know that the taper fade haircut is a hybrid of two distinct barbering techniques. These approaches to cutting hair provide a seamless transition between different lengths of hair, one aspect in which they are comparable. The main difference between a fade and a taper is that the latter uses scissors and clippers to shape longer hair, while the former uses clippers alone and is typically considerably shorter, reaching the skin.

What Is A Taper Fade Haircut?

What Is A Taper Fade Haircut?
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When barbers combine a taper and a fade, they may achieve a skin fade with pinpoint accuracy, even on very long hair. The result is a sleek, contemporary style that would have left barbers of yore gasping in disbelief.

Lately, men’s interest in tapered and fading hairstyles has skyrocketed, due to largely historical plays that have introduced viewers to different ways of grooming. Many modern, fashion-forward guys choose the taper fade because it nods to this while simultaneously being very present. It looks clean and crisp with the increasing number of men requesting it.

The taper fade haircut is an adaptable cut with a classic short back and sides cut. It goes well with various styles, including short crops and pompadours that sing and shine. This adaptability makes it a cut that works for various face shapes. Because of the taper fade and the length still on top, the face appears longer. You probably only want to do this if you’re intentionally looking for a horsey feel.

The taper fade haircut is suited to most, as you can adapt the height and shape of the fade and weight of the blend to suit any client. You can leave a thick blend by taking the shortest grade pretty high, which is perfect for older people. An alternative to the more common straight shape is to form an arch as your base, allowing you to leave extra weight behind the ears.

The Best Taper Fade Styles And How To Get Them

The Best Taper Fade Styles And How To Get Them
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Take a peek at the most popular versions of the style for inspiration before you buzz off to the barbershop for one of the defining cuts of the decade.

  • Prepare And Divide The Hair
  • Start Trimming With A Medium Number
  • Create The Fade Line
  • Movement
  • Clean Up
  • Complete The Upper Area
  • Dry And Style

Common mistakes when cutting a taper fade haircut

It is essential to create the initial bald line around the head while beginning a fade, particularly a skin fade. The consensus is that this is a “guideline” that will show you where to begin fading. There are two common ways people make the mistake of drawing a hard line as their first guideline during this phase.

Increasing the length too quickly

A fade is a haircut in which the length gradually grows from the nape up to the crown. You may accomplish this by cutting your hair in that specific pattern, short at the roots and gradually longer as you work up the head. Many stages are involved, particularly when it comes to skin fades. The tiniest, most incremental change must go from skin to any hair length.

Not Using the Right Tools

A skin fade requires tools such as an electric shaver, trimmers, clippers, guards, and a straight-edge razor. You can only sometimes make quick leaps with the right equipment, just as you can’t do it too swiftly. Not that you need these, but if you need help getting your fades to appear decent, these will be a huge help.

Not using the right guard

Often, it’s only a question of not knowing which guard to apply. You must try a few things until you find what works. It’s normal for hair clippers to have their safety features; however, those features may be lacking. Many people do this, I’ve found.

Always be aware of the length of your guards and how they cut. Using the improper guard could be why your fades aren’t turning out how you want them to.

Not Using the Taper Lever

The clipper’s taper lever is the one on the side that lets you change the length of the blade. When the lever is fully extended, it cuts at its shortest length. When fully lowered, it cuts at its largest length.

The taper lever is helpful when you need to trim shorter lengths. To achieve a seamless blend of fade lines, you must use this lever by gradually opening it to increase the cutting length. This applies whether you use a trimmer or a clipper without a guard to initiate the fade.

Tips For Maintaining a Taper Fade Haircut

Tips For Maintaining a Taper Fade Haircut
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If you want your faded haircut to seem modern and chic, you need to maintain your taper fade haircut. To keep the fade effect strong, frequent visits to the barbershop are required to clock the hair on the sides and back of the head. Maintaining healthy, hydrated hair also requires using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

  • Regular Trims
  • Making Use of High Quality Products
  • Making a Habit of Your Hair Care Routine

A low taper fade haircut is a great option if you’re looking for a trendy, modern cut. Finding the correct barber, learning the vocabulary, and taking good care of your haircut are the three most crucial things you can do to have a low taper. Learn the ins and outs of the perfect low taper fade haircut with the help of this blog post.

Anyone looking to spice up their style can go right with the classic Fade Haircut. Everyone can find the perfect fade haircut from the various styles and variations. The Fade Haircut is perfect for those who want a timeless style as well as those who want something more contemporary and daring.

Final Thoughts

The taper fade haircut is a classic and adaptable cut that is becoming more popular among many types of people. People who want to look put-together and smart often choose it because of how well it combines current styles with timeless aesthetics. Whether you pick a low, mid, or high taper fade, this style of haircut not only makes you seem confident, but it also gives you the freedom to show your individuality while still looking polished and put together.

So, guys, let’s explore this hairstyle that will never go out of style, the taper fade is a great way to step up your grooming game.