9 Creepy Face Painting Ideas You Won’t Believe are Real!

Creepy Face Painting


Welcome to a scary world where artistic face paint ideas take chilling turns. In this blog, we’re going to list out the unrealistic ideas that scream rebellious vibes.  

Face painting is all about a perfect vibrant look. It’s the time when we uncover our artistic sides. Whether you are going to a Halloween party or the next creepy function, achieving a perfect face painting is a must to complete your look.  

Finding a perfect face painting inspiration? Here in this blog, we’ve listed the best ideas. 

Let’s dive in… 

Creepy Face Painting Ideas

Here is the list:

1. Bloody Tears 

Face Painting Ideas

This unbelievable face-painting idea portrays bloody tears that cascade down the face. Using realistic red colors, the artists have used strategical blending in order to radiate chilling vibes. This illusion of bloody tears doesn’t stop at the eyes. They extend further to the nose and then to the lips, showing a sorrowful flow of blood on the entire face.

Notice how the purplish eyeshadow is painted on the eyes. Even the spicy lip color is so elegantly applied that it completes this entire look giving it a perfect bold edge. This face-painting idea is perfect for girls who want to look dangerous with elegance at its peak. 

How to Achieve this look? 

Create a nice base complementing your skin tone. Then, pick pink and purple eyeshades to design a perfect gradient-like eyeshadow. Then grab a fake blood makeup bottle to craft the blood veins on the face. Finish off with a spicy purple lipshade! 


2. Avatar Halloween Face Painting 

Halloween Face Painting

Transform yourself into a mystical masterpiece with an incredible avatar face-painting idea. Sprinkle vibrant colors and add details to the intricate design of white dots. This look captures the essence of Na’vi people, offering you next-level allure. A perfect blue base with a touch of white color perfectly features the dark edgy lines – all moving from the corner of the face to the center.

As a result, adding a touch of oceanic waves to this look. How can we not notice the lens color? The green eyes complete this jaw-dropping look with a strong and dangerous vibe.  This face painting is for the fashionistas who want to nail their unique stylish vibe. This incredibly awesome face painting is for sure going win you the spotlight! 

How to Achieve This Look? 

Start by applying the light blue base coat. Use a thin brush to add details. Leave some areas of your lips uncolored and make sure to finish it off with tiny white dotted freckles mimicking the sunkissed freckles. To make the entire look more amazing, choose hazel-colored eye lenses. Add mascara for volume. 

3. Mermaid Face Painting 

Mermaid Painting

Picture yourself as a majestic creature of the ocean world, sparking the glorious vibe of underwater realms! With the mermaid face painting idea, you can experience the joy of being an independent and beautiful mermaid. Embrace the allure of oceanic colors, decorated with delicate scales, to transform your facial features into a mesmerizing piece of art! This idea is perfect for the girlies who want to look sweet and mystical at the same time. So, are you ready to dive into the ocean? 

How to Achieve This Look? 

Divide your face into two halves and start with the eye makeup first. When done, create a layer of base and a multi-colored eyeshadow for a perfect rainbow makeup look for eyes. Finish off with body glitter on one side of your face. Wear a nice starfish headband to achieve this flawless look. 

4. Rebellious Half Skull 

Rebellious Half Skull Painting

Image Credit: Emilielov_mua

This artistic masterpiece is horrifying, yet so cool that it can turn all the heads around you! The detailing along with the blend of white and black color adds a devilish power to this entire look. The half-skull with naked teeth and thin bones gives a mystical vibe.  

The cut on the eyebrow, the glittery tears, and the dead black lipstick on one side do not fail to attract attention.

This face painting idea is perfect for those who want to look rebellious, yet beautiful on the next occasion! Experience the magic of being a devilish and sweet lady in one go! 

How to Achieve this look? 

Start creating this look by applying a layer of base. Then, complete the smokey eyes and make sure to use voluminous eyelashes on one side of the face. On the other side, design a wonderful half skull with a white lensed eye. Apply spicy black lipstick and finish off with glitters. 

5. Red Devil 

Red Devil Painting

Oh My God! Every eye that falls on this face-painting idea is going to spill this phrase out! 

Look at the blend of red and black making leaving its rebellious footprints on the face. The black color melting down the face, the lip outline and the smoky eyes take this entire next-level devilish vibe. 

How to Achieve This Look? 

Use a nice red-colored FX paint to create a captivating red base. Use black eye shadow for the eye makeup and create a cat-eye look. Add full-black eye lenses and hair extensions underneath your eyes. Utilize a high-quality face glue for applying the devil horns. Finish the look with a bold black lipstick. That’s all!  

6. Incredible Leopard

Leopard Painting

Image Credit: emilielov_mua

Leopard face painting ideas are one of the most dangerous yet beautiful arts. With a sunlight base and black spots, this face painting has the potential to drive your followers crazy!

Everything is so perfectly crafted that this one literally looks unreal! This incredible art captures the allure dangerous leopard, that seamlessly blends its spirits with your personality. In turn, it adds a splash of creativity to your look that is bound to impress your fellows. It’s not just a face painting idea, it’s a bold expression that screams boldness and embraces the rebellious wild side. Isn’t it one of the unbelievable looks? 

How to Achieve This Look? 

First, create a tan-colored base and an orange outline around your face. Use black color to create the leopard spots and add more details with a nice glittery white color to the spots. Don’t forget to sprinkle some glitter on the lipstick. Wear long eyelashes to finish the look.


7. Spider Face Painting

Spider Face

Uncover your inner devil with this creepy spider face painting. Dive into the spotlight with this stunning face-painting idea. Perfectly mimicked patterns of spiders, this horrifying face painting uses minimalist artistic technique. 

Without overdoing the design, you can achieve this perfect look! The spider popping out of the eye not only radiates spookiness but also signals its devilish power to ruin the eyeball. Similarly, the spider placed closed to lips also leaves dark marks on it. 

This spider-themed makeup not only elevates the entire look but also signals the incredible power of dark spiders! Would you dare try this face-painting idea?  You can also try spider lashes with this look.

How to Achieve This Look?

Apply a base coat of brownish tone to create impressive deer skin. Use a dark brown shade for contouring and filling the deer’s facial features. Color the upper lip brown and seamlessly blend with the tip of the nose. Finally, use a white highlighter for under the eyes and dotts. Your final look is ready! 

Deer Face Painting 

Deer Painting on Face

Immerse yourself in the fascination of nature’s artistry through a fascinating face painting inspired by the grace and peacefulness of glorious deer. With gentle strokes, capture the delicate features and soft brown tones that embody its elegance. Whether you’re attending costume parties, festivals, or any event that craves a touch of woodland charm, this charming ensemble is your ultimate ticket to a lifestyle filled with whimsy and wonder. Imagine immersing yourself in a world of peace and natural beauty as you discover this beautiful artwork. 

How to achieve this Look? 

Grab the normal base you use for your daily makeup routine. Next, create a smokey eye and then start drawing the spider patterns with a nice brush. When done, apply eyelashes and finish off with a wonderful dark black lipstick.  

Eyeball Infestation 

Eyeball Infestation Painting

Image Credit: mua_theresa

This one looks unrealistic!

Look at the eyeballs popping out of the eyes. This face painting is your doorway to enter the world of horror filled with surreal eyeballs. The red hues mimicking the bloody veins give this look a nightmarish and creepy appearance. This unsettling look is perfect for Halloween parties and other occasions where you’d love to show off your creativity. 

When trying out this classy face painting idea, don’t forget to apply a light golden eyeshadow along with a nice eye extension. Finish off this look with crispy brown lines.  This is one of the wonderful face painting ideas that is sure to elevate your style and drop some jaws!

How to Achieve This Look?

Take white face paint and create a light outline beneath the eyes. Fill the inner canvas with red color and white color for drawing the eyes. Pick a brown contour and finish the look by adding sassy lines alongside the main outline. To make it more eye-catching, apply glittery eyeshadow and a nice eyelash.


As we arrive at the end of our lookbook of face painting ideas, it’s clear that creativity knows no limits. These 9 spooky masterpieces went against traditional fashion norms, showing that creativity can be both scary and interesting. From frightening illusions to scary transformations, every line of makeup unveils a world of dark beauty. 

As you explore the unreal fascination of these face painting artwork bear in mind that often the most alarming artwork makes a lasting impact on the fellows. Aspire to be unique, and let the dark magnificence of these ideas win your friends’ hearts! 

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