Nano Brows VS. Microblading: Way to Enhance your Brows

Nano Brows


Are you confused in selecting the appropriate brow enhancement technique to enhance your natural beauty? If yes, there are two different renowned techniques in the market known as nanbows and microblading. For the ease of the users, we have provided detailed insights about the procedures that will help you in the decision-making process.

Nano Brows – Exploring the brow enhance technique

Nano brows usually known as “nano blading” or “nano needling” is a contemporary cosmetic procedure to enhance and shape the eyebrows. This method involves using up the mark and fine needle to inject the pigment in to the skin by replicating the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. Nano brows create a more authentic and natural look compared to traditional long-lasting makeup techniques.

Key things to know about the Nano brow process

Nano Blading Key Points

Nano brows are the type of cosmetic tattoo that emulates the shape of hair stroke to create an ultra-realistic look. There are the different techniques for the hair strokes like Pixelated Hair strokes and Defined Hair Strokes that are used to enhance your brow game.


for the nano brow treatment, the effects can last for an extended duration, usually ranging from one to two years, before necessitating a follow-up or enhancement.

Discomfort Level

During the procedure, many clients report minimal discomfort. After the procedure, it is important to follow the precaution or aftercare instructions.

Brow Maintenance

Attend the regular session for periodic touch ups to maintain the appearance. It’s advisable to consistently look for a qualified and well-regarded beauty expert or technician who possesses expertise in nano brow methods to guarantee both safety and contentment with the outcomes.

What are the suitable conditions for nano brows?

There are various suitable conditions for nano brows. The most preferable condition is that for the medications always consult the aesthetic physician because if you’re already taking any medicine it can affect your procedure outcome. If you desire a natural-looking brows then nano brows are the suitable choice. For the suitable conditions, you have to be committed and ready to bear the pain.

What is the brow mapping process for nano blading?

Brow mapping is the technique of measurement for the perfect shape where to start and end the arch. It involves the drawing lines and marking the key points that completely dependent on the face shape and the type of eyebrows you have. The measurement is carried with an eyebrow pencil.

Oval Shape

In oval shape, the arches look natural and don’t have the sharp edges that give you a bold look.

Square Shape

For all those seeking subtle ways to enhance the brows this one is a viable choice. Its look best with the soft and subtle arches.

Round Shape

The round shape is the most preferred one as it smarten your face. Through slandering, you make your face look slimmer.

Time duration for Nano Brow Treatment

The time duration of this treatment usually takes 2 to 5 hours, regarding variations based on the extent of work and how experienced is the artist. But if the brows are created from the square one, then the treatment will take longer.

Beyond Ordinary Brows – Perks of Nano Brow

Flaunting Your Brows for a long time

Microblading can provide you with beautiful, full-looking brows that can last for approximately 12 months before requiring a touch-up. In contrast, nano-blading can offer results that endure for a more extended period, typically ranging from one to three years.

Achieving a natural look with nano brows

Nano brows are likely to be more realistic and natural than the traditional makeup. This level of authenticity not only enhances your facial aesthetics but also boosts your self-confidence. Nano brows excel in delivering a look that appears as if you were born with effortlessly perfect brows.

Nano brows as a safe choice

Nano brows serve as a fantastic option for people who may be prone to allergies or sensitivities caused by conventional makeup items. Given that nano brows entail the application of hypoallergenic pigments directly onto the skin’s surface, the likelihood of experiencing adverse reactions is diminished when compared to the use of typical eyebrow makeup.

Time-efficient process to glam your Eyebrows

Nano brows are time-saving because you don’t have to do the daily routine makeup. They look precise and enhance your overall look without the need for everyday makeup. They are waterproof so you can enjoy various activities without smudging.

Aftercare tips for Nano Blading

The basic after care routine is for the 14 days. You have to pay special attention during these 14 days so that your brows look perfect for an extended period of time. The aftercare tips for nano brows are the following:

Don’t touch your brows.

No makeup at least for two weeks.

Avoid taking the long hot showers and facial treatments.

You have to clean the eyebrows as instructed by professionals.

After the two days, you can moisturize your brows.

Keep up the Aftercare routine until the peeling stop.

Nano brows vs. Microblading – Choosing the perfect brow technique

Nano Brows vs Microblading

If you are eager to select the perfect way to enhance your brows then it is important to look at the similarities and differences of both the techniques. Let’s deep dive into the details of both the techniques to enhance your brow aesthetics.

Nano brows vs. Micro blading – Similarities


They both are semi-permanent makeup techniques and last for the 1-2 years and take various similar factors in consideration. Both of the techniques offer long-lasting results without the permanence of traditional tattoos.

Realistic Results

Both these methods give an enhanced and realistic look. Nano brows and Microblading use the precise application of pigments with fine quality of needles to inject the pigment.

Tailored Solutions

Both procedures offer the high level of tailoring. Beauty specialists can customize the shape and thickness of eyebrows according to the client’s preferences and facial features.

Healing and After care

During the initial healing process, they both have the similarities. Clients are typically advised to avoid the long showers, direct sunlight, excessive sweating and avoid makeup. Otherwise, it will lead to infections.

Maintenance of brow techniques

The maintenance of skin vary person to person based on skin type and lifestyle. But client have to commit to do regular touch up for maintaining the desired results over time.

Price Difference for the perfect brow

These methods cost the same cost or there would be slight difference sometime nano can be expensive sometime micro blading.

Nano brows vs. Micro blading – Main Differences

Nano brows vs Micro blading- Main Differences

Microblading and Nano brows are both semi-permanent cosmetic procedures that are primarily designed to enhance eyebrows. The two techniques have some similarities, but they differ in their techniques and tools.

Technique and Tool

Microblading involves using a manual handheld tool with tiny, fine needles to create small incisions in the skin. Pigment is then deposited into these incisions, mimicking the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs. The result is natural-looking, hairstroke-like lines that blend seamlessly with existing eyebrows. Microblading is known for its ability to create a feathered and realistic look.

On the other hand, Nano brows use an electronic device with a nano-sized needle to implant pigment into the skin. Some of the renowned experts call this treatment as machine brows and digital hair stroke. The process involves vibration of fine needles that deposit the pigments in the form of tiny dots. The entry of the needle is done at right-angled so that it causes less discomfort to the individual. Moreover, this process involves a more controlled and consistent application, and some practitioners argue that it allows for greater precision.

Pigment Depth

A remarkable distinction of nano brows vs. microblading lies in the depth of pigment insertion. Microblading primarily targets the upper dermal layers, whereas nano brows penetrate slightly deeper. Microblading, a manual handheld tool with tiny blades, is used to create shallow incisions in the epidermis. Therefore, pigment is implanted into the upper layers of the skin. This results in a more superficial and crisp, hair-like stroke appearance.

On the other hand, nano brows involve a digital device with a fine needle that penetrates the skin at a slightly deeper level. Therefore, this procedure reaches into the upper dermis. This technique deposits pigment with greater precision and can create a softer, more powdered effect. For nano brows, the procedure is targeted into the upper dermal layers for a different aesthetic outcome. This depth variance can impact the longevity of the results, varying according to skin type.

Healing Process

Nano brows generally entail a shorter healing period with less scabbing and flaking compared to microblading. The healing process for nano brows and microblading is relatively similar but may vary in duration and intensity. Both of the procedure involves the initial healing phase that involves scabbing, redness, and some swelling.

In microblading, since the pigment is deposited in the upper layers of the epidermis, the scabbing tends to be finer and more delicate. The scabs may start forming within a few days, so it is important to avoid picking or scratching them to prevent pigment loss. Briefly, microblading might yield slightly sharper initial strokes due to its less deep penetration. Whereas on Nano brows the pigment is placed slightly deeper in the upper dermis, which may result in slightly more pronounced scabbing.

Retention and Longevity

The retention and longevity of nano brows and microblading are dependent on various factors that include skin type, aftercare, and individual lifestyle. Nano brows tend to have improved pigment retention and durability that lasts from one to three years. The technique allows for a more stable implantation of pigment that gives your skin a softer, powdered effect. Nano brows may require touch-ups at longer intervals approximately after the duration of 18 months or more before needing significant refreshment.

In microblading the pigment is deposited in the upper layers of the epidermis; therefore, the results may fade more quickly, In comparison with nanoblading due to the shallower placement, microblading typically requires more frequent touch-ups, ranging from 6 months to a year.

Comfort and Sensation

The level of discomfort during the procedures can differ and the pain scale level varies from individual to individual. Microblading is generally less intrusive and results in less discomfort. In this process, topical anesthetics are applied before the procedure to minimize pain. Some clients who go through the process of microblading experience mild discomfort during the process due to the superficial nature of the pigment placement.

While for nano brows, the technique is considered slightly more uncomfortable due to the deeper pigment insertion. The penetration depth can cause a feeling of vibration or a more noticeable scratching sensation. Although the discomfort is generally manageable and the aesthetic physicians usually try their best to minimize the pain during the procedure.

Personal Preference

Finally, the choice between the choice of a single technique depends on individual preference and aesthetics. Individuals have varying preferences based on factors that include aesthetic goals, pain tolerance, and desired outcomes. Some go for the softer look and prefer nano brows, with the advantage of slightly deeper pigment placement and long-lasting results.

Whereas on the other hand, the sharp initial strokes are achieved through microblading. Before you opt for a procedure, consult a skilled and experienced aesthetic physician. It is important to discuss preferences beforehand and understand the unique characteristics of both nano brows and microblading to you achieve your desired look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is microblading a better process than nano brows?

It depends on the individual preference and desired results. Some prefer nano brows for longevity and some prefer microblading for sharpness at initial stage.

What are the potential side effects of nano brows?

These procedures take hours, but side effects may take months to heal, in which they are several as swelling during the process and allergic reactions can occur.

How painful is the process of nano-blading?

Nano blading process is achieved through the thinner needles. So it’s vice versa smaller the needle lesser the pain.