Express LOVE with These 11 Heart Finger Tattoos For Women! 

Heart Finger Tattoos

What could be more amazing than elevating your girlish looks with lovely heart tattoos?

Embellishing your fingers with tiny heart finger tattoos can help you symbolize happiness, togetherness, and love. Even if you want to give yourself a tribute via these chic heart tattoos, or even if you want to imprint the memory of your lover, the heart tattoos can serve you well. 

To help you figure out which finger heart tattoo should you get, we’ve listed the best ideas for you below in this blog. You’ll find loads of options, including the broken heart, heart combos, and a lot more. 

So, without further ado let’s begin… 

Best Heart Finger Tattoos to Try this Year! 

Here is your list of visually stunning finger heart tattoos to express your love: 

1. Chic Matching Heart Tattoo 

Cute besties and lovers can get this tattoo on their forefingers as a reminder of love. These stylish, yet simple hearts are imprinted in black color that symbolizes the ever-lasting imprints of your love. You can embellish these designs with tiny sunflower tattoos to make them look more attractive and beautiful. 

Further, the heart is kept empty from the inside indicating that the wearer’s lover is on its way to fill the space with its warmth.  

It’s one of the classiest and most amazing tattoo designs that can elevate your personality to a level where elegance is at its peak.  Best part? This design is going to enhance your manicure and nail designs as well!

Matching Heart Tattoo Designs

2. Tiny Black Heart Tatto

This tiny tattoo hidden inside the forefinger is beautiful. You can imprint this tattoo on any of your fingers if you’re shy to show off your tatts. Crafted with a finger that directly connects to your heart, the tiny black heart finger tattoo can serve as a statement of love. 

You can decorate this heart with tiny sparrows or a shining crown on top of it. This will make the entire design even more amazing. 

Tiny Heart Tattoo Designs

3. The Heart Couple Tattoo! 

Perfectly imprinted hearts elegantly and gracefully intertwine with each on this design. Experience the amazing allure that this art is radiating.  

With one heart imprinted in a reddish tone and the other in black hues, the couple’s tattoo symbolizes both femininity and masculinity. Making this perfect piece of art an amazing option for love birds who promise to stay together forever. 

Here is a pro tip for you, draw small lines of tiny hearts starting from the ending point of the heart. This is going to make it look unique and more beautiful. You can also try adding shadows for a subtle touch. Don’t want to bear hours of pain to get a finger heart tattoo? Try out the temporary tattoos!

Twin Heart Tattoo Designs

4. “Family” Finger Heart Tattoo

For the girls who love their family and want their family’s blessing to always stay with them, this tattoo design is for you. The wonderful font used for crafting this tattoo is truly mesmerizing. The tiny heart at the end of the word adds a touch of love to this design.  It’s cool and has an aesthetic design that deserves to be relished on your delicate skin. 

You can also print your surname along with the heart. Or, craft a stylish icon depicting a family. If you want to add a splash of color to it, fill the heart’s space with an enchanting hue. 

Family Finger Tattoo Designs

5. Finger Heart Tattoo With An Arrow 

A super fantastic heart with the cruel arrow crossing it is a super-fantastic example of power. This design shows that love can fight back against any hurdles and stand against foes with strong determination. It’s a chic choice for powerful ladies who want to express the dedication of their love.  

If red isn’t your color, then go for another one. You can also use a feather at the end of the arrow to make it look softer and nicer. Besides, drawing a pair of hearts on either side of the red heart is also a good option if you want more volume. 

Red Heart Tattoo Designs

6. Kind and Queen Heart Tattoo for Fingers 

This is a must-have tattoo for love birds! Perfectly giving off a masculine and feminine vibe, the king and queen heart-finger tattoo depicts the never-ending love of two couples. The women can imprint “Q” on their fingers to show their firm determination through their love journey.  

King and Queen Tattoo

7. Heartbeat with Finger Heart Tattoo 

Want to add a touch of motion to your heart finger tattoo? Draw the beat lines along with the heart. The red colored line symbolizes the ever-lasting, while the open end on one side symbolizes an invitation for your lover to fill it with his pure love. 

Heartbeat Tattoo

9. Intertwining Heart Finger Tattoos 

This is a modern example of heart tattoos that are perfectly intertwined with each other, making a unique pattern that breaks the traditional tattoo trends. With its alluring modern pattern, it tends to symbolize modernity in love. If you’re a modern lover and believe in change, then this tattoo is for you! 

Notice that the tattoos are placed exactly on the area where your rings relish. Which means? Don’t have to wear any jewelry if you get this tattoo.

You can extend the design further to your finger by crafting the exact hearts but with a different color. Besides, keeping the red heart’s inner space vacant would also work amazing in this case. 

Geometric Heart Tattoo Designs

10. Broken Heart Finger Tattoo 

Unlucky in love but still looking for a clean-hearted lover? 

Get this tattoo to showcase how much you’ve gone through in your life. The beautiful pieces of heart designed on both thumbs make this design incredibly awesome. The unique combination of colors forming the border of the broken heart is also amazing. 

Broken Heart Tattoo Design

11. Skull with Heart Finger Tattoo 

This tattoo is for rebellious souls. The black skull and a tablet drawn on the next finger, all add a unique touch to this design. It’s a super chic design that shows the mystical power of love. 

Notice the heart-shaped eyes, and the pair of hands and legs popping out of the heart. Isn’t it incredible? You can draw a tiny tree tattoo beneath the skull to make it look real!

Skull Heart Tattoo Designs

Wrapping Up! 

Finger heart tattoos are listed among the most beautiful tatts. They represent love, symbolize affection, and reflect the importance of being together, making these chic designs relatable to any woman. Best part? They come in a variety of shapes and designs that can perfectly befit your aesthetic vibe. 

You can choose from any of the ideas listed above to enhance your overall look. These classy and chic ideas are for sure going to captivate and impress your friends. You can also customize them as per your taste to personalize the design.