5 Best Acrylic Colors For Nails Kits (Under $33) 


Do you want to achieve a professional-level acrylic nail look at home? But was unable to get started because of the highly expensive tools?  

Worry not, because we’ve listed out the most budget-friendly, yet high-quality kits for acrylic colors for nails below. With these packs, achieving your flawless nail look is not only a dream come true but also an affordable reality. Whether you want the full-coverage acrylic nails for colors or the glittery acrylic powders, the below-listed kits have something for everyone! 

Ready to explore the versatile options and transform your vanity into a personal nail studio with economical nail kits? 

Let’s get started! 

Best Acrylic Colors For Nails Kits

1. AROIC: The All-in-One Kit 

Designed for every level of manuscript and every occasion, this set truly empowers you to effortlessly play with acrylic nails. This offers you everything from designing awe-striking delicate floral paints to embellishing the nails with 3D patterns.

The high-quality brushes are made of Nylon wool and sturdy plastic grips, capable of resisting bends even with frequent use. You can achieve any acrylic nail art with this amazing kit!

What you’ll get? 

  • 7 UV nail art brushes 
  • 6 sets of 3D nail extension brushes 
  • 6 Brushes for nail liner 
  • 5 double-ended dotting pens
  • 1 nail art dust remover 
  • 3 beautiful handle-grip nail brushes

Price this Month 

The price of this acrylic colors for nails kit is $12.99.

2. KADS: Nail Extension Gel Kit

Elevate your acrylic nail game with this all-in-one nail Kit that creates a perfect balance between excellence and affordability. Unleash your creativity with its diverse tools, nail extensions, and more – without breaking the bank! 

The makers of this promise a rapid drying time, with the LED lamp drying in less than minutes and the UV lamp in 2 minutes. Not only this, but the lightweight nature of the gels ensures a perfect and natural look, finishing your nails with next-level neatness. 

What You’ll Get? 

  • 4 Gels 
  • 100 Nail Tips
  •  8 Brush 

Price this Month  

The price of this acrylic colors for nails kit is $24.50.

3. Acrylic Nail Powder Set 

Unleash your creativity and artistic masterpieces! 

For all levels of manicurists, this acrylic nail set is a game changer! From soft nail brushes to acrylic powder, this nail set ensures that every inch of your nail is covered under budget! 

Its Saviland acrylic nail brushes with Kolinsky excel at offering a smooth experience. Plus, its metal stamping designs are beyond perfection, ensuring a firm locking of the body and tip. 

What You’ll Get? 

  • Neon Acrylic Powder Colors 
  • Advanced Non-Yellowing Formula 
  • Superior Adhesive 
  •  Set of 5 Acrylic Nail Brushes (Sizes 10#, 12#, 14#, 6#, 8#)
  • Premium Kolinsky Hair Sturdy 
  • Metal Stamping Design 

Price this Month  

The price of this acrylic colors for nails kit is $32.17

4. Full-Coverage Acrylic Nail Pack  

The latest trendsetter in the landscape of acrylic nail art – the BORN nail tips kit is an awesome all-in-one set for getting nails. With an elegance and flared base, the broad surfaces of these tips offer a completely natural shape. Resulting in a glamorous finish that enhances the overall aesthetics of your nails! 

What will you get? 

  • 504 gel pieces (12 different sizes)

Price this Month  

The price of this acrylic colors for nails kit is $6.99

5. Plain and Glitter Acrylic Colors for Nails

Embrace the enduring beauty of the Saviland Acrylic set! This set introduces a unique formula that ensures the elegant colors stick to your nails for more than 28 days. Designed for a seamless application experience, their powder guarantees to offer a non-yellowish finish. It’s truly an awesome kit to kickstart your home nail art journey! 

What will you get? 

  • 20 Colors Glitter Acrylic Nail Powder

Price this Month  

The price of this acrylic colors for nails kit is $19.99

Wrapping up! 

Achieving your dream acrylic nail look is now possible with these amazing kits! By investing in high-quality sets, you’ll not only save money but also enjoy a seamless experience. 

So, get inspiration from the awe-striking acrylic colors for nails and fill your vanity kit with these sets!