Black and Green Combo

Green hair color is taking over the fashion industry for a reason

Sexy Purple and Pink

This sassy combo of hair dyes would look awesome on all types of hairstyles, including tomboy haircuts, messy hairdos, and all!  

Teal Green Hair Dye

With this hairstyle, you can effortlessly reflect your aesthetic taste and your daring personality.

Kylie Jenner’s Micro Bang Highlights 

If Kylie Jenner has tried this hairstyle, then why shouldn’t you? 

Purple & Brown Micro Bangs 

This hair color is awesome for women who want to wear beautiful micro bangs without compromising the voluminous look.  

Cosmic Sunshine Color

Still, looking for a wonderful color to elevate your sassy bold look? Well, the next idea is also a nice option. 

Rainbow-Like Micro Bang

Bold and daring personalities can bring more attention to their facial features with this magical blend.  

Black & Pink Split 

bold personalities can elevate their rebellious vibe with this aesthetic blend of colors.   

Silver Micro Bangs 

Giving off a perfect Egyptian “Cleopatra” vibe, this hairstyle can talk a lot about your bold and daring personality.  

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