13 Trendy Mid Taper Fade Haircuts for Men to Try in 2024

Mid Taper Fade


Mid Taper Fade is not just a haircut, it’s a canvas where you meticulously crafted your creative artistry with this spectacular haircut.

Mid taper fade haircut is a throne of rebellion, self-confidence and enigmatic transformation.

In this ever-changing world of men’s fashion, style, and grooming, where self-care and personal presentation are major factors. A mid taper fade is a safe bet if you’re looking to add a trendy twist to your hairstyle without going overboard.

Men’s haircuts with a mid taper fade give a ton of style options with striking and eye-catching looks. It works wonderfully with most kinds of top haircuts, including pompadours and buzz cuts. Thus, it is simple to adapt a mid taper fade hairstyle.

The Mid Taper Fade

The mid taper fade is the ideal hairstyle for most of the men, as it mimics the look of a fade without the extreme thinning and exposing too much bald that is required for a traditional fade.

In a mid taper fade, the hair is gradually shaved off as it falls towards the cheekbones from a length that starts halfway up the sides of the head. You get to decide how quickly it shortens.

A timeless mid taper fade in the middle of a hairstyle is sure to be a hit. It goes well with a wide variety of top styles. Therefore, go ahead and pick a style that suits you. Along with complementing your hair textures, it must accentuate your facial features.

We have compiled some trendiest mid taper fade haircuts for you that for sure create a new striking look.

The Mid Taper Mullet

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Mullet is one of those haircuts that has made a successful comeback in diversified ways. To provide structure and definition to a modern mullet, a mid taper fade is a common accessory. Both the front and rear are shorter and less unkempt compared to the original.

Mid Taper Curly Fade

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One common combination is curly hair with a mid taper cut. If you’re having trouble controlling your curls, try a medium taper fade on the sides and back. Moreover, it makes your top hair stand out. To get the most out of your curly mid taper fade, invest in a texturizing hairstyle product.

Long Mid Taper Fade

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Numerous styles are available for long hair with a taper. For a refined and polished look, brush the top of your hair for a wild and punkish look, use your fingers and a touch of hairspray to tousle the hair.

Slick Back Mid Taper Fade

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The sleek back of the hairstyle on top of the head is the epitome of sophistication and refinement. Your hairstyle will require less effort and time to maintain and style if the sides and back have a medium haircut taper. All that’s needed to achieve this style is a shiny hair product with a tight grip.

Afro Mid Taper Fade

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African men’s haircuts are among the most versatile choices when it comes to combining a mid-fade with other styles. Whether you choose a sponge cut or 360 waves, black hair with a mid taper will take your style to the next level. Although it is highly recommended, a queue is not required.

Middle Part Taper Fade

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Currently, the most popular hairstyle is a middle part taper, which is also called curtain bangs. The eBoy subculture helped popularize this cut, which is popular in a new age for men’s hairstyles. Men with curly hair may attempt to rock this style, though it’s more flattering for those with straight or wavy hair.

Edgar Mid Taper

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One option to update a traditional hairstyle is with a tapered Edgar cut. Feel confident while adoring this haircut because this is one of those styles that will flatter any hair type. Cleaning up afterward is also a breeze.

Mid Taper Buzz Cut

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A buzz cut can be your default hairstyle. Therefore, you may be seeking ways to spice it up. A mid taper haircut is useful in such a situation. A short fade is even shorter than a buzz cut, which gives your hairstyle a noticeable difference.

Taper Blowout

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A mid blowout provides maximum volume to the crown of your head due to its most appealing features. You can style your hair with a round brush and a blow-dryer, but the mild fade on the sides will really make it stand out.

Side Taper

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Your mid taper fade hairstyle is one that is free to try out whenever you like. Why not get a side taper alone for a more unique look?

The hairstyle on top could be a Mohawk or a ducktail. Effortlessly maintain attention on your top head part with this mid taper fade haircut.

A mid-fade with design taper haircut is a great base for many hairstyles. Actually, it really suits their artistic vision. Your barber’s artistic abilities and your wildest imagination will determine the pattern. You can begin with a basic line and then go to more complex ones.

Mid-Skin Fade

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In comparison to a standard mid taper fade, a mid-bald taper makes a stronger and more noticeable statement. There you have it, this is the reliable way to achieve a daring new hairstyle. The only real drawback is that you might end up having to change it more frequently due to the noticeable increase in hair growth.

Straight Hair with a Mid Taper Fade

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A low mid taper fade could be the key to revitalizing your lifeless straight hair. You may have a very striking and eye-catching style with this hairstyle by just cutting the sides and tops shorter than each other. Get a textured cut for the top to draw attention to yourself.

Mid Burst Fade

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You can always make a mid fade taper even more dramatic. You could give it a burst fade. Furthermore, you won’t need any more embellishments because the pattern on the sides is easily visible. Finally, choose a look that is a perfect reflection of who you are.

Final Thoughts

In addition to being on trend and beautiful, a mid taper fade is functional and requires nothing in the way of upkeep. There are plenty of advantages to picking this stunning haircut.

The Mid Taper Fade will still be one of the best choices for men’s grooming in 2024. There are countless ways to style your hair with the mid taper fade, due to its versatile cuts, contemporary colors, and unique textures, whether you are looking for a more traditional or adventurous cut. Take a bold dive into the realm of contemporary men’s style with one of these twenty trendy mid taper fade haircuts.

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