7 Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design Ideas Step by Step Guide

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design


The Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design is one of the most popular mehndi designs. In South Asia, every single woman no matter from what age group she belongs to love this mehndi design due to its attractive appearance. These Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs are a beautiful mixture of the two cultures of South Asia and the Middle East.

In Pakistan, the custom of mehndi application has an old history with significant cultural impact. These Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs include elaborated beautiful themes and designs that created beautiful mixture from the creative traditions of the Arab world and Pakistan’s rich culture.

These Pakistani mehndi designs cover the easy patterns and variability of Arabic mehndi design. Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs are easily recognizable by its specific use of curving lines, flowers and jaal patterns. Natural motifs like leaves, flowers, and vines are commonly used patterns in these beautiful mehndi designs.

History of Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs have very interesting history due to their vibrant mehndi designs. In Pakistan, Mehndi is associated with happiness and cherish moments like marriage, Eid, Goud Bharai etc. On different occasions, different mehndi patterns are used to express happiness.

These beautiful Pakistani mehndi designs required practice and patience. You can make alterations to these mehndi designs as per your creativity and once you’re with them, you can create these beautiful mehndi at home without any expert’s help.

Characteristics Of Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs are a beautiful example of culture mixture. These designs include wavy lines, dots, hearts, leaves and other shapes and patterns. One of the main characteristics of Pakistani Arabic mehndi design is that it looks very beautiful if you create these designs with thick cone mehndi. Unlike other types of mehndi designs, Pakistani Arabic mehndi designs feature scattered and dotted patterns that provide the impression of full coverage between the designs. Similarly, you will also find the mesmerizing tiny hearts and dots in Pakistani Arabic mehndi designs.

You can make your own mehndi at home without using any chemicals. All you need to do is to crush henna leaves and mix them with essential oils to make a thick, fragrant mixture like mehndi paste.

Then put that mehndi paste into a cone applicator, and now you are ready to create creative mehndi designs on the hands and feet.

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs are beautiful, but they also have deep symbolic meaning of love, fertility, and wealth.

If you want to make your mehndi designs stand out from the ordinary Mehndi design then you can also use radium stickers, diamonds, and hearts and flowers as your mehndi design.

Popular Elements

In Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs, floral patterns are frequently used to represent joy and beauty. Triangular and spiral designs are also very prominent in Pakistani Arabic Mehndi, as this mehndi design is known for a variety of cultural concepts. The distinctive visual appeal of modern designs is typically the result of a flawless mixture of the two beautiful Mehndi designs.

A captivating blend of traditional Pakistani Mehndi design with the intricate patterns and variability of Arabic mehndi design. These Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs include intricate themes and patterns that create a beautiful blend of the artistic traditions of the Arab world and Pakistan’s rich culture.

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs are easily recognizable by their characteristic use of curving and strong lines that glide over the skin in a fluid fashion, giving the impression of movement and elegance. Natural motifs like leaves, flowers, and vines are common sources of inspiration for these sweeping designs.

Methods of Application Techniques of Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design

Well, Mehndi application is an art itself which needs patience and attention. You can use a cone applicator or a brush to apply Mehndi, but the cone applicator is the best choice. We are going to share some super easy steps that surely will help you to apply Mehndi easily without any mess.

  • First, mix henna powder with water and make a thick refined paste. The consistency of paste matters a lot. It should be in neutral consistency, not too watery and nor too thick. You can also add essential oils to it to make its color darker.
  • Use a rubber band to close the top of a cone after filling it with henna paste.
  • Instead of applying mehndi directly on your hand, it is recommended to try it on a paper. Try to create your desired Pakistani Arabic Mehndi design on paper. After 1–2 attempts, you can create it on your hand.
  • Always start in the middle of your palm and then move outward. Don’t start your mehndi directly with complex designs. Apply tiny dots, hearts, and leaves at the end. It will give your mehndi very beautiful look.
  • Once you’re done with Mehndi design, let your mehndi paste dry for a few hours, as it dry completely, then try to peel it off carefully or remove it with a paper towel.
  • You will see a beautiful red color on the next day as wake up.

Step By Step Guide

Ladies, are you ready to explore the step by step guide for Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs?

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs are best for matching your festive and casual taste. You can customize these Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs as per your creativity and preferences. These designs are a wonderful way to include a hint of heritage and elegance into your outfit.

Let’s start with experimenting with various styles and designs to include Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Designs into your daily life. Let’s have a look at them.

Floral Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

The floral Pakistani Arabic Mehndi design is currently popular in Pakistan. This beautiful Mehndi design is a high-class and trendy mehndi design, which adorns your palm with different delicate flowers. These Floral Arabic mehndi designs are always in trend, and women all around the world love them. However, it is totally up to you that how you will create these Pakistani Arabic Mehndi design by using your creativity.

Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

If you are a friendly person and want to add fun to your Pakistani Arabic peacock mehndi design, then you are at a right place. This Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design will bring a funky distinction to the traditional Pakistani Arabic mehndi design. Start from the wrist and then create a large leafy design as peacock body and add small leaves around it to give it a more authentic look. Then create a small, neat jaal design on your fingertips, and it’s done.

Dubai Style Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

Ladies, are you looking for a trendy mehndi design that equally looks sophisticated and trendy. So, try this Dubai style Arabic Mehndi, which is created with small flowers, leaves, dots and jaal patterns. You can also create it in a leafy bunch style which will start from your wrist and end on your index fingertip.

Leafy Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

Leafy mehndi pattern is one of the most favorite mehndi designs among women. You can create this leafy Pakistani Arabic mehndi design can create like a leafy bunch with delicate flowers. Delicate leafy patterns adorn the fingers and wrist area with the breathtaking finishing.

Rangoli Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

Those who are interested in mehndi but don’t like traditional designs could consider Rangoli Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs. The flawless combination of beautiful and intricately detailed art in this straightforward Pakistani Arabic mehndi design ensures that it will appear stunning. This is a beautiful example of a simple Pakistani Arabic mehndi design. To accomplish this, just make a basic rangoli design in the shape of a circle on your palm. You can add different petals and leafs around that Rangoli design to make it more beautiful.

Bridal Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

Well, bridal mehndi designs have a very vast field. In Pakistan Arabic Mehndi design, mehndi artists usually prefer to make those designs that give fully coverage to bride’s hands.

The traditional bridal Pakistani mehndi art is very important to Pakistani culture. The bride’s hands and feet are decorated with complex fully covered mehndi designs that convey a story of love and dedication. The bold look of this beautiful Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs, which elevates the bride’s overall appearance, is one of the trendiest designs. This traditional Pakistani Arabic mehndi design is ideal for the bride who loves to create a traditional look and has always imagined the ideal mehndi design for her wedding day.

The intricate mehndi designs are created in different stages. Its elaborate decoration with a variety of themes, such as rose, lotus, jaal, and more, will look absolutely stunning with a dark color.

Interesting Fact

In some cultures, it is assumed that mehndi color predicts wealth, fertility, and happiness in bride’s life.

Lace Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Credit : PINTEREST

This beautiful Pakistani Arabic Mehndi design with a rose motif features a large lace-like pattern on the back of the hand. In addition, to copy this beautiful lace Arabic mehndi, this lace design created on all fingers. So, ladies, if you’re also searching for Lace Arabic Mehndi Design, then try this one. This mehndi design can be created on both sides of hands.

This contemporary style of Arabic mehndi design will be more appealing with sarees during festivals and other celebrations.

How to get darker Mehndi color?

Mehndi without a darker color doesn’t look good. That’s why, use a high-quality mehndi cone from a trustable brand if you want your mehndi’s color to turn out darker and beautiful. If you are using homemade mehndi, then you can add essential oils to it. It is assumed that if you apply lemon and sugar on your hands after mehndi so it will increase the color of your mehndi. Let your mehndi to try overnight or at least 6–7 hours to get a darker color.

Artists of Pakistani Arabic Mehndi Design

The intricate art of Arabic Mehndi design has inspired a number of brilliant artists who played a very vital role in emerging Pakistani Arabic mehndi with an aesthetic appealing look. Their work exemplifies talent and also popularized this Arabic mehndi design worldwide with a distinctive blend of art. Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs unite the patterns of different backgrounds and cultures to experience of beauty.

In today’s world, Mehndi designs have transformed the traditional designs into contemporary mehndi designs. The wide variety of designs seen on social media platforms with different shapes, colours, and patterns. You have to be careful to keep the Mehndi colour vibrant. If you want your Mehndi designs to last as long as possible, it’s best to moisturize your skin frequently and stay away from water right after applying it.

Final Thoughts

Pakistani Arabic Mehndi designs are a classic option for any event because of its combine cultural importance with elaborate patterns. These patterns are perfect to elevate the beauty of your hands and feet. By combining the narratives of two memorable traditions, Arabic Mehndi designs capture the essence of cultural diversity.

Ladies explore the symbolic meanings and complex patterns of Arabic Mehndi designs that are more than mehndi. It is a joyous celebration of creativity, tradition, and love. Just follow our step-by-step guide to create these mehndi designs and be a center of attraction in your group.

So, ladies, indulge in the intricate Arabic Mehndi designs and let your hands express a tale of beauty, history, and joy.

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