12 Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles You Should Get in 2024

burst fade mullet haircut


Boys, if you are looking for a chic and striking haircut for your 2024 then take a chill pill…

We have some striking and stunning hairstyle ideas for you with a clean and bold look.

All of you must have heard about burst fade haircuts and mullet haircut. So, if we combine a mullet with a burst fade haircut, then it will create an eye-catching and modern hairstyle, known as the burst fade mullet.

This distinctive haircut has a gradual tapering of the hair from longer to shorter, giving it a burst-like appearance. The burst fade mullet is a style that combines a classic haircut with a contemporary hairdo for a daring and edgy finish.

Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles

Mixing the mullet with the burst fade gives you a distinctive haircut. The burst fade gives the mullet a contemporary edge, while the lengthier back hair retains the original style. This hairdo is unique and striking because of the texture and depth created by the contrast between the longer and shorter hairstyle components.

Combining the classic mullet with the characteristic burst fade, this hairstyle is perfect for both fashionable and unique looks. If you want to try a striking and unique hairstyle but still have no idea about burst fade mullet hairstyle, then you are in the right spot. We have compiled top burst fade mullet hairstyles that are enough for you to be a center of attraction in 2024.

Low Burst Fade Mullet

Contemporary hairstyles like the “low burst fade mullet” blend mullet and burst fade features for a one-of-a-kind, fashionable haircut. The hair gradually tapers from longer to shorter around the sides and back of the head, integrating into the longer hair at the back, which is typical of a mullet.

Low Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

In this haircut, there is a little touch of the burst fade. By combining an intense burst fade, the classic mullet hairstyle may be given a contemporary, daring, and chic update.

Straight Burst Mullet

This hairstyle is for those who have straight hair. Shorter hair on top and sides fades into a burst effect around the ears and back in this one-of-a-kind hairstyle. The fade cuts have a more contemporary feel, while the longer hair in the back gives it a classic mullet appearance. The texture and depth of the haircuts are enhanced by a burst fade and a mullet, which is especially appropriate for people with straight hair.

Straight Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Layered Burst Fade Mullet

The trendy burst mullet adds volume and style with its unevenly cropped appearance. The mullet style calls for a short top and sides, with a longer taper from the back. But the layer’s point cut will add the texture of sharp and uneven ends. The sides and back are choppy and shaggy, with a lot of interesting layers that taper down. If you want your wild mullet to seem that way, you’ll need to use some product. If you’re a man seeking to be daring and creative with your hairstyle, this mullet is perfect for you because of its uneven mix of short and long layers.

Layers Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Mullet Short Hair

Combining the features of a burst fade and a mullet haircut, the Burst Fade Mullet with Short Hair is a fashionable and chic hairstyle. The sides and back of the hairstyle have a noticeable burst fade that shortens the hair gradually, while the mullet at the back stays the same length. When you mix the timeless allure of a mullet with the contemporary cut of a fade, you get a trendy and edgy hairstyle, and it’s certain to turn heads.

Short Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Mid-burst fade mullet

A trendy and modern haircut, the “Mid Burst Fade Mullet” blends mullet characteristics with a mid-level burst fade. Alternating between a shorter top and sides and a longer back, this unusual hairstyle will turn heads. Due to their strong visual impact, mullets, and burst fades are famous for individuals who want a unique and daring hairstyle.

Mid Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Long Burst Fade Mullet Hair

The long fade burst mullet is a one-of-a-kind and fashionable hairdo that takes the best parts of the traditional mullet and the distinguishing burst fade, where the hairstyle features a progressive transition from longer to shorter lengths. With the longer hair in the back flowing freely and the burst fades, adding a modern touch to the style, this stunning combination creates a visually dynamic image.

Long Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

People who want to be noticed and on-trend often have this haircut style, characterized by a mix of classic and modern cuts.

Burst Fade Textured Mullet

Combining features of a burst fade and a textured mullet, the burst fade textured mullet is a cutting-edge and dynamic hairstyle. The famous burst fade haircut tapers the hair from longer to shorter, giving it a burst-like appearance. The lengthier length in the back and sides, along with the textured layers for volume and flair, give the textured mullet a modern touch. This striking hairdo is a mash-up of traditional and contemporary elements, featuring a burst fade and textured mullet.

Textured Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

V Cut Fade Mullet

This one-of-a-kind “Burst Fade Mullet V-Cut” mashes up three popular hairstyles: the V-cut, the mullet, and the burst fade. The sides and back of this modern haircut have a burst fade, giving the illusion of a slope/steps from longer to shorter hair. Longer hair in the back is a characteristic of the mullet style, and the V-cut provides the neckline with a unique angle and contour. Combining these features results in a trendy and striking hairstyle with an edge.

V Cut Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Wavy Fade Mullet

To achieve its one-of-a-kind and fashionable appearance, the burst mullet with wavy hair is a modern hairstyle incorporating several factors. The sides and back of this unique hairstyle include a burst fade, where the hair tapers down to the skin in a smooth transition.

Wavy Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Mullet hairstyles are defined by longer back hair that reaches the shoulders or longer, with top and front hair that stays wavy. This combination of features gives the traditional mullet hairstyle a contemporary spin, making it a favorite among fashionistas who want to stand out.

Mid-Part Blonde Mullet

Regarding hairstyles, the “Mid Part Blonde Mullet” is relatively chic. The three distinguishing characteristics of this hairstyle are a split in the middle, a mullet-style length at the back, and a light blonde hue. Its modern and striking appearance contributes to the hairstyle’s extensive praise. A Mid Part Blonde Mullet is famous for those who like to express their individuality via their hairstyle.

Blond Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Smooth Multi-Fade Mullet

Try the back burst fade for a sleek, contemporary take on the mullet. It amps up the volume while maintaining the contour. Along with the well-defined burst fade and tapered sides and back, this adds volume and height to the style. You can arrange the longer layers on top straight back or sideways for a more daring look. This modern take on a classic cut is ideal for men who want to make a bold fashion statement.

Multi Fade Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

Bearded Fade Mullet

The full-beard burst fade mullet is a striking style that mixes rough and edgy elements. The characteristic mullet cut is characterized by medium-length hair chopped all over and styled with more extensive layers at the crown and shorter ones at the rear.

Beard Burst Fade Mullet For A Chic Look

A high burst fade tightly curves around the top, while the sides and back are faded close. This gradually transitions into a thick, thick beard for maximum visual impact. The beard shows a rocky vibe, while the faded mullet gives off an edgy, rock star vibe. An edgy, contrast-rich style is achieved by maintaining fullness and thickness in both components.

Final Thoughts

So, boys, you no longer need to get confused about your next hairstyle. Just try these stunning bursts of fade mullet styles and let girls be your fans.

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