5 Chic Tom Hardy Haircut Ideas That Look Classy in 2024

Tom Hardy Haircut

Talk about Inception, Venom, or The Dark Knight, you’ll see Actor slaying with Tom Hardy Haircuts. Besides his on-screen fashion, this legendary actor is also loved for his off-screen hairdos.

Thanks to his great jawline and facial structure. All the hairstyles he tries look outstanding on him. This is why, you might be going through his Instagram feed to look for great inspiration for your next cut. However, little did you know that not all the hairdos he has worn are suitable for every face type.

Only a few do!

In this blog, we’ve highlighted Tom Hardy haircuts that can look great on everyone. Whether you have a captivating cheekbone or a chubby face, the inspirations listed below will look wonderful on you.

Can’t wait anymore? Let’s get into this…

Which Tom Hardy Haircut Would Suite Your Face Type?

Here is a list of his wonderful hairstyles that will look awesome on any face:

Elegant Crown with an Undercut Tom Hardy Haircut

Undercuts work well for all hair textures and facial structures. Whether you’re a white boy looking for a subtle haircut for your next college year, or a black boy hunting for a unique Tom Hardy fade undercut – this hairstyle is for everyone!

Look at his silky strands elegantly intertwining with each other. The beautiful crown tends to elevate the overall look of this great personality. You can wear this cut for a sophisticated and elegant look. It’s perfect for boys living a busy routine and having little to no time to style their hair. This haircut requires minimal styling.

In order to personalize this classy look, you can add a razor line of any style you want. You can also go with a leaf-shaped razor or an m-shaped razor. Whatever suits you the best.

Elegant Crown with an Undercut Tom Hardy Haircut

Blown-Down with Fade Tom Hardy Haircut

Did you notice the unusual hairstyling technique in Venom?

Even though the rebellious venom lives inside Eddie (Tom Hardy), he still doesn’t lose his simplicity and soft personality. This is clearly seen in his sophisticated hairstyle. Tom Hardy has been seen wearing a sleek and nice hairstyle throughout the movie.

If you also want to look like a gentleman, who isn’t bothered by rebellious thoughts popping in his mind – this hairstyle is for you. Best part? It will look good on any type of facial bone structure.

To further personalize this haircut, you can add a touch of blonde highlights to it.

Blown-Down with Fade Tom hardy Haircut

Side-Swept Wavy Strands Tom Hardy Haircut

Another chic hairstyle that will look beautiful on you!

The impressive curly strands form the texture of this hairstyle, making it look one-of-a-kind hairdo. Notice the side-part created on top of the head, adding elegance to this classy hairstyle.

Whether you want to attend a birthday party or a professional meeting, this haircut is going to make you look classier and more attractive. It’s an outstanding choice for the handsome men who wish to enhance their overall appearance with a Tom Hardy haircut.

Use a high-quality men’s hair gel to achieve this perfect look. Apply it on your palm and slightly work through your hair. Finally, use a comb to create the fantastic side-swept.

Side-Swept Wavy Strands Tom Hardy Haircut

Buzz Cut With a Razored Edge Tom Hardy Haircut

Buzz cut haircut is an impressive white boy and a black boy’s haircut. Just look at Tom Hardy, slaying with his unique and minimal hairstyle in this look. The tiny strands tend to overpower the entire head with their texture. Best part? The razored cut placed above the head makes this entire look modern and edgy.

You can opt for this trending hairstyle if you’ve to deal with sweat in your daily routine. But, don’t want to lose your style. The buzz cut would prevent the sweating from gathering into locks. Helping you look chic and classy.

Dye the top with your favorite color. Additionally, you can also add a razored slit on your eyebrow to balance the edgy look.

Buzzcut With a Razored Edge Tom Hardy Haircut

Sleek Back Tom Hardy Haircut

This hairstyle has its own aura.

The wonderful and captivating strands that are sleeked back to the head can add a unique touch to your entire personality. The crown’s hair is strategically kept a bit longer to add texture to the fade. This is a true example of simplicity meeting with elegance and glamour.

If you’ve got longer strands on the crown, then instead of chopping them off, you can simply tie them up into a bun. This will add a modern touch to the entire hairstyle, helping you look unique.

Sleek Back Tom Hardy Haircut

Final Words!

Tom Hardy is an inspirational fashion icon. He has tried almost every style – from the long classy curls to the plain buzz cut and all. But not all of his hairdos would work on your face. However, the above-listed inspirations are some exceptions.

Still, if you have any doubts, you can get an expert’s help to discuss more about the type of hairstyle you should opt for. This will help you make an informed decision that won’t ruin your entire look.

So, are you ready to be that “Date-that-guy” man with these Tom Hardy haircut ideas?