Angel Bite Piercing – Process, Aftercare and Trendy Jewellery Options


Angel Bite piercing is one of the most trendy piercing that is done symmetrically above the upper lips. The grooved space between your lips will look classy with the pearled or silver studs on either side of the philtrum. If you are ready to embark on the journey of getting the body art, try out the angel bite piercing. With a name shrouded in mystery, this captivating piercing style is also known as anti-bites and Madonna Monroe piercing.

As we delve into the depths of this intriguing piercing trend, we will explore the details about cost, aftercare for it. Moreover, the symbolic significance and jewellery options make angel bite piercing a canvas for self-expression and individuality.

How angel piercing is done?

Not every individual can opt for piercing. For this piercing, you have to follow the following procedure:


Before the piercing procedure, consult with a professional piercer. Discuss your intention to get angel bite piercing, and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Choose a Reputable Piercer

Select an experienced and reputable piercer to ensure a safe and hygienic procedure. Check their portfolio and reviews to estimate their expertise.

Anatomy Assessment

The piercer will assess your facial anatomy, specifically the area where the piercing will be placed. This helps determine the optimal placement for aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Sterilization of instruments

The piercer will sterilize the equipment and the piercing area to minimize the risk of infection. As the chances of infection in this piercing are greater, it is better to care for the hygiene at this point.

Marking the Piercing Sites

Precise markings are made on your skin to indicate the locations for the angel bite piercing. This step ensures accuracy and symmetry. Moreover, as the piercing is above the lips so there is no edge of a slight mistake.

Numbing as an Optional step

This step is optional, as some people can bear the pain and do not opt for the numbing option. But it is good idea to use numbing cream to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Discuss this option with your piercer.

Piercing Process

Using a sterilized hollow needle once the spots are marked on the desired location. The needle is carefully inserted to create the openings for the jewellery.

Insertion of Jewellery

Once the piercings are made, the piercer will immediately insert the chosen jewellery. This can include labret studs, barbells, or other suitable options you prefer for yourself

Healing Period

It requires a healing period, during which you should follow aftercare instructions carefully. Healing times can vary, but it often takes several weeks to months.

Follow-Up Procedure

Schedule a follow-up appointment with your piercer to ensure that the healing process is progressing well. If the skin is swelled for a long duration, they can address any concerns or offer advice.

Inspirations for Angel Bite Piercing

To enhance your style with the trendy piercing options, you can have a look at the Pinterest boards. For celestial creativity, we delve into Angel Bite Piercing trends on Pinterest. You can easily explore a wide selection of divine inspiration. From unique jewelry combinations to striking placement variations, the platform caters to the needs of a diverse audience. Whether you’re seeking subtle elegance or bold statements, the extensive collection will spark your imagination. Let your style take flight with Angel Bite Piercing ideas that captivate and inspire.

Septum Piercing and Angel Bite Piercing – A Better Duo

Septum Piercing and Angel Bite Piercing

If you are looking for a combination of piercing with septum piercing, then there is no better option than the angel piercing. The septum and angel bite piercing is an exceptional duo that creates a striking appearance, As you explore the seamless fusion of septum and angel bite piercing you can easily create a captivating and balanced aesthetic. You can match the septum jewellery pieces with the labret studs to create a unique look.

Lip and Angel Bite Piercing – A Dynamic Duo

Lip and Angel Bite Piercing

Lip piercing or Ashley piercing when combined with angel bite piercing is a great duo that can take your style to new heights. The strategic placement of lip piercings brings a subtle yet edgy touch, while angel bites add a bold and unique dimension. Together, they create a harmonious blend of elegance and rebellion that allows you to express your individuality. To add a flair to your style, embrace the fusion of sophistication with lip and angel bite piercing.

What type of jewelry is used for this sort of piercing?

The piercing jewellery you choose should be of one of the following materials. The ideal materials to consider for the angel bite piercing are the following:

1. Surgical Steel

2. Implant Grade Titanium

3. Acrylic

4. Copper

5. 14-karat gold or higher

6. Bio-compatible polymers

What aftercare steps you should follow for angel bite piercing?

The aftercare for this piercing is greater than the regular piercing as the area is sensitive and there are higher chance for the adverse reactions. So during the healing time period, wash the area with saline solution twice a day, this will help in better recovery. Moreover when you touch the piercing area, wash or sanitize your hands.

Trendy Jewellery Options for Angel Bite Piercing

Briana Williams 16G 18G Surgical Steel Tragus Cartilage


This pack of the 12 piercing bars is great jewellery option for the lip piercing as well as the angel bite piercing. All of the piercing studs are manufactured from premium quality nickel-free surgical stainless. With highly polished surface the studs will not cause a feeling of irritation and itching on your skin.

The availability of different gauge sizes (such as 16G or 18G) allows for customization based on individual anatomy and the specific piercing location. Tragus cartilage studs are designed to be secure and comfortable in these types of placements.

Zolure Cartilage Earrings Stud


If you want a variety of style options for tragus, helix and angel bite piercing then these pearled and heart-shaped studs are the winner. The studs are made from high-quality stainless steel and clear flexible acrylic offers both durability and comfort.

Share the style with others, as this set makes for a thoughtful gift for friends and family. So instead of thinking of other gift ideas tap the buy now button for a wonderful present.

Tornito 9-30 Pcs Cartilage CZ Stud Earrings Conch Forward


Elevate your accessory collection with this set of 18 cartilage earrings, featuring 6 lip rings and 12 tragus stud earrings. Each piece has a unique design, injecting freshness into your everyday looks. The studs are earrings made from high-quality materials that include copper, acrylic, and a stainless steel pin. The finish is upper nice with highly polished, smooth surface. The addition of pearls and stones adds a touch of sophistication, making them suitable for prolonged wear.

What are the potential risks associated with angel bite piercing?

Like any body piercing, angel bite piercing come with potential risks. Therefore for all those who are planning to get angel bite piercing done should be aware of it before deciding to get them. Some of the potential risks associated with angel bite piercing include:

Infection & Allergic Reactions

This type of piercing creates open wounds that may cause bacterial infections. Moreover, some individuals may be allergic to certain metals used in piercing jewelry. So there are several instances where jewelry piece in contact with the skin increase the risk of allergic reactions.

Swelling and Bruising

It’s common to experience some swelling and bruising after getting angel bite piercing. This is usually temporary but can be uncomfortable. However, persistent or severe pain may indicate a problem and should be addressed. If the swelling lasts for a month or greater duration then consult the physician for medical assistance.

Migration or Rejection

Angel bite piercing may be prone to migration or rejection, where the body pushes the jewelry out of the piercing area. This risk can be due to several factors that include individual anatomy, improper piercing technique, or using inappropriate jewelry.

Scaring Issues

Although Scarring is a natural part of the healing process but excessive scarring can have adverse reactions on your skin. If the piercing is not cared properly or if there are complications during healing, seek advice from professional piercers.

Oral Health Issues

The primary risk associated with oral piercing comes from the constant contact between the piercing and the teeth. This leads to heightened dental problems and receding gum lines. The improper aftercare or jewelry choices can lead to issues such as gum damage, tooth chipping and other such issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do angel bite piercing damage teeth?

Yes, angel bite piercing pose greater risk of the teeth disease. This piercing included greater risk of infection, swelling, pain and excessive scarring. In addition the risk of teeth and gum damage is greater and the jewelry sometimes rub against the gums.

 Is angel bite piercing a common type of piercing?

This piercing is not as common as other lip and nose piercing style. Due to its less common nature, it is good to create a bold look.

How much does angel bite piercing costs?

The cost of this piercing varies from piercer to piercer. The professional piercers often charge you greater than others. Moreover, the choice of jewelry and experience adds to the overall cost. Based on these factors the cost is in the range of $50-$120.