Ultimate Guide to Create Simple Finger Mehndi Design

Simple Finger Mehndi Designs


If you are not a big fan of spending money on henna, then you might be looking at the simple finger mehndi designs. The simple ones are easy to create mehndi designs, so you only need to learn the basic techniques of mehndi to form the decent floral and geometric patterns. From the symmetrical geo metric designs to the asymmetrical floral patterns, the options for simple finger mehndi designs are endless. Let’s learn the basic patterns to create the minimal mehndi designs.

Basic Henna Patterns for Simple Finger Mehndi Design

Basic Henna Patterns
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Although learning of henna is a continuous process where you further enhance the look with defined shapes and other artistic techniques. The common patterns for the simple finger mehndi designs include the following options:

Floral Patterns

Chained Floral Design
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The floral patterns often include the simple rounded shaped flowers in asymmetrical and symmetrical patterns. If you further move to the higher scale you need to learn the pattern of roses, lotus, vines and much more. As each petal and leaflet is drawn with extensive detailing, so the flowers will for sure bloom on your skin.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Pattern
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For the simple finger mehndi designs, you need to learn about the lines and other shaped patterns. When these patterns intertwine, then they would result in square, diamond, triangular and other patterns. The patterns result in a symmetrical appearance, which will look great on your hands.


Mandala Mehndi Design for Trendy to Traditional Look
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The mandals can be a little complex form of the art, but you first have to learn the circular patterns. Once you become a pro in the circular pattern, you can easily create the mandal style. This particular henna art is a representation of unity, spiritual growth and tranquility.

Paisley Motifs

No matter whether it’s Arabic or Indian design, the teardrop shaped elements are used in all sorts of Mehndi designs. The pattern is timeless and inculcated in between different designs to add charm to the overall detailing of different designs.

Peacock Feathers

To symbolically represent the grace and beauty of peacocks, the feathers are used in henna designs. The majestic feathers are mostly in vibrant hues, therefore gives a royal touch to the design. To make your simple finger mehndi design truly enchanting, inculcate the feather element in it.

Traditional Motifs

As per your region, there are some specific henna symbols that can enhance the appearance of mehndi. Commonly the symbols of good luck, prosperity are used. To make this art unique, you can use the alphabetic letters.

Designs for Simple Finger Mehndi Design

Designs for Henna
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Finding the appropriate mehndi design can be a little complicated task. All you need to know the name of designs so that you can explain it fully to the henna artist. For the simple finger mehndi designs, the patterns that can suit well are the following:

 Arabic Mehndi Designs

Full Hand Arabic Special Charming Mehndi Design For Eid
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The origin is Arab, yet the details are pretty awesome. All the Arabic simple finger mehndi designs involve the floral patterns and shading details. As the designs are super simple, so you only need to learn about the key floral patterns.

Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian Mehndi Design for Trendy to Traditional Look
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The Asian region is known for its cultural values and tradition. And in all the traditional norms, mehndi holds immense importance. As one of the most sublime types of mehndi designs, it includes detailing. The Indian simple finger mehndi designs include elements like motifs, flowers, and other such details.

 Indo Arabic Mehndi Designs

The great amalgamation of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs results in a great masterpiece. Although merging of the two mehndi designs may seem tricky but once you know the basic patterns you can easily create the Indo-Arabic patterns. When the Indo-Arabic simple finger mehndi design is applied to your hands, you will love the spacing and shading elements. For your big day, you can surely give this style a try.

Tattoo Mehndi Design

Moon Henna Tattoo Special Charming Mehndi Design For Eid
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Like the impeccable detailing and uniqueness of tattoos, the tattoo mehndi design is also of crucial importance. For the simple finger mehndi designs that appear similar to tattoos, you don’t have to go through extensive needling and pain. All The designs are plain, minimal, and simple so that you will like them at first glance. So if you are thinking of getting inked for your main event day, try out this unique mehndi style.

Western Mehndi Designs

Are you investigating how to adorn your hands with minimal yet quick mehndi designs? If yes, proceed with the Western style mehndi. The designs are simple, minimal, and the henna artist has to pour little effort while creating this masterpiece. Save the Western, simple finger mehndi designs from Pinterest for your big day.

 African Mehndi Designs

 The African culture is rich in traditions and often opt for unique and simple designs. The style pattern has gaps in between and are partially similar to the Indian and Arabic patterns. When you solely adorn your fingers with the African mehndi pattern, you can easily make a style statement.

Moroccan Mehndi Design

Moroccan Mehndi Design for Trendy to Traditional Look
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 This particular mehndi style depicts the tribal symbols and patterns. Composed of various shapes and geometric patterns, the Moroccan mehndi designs are loved across the globe. Among all the renowned shapes and patterns, the diamond shape is used in simple finger mehndi design to protect the bride and groom from the evil eye.

Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Creating a jewelry like appearance on your hands is a matter of creativity. Although the patterns start from wrist and hands but extend toward the fingers. The minimalistic mehndi designs offer an easy way to adorn your fingers with henna.

Inspirations for Simple Finger Mehndi Designs

No matter if you want to adorn just the ring finger mehndi or the index finger with mehndi there are multiple mehndi designs that are simple to create. The easy ones need little mehndi knowledge and expertise, so here are some DIY simple finger mehndi designs to create.

One Finger Mehndi Design

With the mix and match of lines, dots and floral details, the results are awe-striking. To make it look minimal, the design is only imprinted on the index finger. Pair this minimalistic henna design with gel nails in bold color to lift your look.

Line Filled Design

Line Filled Design
Image Credit: Instagram

Being one of the simple finger mehndi design, it includes only line patterns. The lines are drawn in a V-shaped pattern all over the fingers, and the ends are capped with henna. This back finger mehndi design is basic, so you require little effort to create this.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the easiest pattern of mehndi for beginners?

The line and dotted structure mehndi is one of the easiest forms of mehndi. As a beginner, you need to create straight, symmetrical lines so that you won’t ruin the style.

Are floral designs simple?

 Yes, the basic patterns in the floral designs are simple. The lotus flower is the simplest one and is comparatively easy to create.

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